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((DISCLAIMER: To be perfectly fair...none of the rules said you couldn't call claims to a Disney character NOT in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.))

Name: Elsa (surname unannounced)
Aliases: Her Royal Majesty of Arendelle, Queen Elsa, Her Majesty, the Ice Queen, etc.

Age: approximately in her 20's.
Sex: Female
Species: Human (Empowered)

Elsa's natural state is that of a calm, regal, reserved but playful woman. She places a lot of self-importance in catering to the needs and safety, especially, of others over her own. In this way, she can be rather motherly, especially to her sister Anna or those like her, and has a fierce determination to protect those people, even if it means risking or costing her own life or safety. However, despite her deep emotional attachment to people, the very same thing can lead to disastrous results. Even after achieving a more solid control of her powers after the ordeals she suffered as the Snow Queen on the Mountain, an overcharged outburst of emotion can and will send her and her powers into chaos once again, and in this situation, she becomes dangerous, violent and a remarkable fighter. Given the unbalanced nature of her years of emotional suppression, after using her powers or engaging in a battle, she will often isolate herself as she retreats into self-hatred and the monstrous outlook she once held of herself when she froze the kingdom of Arendelle. She has a strong sense of love, and enjoys the company of others, but her past often interferes with these desires -- she will enjoy her interactions with others and then go away feeling as though she shouldn't be so forward, or so close to them, or maybe she shouldn't have touched that girl's shoulder to comfort her because she could have frozen her half to death, for all she knows. Thus, she is very attune with her own emotions and often -- though others may try and convince her it's a bad idea -- continues to try and suppress her feelings for the safety of others

Abilities and skills:

Flurry: ((PASSIVE))
Flurry is a playful wisp/stream of snow/line of ice that can be used to make pretty patterns in the air, tickle someone's nose or cover them with snow. Flurry also constitutes her ability to change environmental details and conditions (ie. when ice creeps out of her hands when she's scared and "takes over" the room she's in) and random stuff like being able to change the design of her dress or someone else's clothes. Flurry can have a more semantic purpose as well; it can turn into a raging storm of snow that circles Elsa like a tornado, though it does little more than blow one's hair around. This storm most often appears when Elsa is in drastic situations, feels threatened, sad or otherwise compromised emotionally. It acts much like a dog's bark -- to scare people off, but it doesn't actually do any damage.

Snow Pillar:
Pillars of snow rise in a variety of heights to create small stepping stones that can be used to reach only slightly out of reach places or, as Anna has demonstrated in the past, just for fun. However, Elsa can turn them to ice with a bit of extra magic and can use them to distract or even attack enemies in battle by sending them flying or rising one at an opportune moment, in an opportune place.
Type: Magical
Cooldown: 3 posts
Damage: Medium

Flash Freeze:
Elsa conjures ice onto an object or target, causing them to freeze for a while.
Duration: One post.
Cooldown: None if environmental (ie. if she freezes a fountain or something to impress someone), two posts if against a target or if an inanimate object is frozen for the purpose of combat. This can be used on weapons and projectile spells.
Damage: Minor

Elsa fires ice at an enemy, inflicting frostbite on them. The target will take medium damage throughout the rest of the battle after every post--however, this can be easily countered with a fire spell.
Duration: Constant
Damage: Medium
Cooldown: Once per thread

Icechitect: ((Plot Purposes only))
Elsa's unique control over ice, frost and snow gives her the equally unique ability to construct impressive structures made entirely out of ice. These structures can be a variety of sizes, depending on what Elsa needs or wants to create. Due to the unpredictable nature of Elsa's emotions, the size of these can be somewhat random -- she may be panicked and need somewhere to hide and, instead of making a small hut to camp out in, her heightened emotions might form another palace instead. Therefore, the duration and cooldown for this ability depends greatly on the situation. In addition, depending on the nature of Elsa's emotions at the time of construction can actually make the structures dangerous to their inhabitants -- if she's stricken with grief or guilt, for example, the walls may begin to grow icicles that reflect the turmoil inside her, which can be a hazard for others who might also be inside.
Duration: Once per thread

The KH classic. Using her ice powers, Elsa can throw a thick shroud of icicles into the air and whirl them around herself as an offensive AoE attack. Heavy Damage.
Duration: None.
Cooldown: Two posts.

Frozen Stride:
Elsa freezes the ground around the area, causing medium damage to enemies in a cone, and knocking herself back. Elsa has increased speed when this ability is up. Both allies and enemies can take Minor damage from slipping and falling on the hard ice.
Duration: 5
Cooldown: 6

Crystal Spires:
Elsa condenses water in the air into ten (10) baseball bat sized spires, launching them at an enemy. These can be easily dodged, not to unsimiliarly to the Ice Titan's ranged attacks. Each strike deals minor damage, but increases with each hit landed.
Duration: 0
Cooldown: 2

Glass Wall:
Elsa constructs a large wall out of ice, protecting her from a single attack for one turn.
Duration: 1
Cooldown: 4

Elsa freezes a group of enemies in place for one turn. Weaker enemies will be unable to attack, but stronger foes will be able to act and possibly escape depending on their strength.
Duration: 1
Cooldown: 4

Elsa conjures a significant amount of snow and constructs her old bodyguard, Marshmallow, a monstrous snow golem to protect her or fight for her. Marshmallow is massive and can easily grab and toss opponents, or even inflict serious damage if he munches on them with his icicle teeth. His fingers and knees, also made of ice, can do some impressive damage as well. His weaknesses, however, are the obvious: heat (he'll melt), or having his limbs removed. He does make a good distraction, though.
Basic attacks only. (Physical Damage)
Duration: Five posts.
Cooldown: Once per thread.

HIDDEN ULTIMATE: (Plot purposes only)
Snow Queen's Curse:
In a particularly violent outburst of emotion, Elsa's powers have the ability to lodge an ice crystal in the heart of another. The inevitable result of this a long, slow death by which the target will freeze from their core outwards, gradually growing colder and colder until their entire body turns to ice (if the other player agrees; if not, the attack will miss). However, there are several ways of restoring the target to normal: an act of true love (either by Elsa or another player), a special potion (perhaps Max Potion or something of the like) that can warm their core enough to melt the shard, or by an alternative method (ie. if a character has special healing powers or fire-borne abilities).
Duration: Until the target is healed or dies. Death occurs within ten posts of the crystal hitting the target's heart or, for dramatic purposes, longer if wished/desired by the player.
Cooldown: Once per thread.

Eternal Winter: Deep Freeze
Elsa's ultimate attack. Elsa's performance of this attack is dependent on her emotions: only when severely distressed, traumatized, scared, injured or otherwise dangerously unstable can Elsa wreak this much havoc on the world. Deep Freeze affects both friends and foes -- no one is safe, only Elsa. This is Flash Freeze but on a massive scale: Elsa's chaotic emotions bring an everlasting winter to the surrounding region, casting the world into frigid, freezing temperatures with raging blizzards carrying icicles and ice pellets that deal massive damage to all as it engulfs the battle. In addition, Elsa's other abilities gain strength for a short period of time due to the abundance of frozen resources for her magic to use (does not apply to Marshmallow, grants +30% damage boost). Flurry's power immediately stills the air (if she's sad at the time of casting) or generates a mighty blizzard around Elsa (if he's stressed, angry or afraid) to reflect her uncontrollable feelings.
Duration: Entire thread (if a regular, non-raid/quest topic). Or, if Elsa can be calmed or reminded of her love for others, she can be persuaded to thaw the world in question prior to the thread ending. Everlasting Winter will last only five posts during a raid/quest and Elsa will automatically force herself to calm down by the end of that duration.
Cooldown: Once per thread.

Level 2

Strength || 1
Constitution ||  1
M. Affinity || 10 ((-5 Fire))
M. Resistance || 10 (( -8 fire))
Dexterity || 6 ((Spell Aim +2))
Speed || 8 ((+2 movement speed on ice, -5 overall speed in warm environments))
Stamina || 6 ((-3 against fire users, +4 if in a cold environment))

As a child, and even through to her adulthood, Elsa has been a playful, mischievous girl. When she was younger, she enjoyed playing with her younger sister, Anna, and often used her unique powers to turn the Great Hall of their parents' palace into a winter wonderland in which they could have snowball fights, make snowmen, ride snow-slides and other such activities. However, one night, when Anna decided she wanted to play a game of hopping across snow-pillars made by Elsa, the to-be-Queen, unable to keep up with her sister's frantic jumps, slipped on the ice she'd made and accidentally struck Anna's head with her magic. The incident nearly resulted in Anna's death. Her parents scrambled to bring the four of them to the Valley of Living Rocks, where the resident trolls were able to cure Anna's affliction by removing her knowledge and memories of Elsa's magic. This, combined with a prophecy given to her by the trolls that her powers would only grow with her unchained emotions, pulled Elsa into a spiraling descent of isolation, self-hatred and the idea that she was some monster capable only of causing pain and destruction to those close to her. Encouraged by her parents, she lived mostly in her room as she grew up, wearing cyan gloves her father bought her to keep her powers at bay (though they didn't) and staying as far away from Anna as she could in any attempt to protect her little sister from herself. Little did she know how much she alienated her sister in the process.

When her parents died and she was made Queen of Arendelle, Elsa realized that she would have to let the citizens of her kingdom in to witness her coronation. Though she barely managed to get through the ceremony without freezing the coronation instruments, an incident later on that night involving Anna and her new prince-charming, Hans, set her off, exposing her lifelong secret to her entire kingdom. Fear conquered her and, terrified of endangering her citizens and sister further, she fled dramatically across an ice bridge created by her own footsteps across the fjords surrounding the castle and, unknowingly, ushered in an era of eternal winter. On her own, driven by her own inner demons and the 'raging storm inside of her,' Elsa found herself at the summit of the Northern Mountain overlooking her kingdom. Alone, she cathartically released her fear and stress and used her powers to construct Olaf (the snowman she and Anna had made the night her powers ruined her life) as well as the Ice Palace, a gargantuan fortress made entirely of fractal ice sculptures that she was able to construct with her boundless positive energy.

The sense of freedom doesn't last long however. Comfortable, at least for a while, in her solitude, believing that the distance between her, Anna and the kingdom will keep everyone she cares about safe, Elsa lives happily, using her powers and being the person she feels she is until Anna shows up at her gate with Olaf, Kristof and Sven. Unfortunately, Anna brings news to Elsa of the winter she's placed on Arendelle. Elsa, her expectations that her solitude would mean the end of Arendelle's problems, freaks out. Her unbridled emotions summon a mighty flurry that surrounds her and, in a final outburst of fear, frustration and anger at herself, ends up striking Anna's heart with her magic. Overcome by her emotions, Elsa bids them leave her palace and return to Arendelle, not realizing that her magic has placed a fatal curse on Anna. When her sister and her companions fail to heed her warning, Elsa conjures Marshmallow, a monstrous snow golem, to forcibly remove them from her abode.

Later on, as her palace, shaped into a terrifying place of darkness and sharp icicles by her own emotions mirrored by her magical abilities, Elsa finds her new home besieged by a small group of warriors, Prince Hans and the goonies of the Weselton delegation. The goonies manage to break through Marshmallow's defenses and corner Elsa in her tower. Elsa uses her powers to fight them off, and even pushes one of them to the edge of her terrace, until Prince Hans convinces her to stop or else risk turning into the monster she sees herself to be already. She yields, but not before one of the goonies manages to hit the gigantic fractal ornament hanging from the top of the tower, sending it crashing down and rendering Elsa unconscious.

Elsa wakes in the dungeons of Arendelle Castle, her hands locked in shackles to prevent her from using her powers. After a heated argument with Hans in the dungeons, Elsa, distraught, freezes her shackles to the point where they break off and she escapes through a hole she creates in the wall, not realizing that her panic has set in motion a cancerous invasion of the castle with her ice. She finds herself out on the fjords once again, overcome by sorrow, failure and the ultimate self-hatred with the newfound knowledge that she was responsible for her sister's death. Her emotions call forth a mighty storm that, unbeknownst to her, keeps Anna from reaching Kristof for an act of true love that might save her life. Instead, she is confronted by Hans, sword in hand, who condemns her to death for the murder of her sister. She pleads with him to stop, but inside, she feels as though she deserves it -- she's a monster, after all.

Then the blade comes down, but something rings true across the frozen fjords. The air stills and Elsa lifts her gaze to see Anna in front of her, arm raised in defense, frozen solid from her curse. With Hans sent flying from the icy magic that repelled his strike, Elsa flings her arms around Anna and mourns. Her outpouring of love for her sister reverses the curse and Elsa realizes, for the first time, that love is the opposite to her powers and is the only way to reverse them. With sudden confidence, Elsa reverses the eternal winter and summer returns to Arendelle. Armed with new understanding, Elsa reprises her title as crown Queen of Arendelle and opens the gates to the Arendelle Castle and court permanently, her knowledge of love instilling in her enough confidence to control her powers and use them for the sake of good (and hopefully not hurt anyone else!)

However, as peace returns to her kingdom, Elsa begins to notice pockets of darkness emerging on the horizon. She's heard tales from workers in far off, rural lands that creatures of darkness are appearing on the world's shores. Steeled by her newfound control, Elsa makes preparations to protect Arendelle from this new threat, but little does she know the battle she's about to wage with the darkness will send her flying back into isolation. A Great War breaks out within Arendelle, its closest neighbors and the looming Darkness. When Heartless begin to invade her kingdom, Elsa steps forward as the Snow Queen to defend her people. She fights long and hard with her ice powers for the sake of her citizens, her cities, her castle and her sister but, as the Dark forces advance on Arendelle and an exhausted Elsa, her powers begin to falter after so many arduous battles. One morning, as Darkness threatens to swallow the entire kingdom, Elsa is awoken by Anna and, as the two flee, a Heartless grabs hold of Elsa and drags her into the Darkness.

Elsa disappears from Arendelle, as Arendelle itself does the same from the Realm of Light, whisked away across the planes of existence to many other worlds. Her goal now, no matter how dire, is to return to her kingdom and, most importantly, to Anna.

I do impressions:
"Complaining about people complaining always fixes major issues! Let's do that instead of trying to find a collective solution by talking it out amongst ourselves as a community and point fingers instead of taking responsibility for our actions! While we're at it, let's attempt to satirize and/or demonize everybody who attempt to make a suggestion! Man, we are way better at this than those other people with experience who are trying to help!"

All RP's with Belysa in them are SUSPENDED for activity until further notice.

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Post Count : 162

I do impressions:
"Complaining about people complaining always fixes major issues! Let's do that instead of trying to find a collective solution by talking it out amongst ourselves as a community and point fingers instead of taking responsibility for our actions! While we're at it, let's attempt to satirize and/or demonize everybody who attempt to make a suggestion! Man, we are way better at this than those other people with experience who are trying to help!"

All RP's with Belysa in them are SUSPENDED for activity until further notice.

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