matthew the thief

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matthew the thief

Post by Lifegiver on July 27th 2014, 7:29 pm

Name: Matthew


Appearance:out of battle he wears a green shirt with jeans (hair color is black)
in battle he wears black leather shirt, pants and boots

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: has good manners as he was taught to have  sliver tongue as he is nice(if you don't piss him off)loyal to his friends, loves books

Abilities and Skills:

  • Steal: Try's to steal a small weapon off target(need 5 posts to reuse)
  • Beg: can make a opening to opponents(needs 9 posts to reuse) (same with beg it's just a way to stop the opponent with words A.K.A you have the choice keep attacking)
  • Bribe: Bribes your opponent to fight for you(needs 2 posts to reuse) (bribe I not an attack u just pay the other to not attack you so you can refuse)
  • Aim: strengths your allies attacks momentum on there opponents(needs 5 posts to reuse)

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Poison tipped throwing knifes: it will stab into the body part it as the poison slowly slows the opponent down
    • Assassins dagger: this dagger was meant for killing as it can deeply cu the opponents body
    • thin leather: thin layers of leather makes this armor breathe able and easier to steal

    Supplementary Battle System

    Strength ||5
    Constitution || 5
    M. Affinity || 4
    M. Resistance ||7 (+3 to fire -3 for thunder)
    Dexterity || 8(-4  facing a girl +4 if out numbered)  
    Speed || 5
    Stamina || 8

    Niches-3 if fighting magic +3 with melee

    Matthew grew up the alee ways of the worst town(not to point fingers at worlds) he had to steal just to survive after few years  he was taught to lie, beg and bribe before leavening off to find new friends


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