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The lotus that blooms twice...

Vermillion is a physical specialist that follows the Path of the Wind as a nomad: he flows through the path of least resistance and believes that the universe will take him where he is most needed. The Lotus has two formes: His extended form, where he is adult in size, is generally the form he takes in combat as he has much more physical prowess, but expends energy at an average rate. His second form is his latent form, which cannot produce as much physical strength but has a higher recovery rate, and is therefor used often out of battle or switched into when dodging. Vermillion does not avoid conflict, which one could initially assume because of his moralistic ideology: he believes that conflict is a means to work out the knots of stress in the universe, and is ultimately the path of least resistance. If the universe became to stressed, pressure would be everywhere and he would not be able to go anywhere at all. The lotus boxed in.

Vermillion Extended
Constitution: 8
Strength: 8
Magical Affinity: 1
Magical Resistance: 3
Dexterity: 8
Speed: 8
Stamina: 6 (+3 when invloving combat and the use of Lotus Kempo techniques, -3 when invloving long-distance movements and magic.)

[+-]Vermillion is a highly skilled martial artist, and therefore has abilities that normally excel that of those with stats similar to his. This includes the ability to use only the most necessary amount of energy, prolonging stamina, as well as proper weight distribution and momentum control to accent strength and dexterity.

[+-] The user can switch between extended and latent forms at will, taking the bonuses and penalties alike for their different statistical advantages.

Vermillion Latent
Constitution: 6
Strength: 5
Magical Affinity: 1
Magical Resistance: 3
Dexterity: 10
Speed: 7
Stamina: 10

[+] Increased Stamina recovery: The user recovers stamina at a far faster rate than members of his caliber while in this form.
[-] Cursed Form: While in this form, the user is much more susceptible to damage than members of his caliber.

Level 5

Lotus Kempo
The user is able to align spiritual energy within their own body through physical work and meditation in order to preform feats that would normally be considered magical or unnatural. However, when using techniques involving Lotus Kempo, the user's constitution and strength stats are added and divided by two for the Lotus Kempo Stat (rounded up), which puts his extended Lotus Kempo stat at 8 and his latent Lotus Kempo stat at 6. Lotus Kempo has the disadvantage compared to magic of requiring the user to not only expend stamina to build the energy required to preform Lotus Kempo, but also takes much more time and concentration to preform the techniques. Certain Lotus Kempo techniques can only be activated when the proper physical movements are preformed.

Lotus Kempo: Dragon's Breath
The user focuses on movements that increase his heart rate and breathing, gathering energy in his lungs. Then, with a violent exhale, the user is able to send swathes of fire up to thirty feet out in a direction at temperatures hot enough to turn iron into a malleable substance for a short period of time. The flame can be extremely focused or wide, but the wider it is the less focused the heat is, naturally.

Lotus Kempo: Ice Yaoguai Fist
The user relaxes and focuses calming energy within his arms, meditating in order to build strength within them. Then, in a burst of energy, he releases the cold Kempo from within himself and into whatever he strikes, causing ice to instantly envelop whatever makes contact with his freezing fists. This technique can freeze up to large objects, but the larger the object, the thinner and therefore weaker the ice is.

Lotus Kempo: Vixen Dance
The user becomes limber and allows energy to freely flow throughout his body, inherently increasing his elasticity and dodging capabilities while the energy flows in that manner. The longer the energy flows, the more of it there is and the more limber the user becomes. This energy is special, and can be converted to any Lotus Kempo technique's specific energy.

Lotus Kempo: Turtle Scale Guard
The user stores energy in their stomach by retaining some stamina whenever they would expend it, making their stamina temporarily lower while this technique is in use. The more stamina that is stored, the more energy is stored per action. Then, the user can release this energy in the form of an invisible film around their skin, which acts as an almost weightless armor that recovers over time when damaged, as it is made from organic stamina. This film takes no energy to maintain, but once broken, it does not regenerate unless re-formed through expending more stamina. The more stamina that is used to create this film, the stronger it is and the faster it regenerates itself. At any time, the film can be absorbed back into the body to rejuvenate the user's stamina an appropriate amount.

Lotus Kempo Meditation: Boiling Point Release
The user becomes focused on his mouth and nose, channelling energy from stress, tension, and anger that naturally occurs within his mind. The more emotion channeled, the more energy is stored. Then, with a sharp exhale, scolding steam is released with a short range. After use, the user generally feels much more relaxed and without distraction.

Lotus Kempo Meditation: Pressure Wave Release
The user becomes focused on the large muscle groups in his body, channeling them at any specific point on said body. Then, with a quick exhale, invisible pressure is released in varying degrees of power: If Lotus is at high-tension and releases all of it at short range, this attack can cleave through steel. This attack has a medium range at maximum, but the pressure of the attack naturally decays the further it travels. Even once tension is releases through this method, it is quickly restored naturally to a normal level, for tension is part of balance within he body.

Lotus Kempo Hidden Technique: Lotus Petal Shower
The user stops being active and focuses completely on his spiritual energy, donning an aura of bright-red energy that sticks tight to his outline. Then, in front of him, a red lotus appears before it breaks apart, dissolving and leaving seven 6-inch long petals which are composed of the same red aura. They are as tough as steel and are controlled with Vermillion's physical actions. While he uses this technique, he is much faster, stronger, and more durable, though the use of other Lotus Kempo techniques are out of reach. The petals regenerate from damage over time and can increase in durability with Vermillion focusing his spiritual energy into the constructs. They are razor sharp and can move as fast as Vermillion is able to move his body.

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Techniques in Training

Lotus Kempo Synchronization: Wind Sight
The user focuses energy within his eyes and they glow a green hue, allowing him to see the Cosmic Winds move throughout the universe, which flow around great magic. This technique instantly pierces through illusions, though only if his faith is stronger than the Illusionist's faith in his illusions (on solidified illusions, this technique is useless). This is a signature technique of the Gale Nomads, and the Cosmic Winds will always flow to his true destiny.

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