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Adrian King
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Name: Drakar Cahaya

Alias: Atoned One

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Level: 1

Class: Warrior Rank 1 | Mage Rank 2 | Shadow Rank 1

Warrior – Drakar is known to be capable of wielding weapons with adept handling, but he is far from specializing in basic weapons and is still quite a novice with exotic weapons.

Mage – Drakar was once a student of the tribe’s Shaman Master, gifting him the power over light and dark (albeit in unstable forms) and an adept ability over the elements of Earth. He cannot cast complex magics and has been given knowledge of the curative capabilities of nature.

Shadow – Drakar was taught to consider alternate paths to an objective or alternate ways of hunting prey, one that isn’t straight forward and utilizes discreet decisions. He is capable of basic roguish skills and has basic detective abilities without the assistance of magic.


Drakar is a very short-tempered follower of Chiralism, yet his atonement isn’t based upon his temperament. It is based on his balance over light and dark, and being one of few other than the shamans to control both while not sacrificing his body in ways the shaman masters were forced to. He is very harsh to those that anger him, as well as irrational when the violent side of himself takes the reins. Otherwise, he is very collective when calm. He is a very ruthless fighter, eliminating morals from his combat tactics to avoid bias. If given a mission, he will viciously see it through, to the point where he is albeit unstable emotionally. Drakar is known to express his emotions in exaggerated ways, prompting his passionate following of Chiralism.

Drakar takes on a more animalistic appearance, wearing his |Atoned Ire| outfit most of the time, which consists of a very light robing with a shoulder guard on his left side that resembles a demon’s face with a horn sticking outward and hooking back. His left hand is also encased in pieces of a gauntlet, all connected by a mysterious force of magic. The sleeves of the gauntlet are very sharp, almost bladed. Underneath is revealed, his hand stained by magic and endlessly having a cyan color with a brilliant, flowing aura radiating from it. On the palm of his left hand, he has a white symbol of a snake in a circle, biting its tail. A black version stains the right palm, but there is no accompanying gauntlet. On the back of his right hand is a keyhole, which represents a magical spell that assists with a possible keybearer’s ability in summoning their keyblade.

Drakar has heavy boots, weighted for momentum-filled movement, especially in pendulum-like movements. They have three spikes and the front part is made of steel. Drakar’s jacket does not close, revealing a pyramid-style top-to-bottom breaking down of a heart. It represents the heart’s division and disbalance, creating darkness and something that craves to be the opposite, which is his tribe’s interpretation of heartless and nobody. Drakar’s hair is unique to his tribe, the purple color is meant to represent the birth of a full-blooded Cahayan, which is unusual since the blood has been diluted by outside blood joining the Cahayans. This signifies the presence of possible prophecy fulfillment. From his temples, twisted and black horns protrude for a length of ten inches.

Light – Dark
Nature (Rose/Plant)

Strength: 6
Constitution: 3
Magi: 9
Magical Resistance: 6
Dexterity: 8
Speed: 5
Stamina: 5

Lore of Chiralism *The Non-Drakar Portion is incomplete

The Prophecy

It is seen as impossible for one to truly master light and dark, not within one heart…and unknown to the tribes that follow Chiralism the history of the worlds has spoken of the creation of a pinnacle of just that. The X-Blade…but that is information lost in history and captured by peace to maintain itself. What truly begun Chiralism was the Atoned Ones, the ones who have met the beings of collective light and darkness, entities that claimed to be Gods. These “Gods” gave knowledge and power a display, bringing the first Atoned Ones to follow them like a cult. This grew and grew, encouraging them to dabble in the effects of the heart and the strengths and weaknesses. The first Atoned Ones became powerful enough to lead, backed by what they thought were their Gods. The Ouroboros, an entity that split into many for the sake of hiding its true, grotesque form, gave them light and darkness and the magic to consume hearts.

The knowledge of what the magic truly was had been hidden deep within the propaganda of words, waiting for the next Atoned One to interpret the words in the Ouroboros’ desired way. While it would be seen as the connection of hearts, fusing into one, it really is the parasitic devouring of darkness and light. This birthed the belief in the Leviathan and Devourer, an entity much like the Ouroboros that was fused into one body. A being with an active heart of light and a dormant heart of darkness, but the scales would tip opposite for a period of time. If the heart of light could fend off the darkness, they would balance each other. If not, the generation would be plagued by an all-consuming devourer of darkness. The first Atoned Ones had been the only generation who had complete success, any other generation was hit and miss.

Upon death of a vessel of the two sacred personas, their consciousness and heart is consumed by their “charm”, an item that channels the potential of the Leviathan and Devourer. The lead Atoned One, Isaias, had two pendants that bound hearts to him without the consumption of them. He was eventually made out to be a Pariah, the people being led astray in order to believe the pendants erased everything but the potency of hearts and acted as a selfish devourer. The second hand who was considered the Messiah of that generation had been Ghuhar, who had two bangles of light and dark that actually absorbed the excess remnants of the two elements that plagued the environment. He was seen as the “purifier” and followed the word of Ouroboros truly, accepting the fate of consuming hearts.

By the Atoned Ones passing on their charms, they were able to be collected into a sigil that decomposed their physical form and allowed a collection of power, but the sigil was too mighty for the mortal followers to wield, so it was cast into the Realm of Sleep. It then copied itself and made a version for the Realm of Light and Dark, only activating when all three versions are brought together and opening a gateway to the Realm of Ouroboros, a world that acts like it is separate from the Realm of Sleep but truly is just the inner dreams of the Ouroboros. This led to a plan to eventually create a similar entity to the Ouroboros to feed on, sacrificing their near-immortality to live on…which succeeded whenever they could balance their light and dark and kept alive until the right moment. The plan was the lie of prophecy…to be born a messiah with an accompanying pariah.

The Horned Atoned One was chosen as the signal of a fulfillment of prophecy…possibly. It was really a ruse, which the Ouroboros waited until it was impatient to bestow a horned mutation upon a candidate for being Atoned. When it led to Drakar becoming the possible Messiah of his generation, it forced a fellow new-born into becoming the eventual Pariah. Both being led by the artificial intervention of nature from the Ouroboros, one was led to interpret the book of Chiralism as a message to connect the hearts of the many into one medium, and linking their memories, consciousness, and soul upon the death of the one who took on these rightful hearts once the trials of the Messiah were passed. The other was led to discover the true meaning of the book, but in a way that would lead to wild decisions and the obvious disbelief and lack of hope from the tribe as a whole.

Umar was led into corruption in order to fill his role, becoming the Pariah that consumed the tribe’s lives in darkness mostly before his eventual death at the hands of Drakar. Drakar, however, was too weak without the blessing of Ouroboros, but using the Sigil of Truth, a sigil that was used to bring out the potential of a possible keybearer (a magic forged by the Shamans that lived around the tribe’s creation), he summoned a unique blade of light…a keyblade. It was a representation of his inner self, that of a Messiah leading his people to salvation…the Light Cycle. It was a snow-white, dragon-shaped keyblade that had a keychain that symbolized the Light Ouroboros. Drakar, now feeling the power to defeat the darkness that was summoned by the person he considered a brother, faced Umar whom summoned a monstrous heartless dubbed “Naar” which must have been the heartless of their close friend Aran, for it was a failed attempt at scrambling the name. The one message that rung in his ears was Umar’s stinging words, “Do you see what Chiralism leads us to?” said when summoning the monstrous beast.

Drakar cast the power of light upon the heartless summoned, slashing it apart and forcing the bonds of darkness away. When it came to fighting Umar, he summoned a massive ax that represented the beasts they were fighting…he wasn’t human anymore. Umar had admitted to sacrificing his mortal vessel in order to bring disbalance and corruption to the land, preventing the birth of more “Atoned”.  They clashed, Umar clearly over-powering him but Drakar having superior agility. The sparks of keyblade and ax flew around, sparking the grass from their number and causing a spreading fire. Their village eventually burned for what seemed like an eternity, and the two were forced to battle for their own lives. Knocking Drakar down, Umar planned to slay the final Atoned One besides himself, but Drakar released a beam of light, tearing through the darkness of his former brethren. Radiating with darkness, Umar looked into Drakar’s eyes during his death, smiling. It was not over.

Drakar had eventually lost consciousness, waking as the fire subsided and finding that all but the Shaman Master, his two disciples, and five of the seven tribe elders had survived. They swore to enlist the help of other tribes rebuild and replant, declaring their tribe to be nothing but a remnant now…giving Drakar the wish to spread Chiralism, but the elderly wishing him to just seek out the fulfillment of the prophecy, to become the Leviathan and the Devourer, and eventually what was thought to be the actual Ouroboros’ main consciousness, but he was actually destined to become a meal. The books that taught Chiralism had been burned, but they drafted a scroll for Drakar to follow, the commandments of Chiralism…but they scrapped it. Drakar just had to follow a secretly false prophecy, wandering away from the old ways and trying to find his own ways.

Drakar - The Dark Messiah

I can haz Omens?

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Adrian King
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Arsenal, Tools and Armor Oh My!



Drakar utilizes his tribe's signature weapon, the Parang, a machete of sorts that was created for both combat and jungle travel. He does not carry a unique parang, but he has skill in his use of it. The blade is reinforced in the handle to prevent the blade and handle from severing from over usage. The blade is 26 inches and the handle is 10 inches.


Karambit - Fixed Blade |x2|

Drakar has a specially-crafted karambit made for him out of modern materials, with a blade that if it were straight, it would be 9 inches long but it is curved. The blade is double-edged, but on the half of the back of the blade that is towards the base, the blade has a spikes akin to a spine. The half of the inner blade towards the base is serrated. The karambit is entirely black, made of steel. They are strapped to his waist on the left and right sides, prepared for quick unsheathing.


Light Cycle - Keyblade

Drakar's light-aligned keyblade that was bestowed upon him by Ouroboros, his supposed god. It has a dragon-shaped, brilliant silver blade that has a back-end that hooks back and the front of the blade has a dragon's mouth. It is weighted so it can swing in a pendulum motion if desired so, and it can hook onto objects. The blade is 88 cm long, and the handle is 30 cm long with an equally long keychain. The guard is a pair of dragon's wings and the keychain is a snake biting its tail in a circle.


Mystic Hand

His indigo gauntlet that rests on his hand that is unable to be removed. It grants him a magical boost through its enchanted properties. The glow Drakar's left hand receives may grow furiously in the presence of significant sources of darkness, and it gives him a stronger resistance to the darkness, both from his own corruption and outside sources. It has sleeves for the fingers that are sharp like blades, able to be used as a claw. The "under belly" of it is open, but the wrist wraps completely around. It is durable enough to resist attacks upon striking. Effects: +2 Magical Affinity, +! Magical Resistance to Darkness



Atoned Ire

His default armor, which is only armored on the right shoulder and in his boots, but it provides him unrestricted movement and the boots and be used for supported kicks.


Drakar - The Dark Messiah

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Adrian King
Post Count : 1851


Spark |Light Drain|

Drakar summons the power of light to encompass his body in magical energy, allowing wisps to tear away at anything within three feet of him like tiny razors. He may stack this spell to either increase power of duration, but at the cost of expelling more stamina.

Golau |Light Drain|

From the tip of his weapon or his fingers, Drakar may cast a bolt of light that is designed to deal especially more damage to darkness, but less damage to elements otherwise. It may illuminate areas covered in shade, as well as piercing the mist of magical darkness.

Mystic Guard |Light Drain - Sustained|

Drakar creates silhouettes of cyan energy that act as shields and are treated as animate, physical objects with the strength of his magical resistance plus 3. They are fixated to move along with his movements seamlessly, curved for agile movements and not imposing a penalty on his speed. They cover his arms and shoulders, but towards the hands they are especially strong.


Tywyll |Light Drain|

Like Golau, it is designed to do more damage to light but not as much as it would for its cost to other elements. It can darken areas and it leaves a mist of darkness that lingers. If it strikes a surface before extending out to five feet, it will explode to release a thick shroud of black mist.

Reaper Raid |Light Drain|

Drakar enacts a strike raid that is filled with darkness, the magic concentrating when used with bladed weapons to work akin to a buzz saw, allowing it to cut through the likes of wood at first, but successive uses weakens it. The weapon will summon back to Drakar's hand after it passes or is stopped by its destination. It may be used in succession up to four times.

Blue Jay Slaying |Medium Drain|

Drakar empowers his next three strikes with magic, causing their integrity to increase but a magical edge to encompass sword-like weapons, or weapons with a blade [i.e. naginata]. It causes each strike to have 1.5x the momentum as well, regardless of how Drakar swings. A trail of darkness is left behind in each attack's wake. After each strike hits, a 3-inch-radius explosion will occur, release a wave of spacial energy a inch beyond the explosion that has a high Newton output. If the weapon goes right through something before the explosion can occur, a dot of magic is left behind at where the tip had stricken, which causes an explosion half the size but two inches of spacial energy being released.

Drakar - The Dark Messiah

I can haz Omens?

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