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Arae Kanay
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Name: Arae Kanay

Age: 23

Appearance: Shoulder Length purple hair with black silk strands that run along side. Black Elbow gloves with clawed gauntlets at the end of it. A black breast wrap that covers her breast leaving the upper part of her chest and shoulders bare along with her upper back. Two white cloth held by black bows cover her upper arms and a purple dress that barely goes passed her thigh she also wears a black lace thong. Long Black Leggings with silver studs and black heels with dark purple tops and soles. She is a Well endowed petite tall girl with pale skin and soft features.

Sex: Female

Species: Demi-god (spider)

Personality: Arae is vulgar and sarcastic. Her tongue as sharp as any blade as she uses it without hesitation while talking to people. She has no shame and is easily capable to walk around in the nude just because it would be easier for her to do something. No qualms with breaking the law if it was enjoyable. She has a strong sort of pride however. She is lazy beyond all reason and can quickly become obsessed with something that peaks her interest. She has moments where she enjoys talking in poetic limericks and sonnets just because she thinks it adds to her mystery. Due to her current Demi-God Status she does feel herself above certain aspects however she also cares a lot about her allies and friends. Also not in to men, Though has a bad habit of not realizing she is seducing them while she is eye stripping another woman. She is also prone to having random insane fits.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Master Weaving: Able to create and spin threads from her finger tips that are as strong as steel yet flexible enough to wave around. As well as sticky like spiders silk.
  • Spider Venom: Her blood is mostly venom and because of that she has an innate immunity to most poisons (spider toxins and the like) and most reactions she gets from them is a drunken buzz. Since her blood is poisonous if someone drank they would either die or become extremely sick. If it touches someones skin the worse they would get is a rash and very annoying itchy rash but a rash mostly.
  • Melodic Voice: She has an extremely beautiful voice nearly impossible to resist.
  • Mother of Spiders: She is the goddess of spiders and mother of all spiders. She is able to command and understand them.

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Scissors: A rather large pair of scissors the edge has be sharpened and refined to be able to cut her silk.
    • Two swords: Two Simple katana like swords
    • Exoskeleton buckler: A tough buckler
    • Spider Skin: Her skin layered with the exoskeleton like a spider though almost like human skin.
    • Spider Silk: Her own silk can be used for many things.

    Supplementary Battle System[b][b]
    level 1
    Strength || 5
    Constitution || 5
    M. Affinity || 5
    M. Resistance || 5
    Dexterity || 9
    Speed || 8
    Stamina || 5

    Spider Like: Less damage done by slashing and piercing (-25%) but more done from blunt (+50)
    Obsessions: Gets stuck trying to figure out how someone works trying to make them in to a "doll"
    Lazy: Most the time is too lazy to act even put on clothing.

    Arae Kanay also known as Arachne is the god and mother of all spiders. She spent most of her time spinning fantastic designs using spiders and her own silk and using random humans she found as puppets to do her bidding. Other gods and goddesses did not like her very much due to her relations to spiders most humans tend to feel the same finding spiders creepy or disgusting but she did not care she kept to herself sending spiders out to do whatever they wanted after making and hatching them. Due to her god-hood she never needed to have anyone else around since she could and would just will different types of spiders in to being and have them dance around or spin more designs. After a very long time the gods finally got sick of her and decided to remove her god-hood and kick her out of the celestial plains. This did not make her happy at all. She kept most of her god powers but lost a her ability to create more. She does not age nor is she able to die permanently she is stuck wandering around as a mortal for eternity or until someone lets her back in. She does have a few lesser gods as friends who tried to help her out but due to their powerlessness they failed. She cast off her name Arachne and decided on Arae Kanay as a tribute to her old "life." She now has to get used to being a human and get used to human feelings. Such as hunger, using the bathroom and "Why females are so attractive and delicious looking".

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