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Uprising (Solo-RP)

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Uprising (Solo-RP)  Empty Uprising (Solo-RP)

Post by Ander on July 8th 2014, 5:39 pm

11 years earlier

[This is not a Dive to Heart, This is the work of Laken]

It was late in the night, on the corner of street rested a home to a peculiar child named Calum. Currently he would sleep in his bed having an adventure like no one could imagine...

drip... drip... drip.

"Why is it so cold, mama, papa?" The child would say his eyes closed. He could feel a chilly breeze in the room and the sound of dripping water. He didn't want to open his eyes because he knew he'd wake up in this place again. He'd been having these weird dreams lately... It was an exotic place filled with the oddest of fiends. "Papa, please get me out of here." He would say his words echoing off the walls.

"Open your eye's little boy; stand up. Don't be afraid... You have been chosen, don't stray from this journey. You are young, but this your kingdom retake it...."



The child's eyes flung open, a song would radiant from the walls themselves. He would look around only to see a jail cell. The walls were moist, but they were stone made. Cracks lined the walls, and at the side of the bed from which he laid was an open cell door. "F-fine! I won't surrender..." The tyke would cry as he jumped out of the bed. He was scared especially of this prison. It haunted his dreams for an unknown reason. Though he promised himself he would figure it out.

"That's the spirit Calum! Get up and destroy your fears! Fear nothing, fear no one!"

The child would clinch his fists, he was wearing cargo shorts and a white t-shirt with crimson sneakers. His would wipe his tears with his clenched fist and run to to opened door, to the middle of the huge open battle field, looking in both directions. Both ways had a darkside heartless. Of course the boy didn't know what they wer just- monsters to him. "How do I defeat them? I wish papa was here!" The boy shouted. With a scared gulp, he unclenched  his hand and a brilliant white light appeared within it. He was holding a kingdom key. The music from the walls shut down, only the dripping noises could be heard again.

"You have gained the power to fight."

Said the booming voice as the music started up again this time the darkside would look up. The four year old would have to defeat both. "I will not fail! I am a hero.."

"Then Prove it." the voice shouted finishing the tykes sentence. He charged the beast, he would jump into the air as if he could fly he flew to the to the left pathways darkside busting the keyblade against the fiends face. He swiped three times wearing nothing but a angry battle face. "I WILL NOT FAIL" he yelled but the darkside swung his hand knocking the boy-keyblader to the ground. His face bled a little but no biggie he could still fight.  As another palm came forth the boy dodged more fluidly than he had ever done in the real world. He then through the item letting it spin in the air to pound the monster again, even causing it to stick in the darkside a cheek. Leaving a painful sting before running up the monsters arm and resummoning it. Only to begin slashing. Though this time the darkside was more angry.  He tossed his head around in resistance causing the creatures dreads to slap the boy of the things shoulder... He fell and yelped in pain. He had sprang his wrist.

"Come on Calum! Rise to the occasion! Or you will not survive this onslaught! You must get stronger or thsi is all for nothing."

"He's powerful! I don't have the heart to defeat him. I'm weak..." the small child couldn't move he hurt to much, the hand came down powerfully only to collide with a bright light. Seconds later a white circle lined the ground and in the middle arose a giant metal dinosaur. One that Calum had dreame up a long time ago. How was he here? The monster would slap the metal but it did nothing. The beast then kept atop the darkside biting its shoulder blades and ripping them to shreds.

"It seems you have unlocked Rex, a monster from a different realm. He is a battle ready being and king of all metalloid Dinos. He chooses to aid you; it appears that he finds your heart much greater than you do?"

A creature of metal born from the pure strength of dreams. He is a creature with no magic power, but his physical skills are on par with beings way out of a humans league.  His claws and teeth are much longer and sharper than normal swords and his body consists of steel and titanium alloys. Making his defense the nearly unbreakable. His joints seems to be protected by armor pads, but with the right amount of skill they can be broken to reviel his weak points... This is a Level 4 summon, however in a life or death moment the dino himself will come to aid. Because he holds some kind of bond with the boy he chooses to save him from death. This dinosaur can understand human language and appears to be able to understand most things. He is intellect is easily recongized as above average.
Level 4
Strength: 7
Constitution: 10
M. Affinity: 1
M. Resistance: 5
Speed: 10
Dexterity: 5
Stamina: 5
Link to Image

Soon the boy-magnet watched as the other darkside joined the fight. Rex held them back; but he would nt las long, if only! If only Calum could protect him! The the saw a darkside hit a wall the whole room began to fall and quake underneath the roaring damage. With only one rock to hit his head the boy woke up. In a cold sweat e wondered if any of the dream really came true. It felt and seemed so real.... But was it?

The four year old couldn't hold back his year he whined for his mama, he then told her the whole story. She held her baby boy tightly. The next day the child would wander from home only to find a workshop....

The End.

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