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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Artless Artist
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Name: Aelxia Systems

Age: Seventeen


Sex: Female

Species: Human

Pre Creation:
Personality: Aelxia Systems is Radiant Gardenís friendly neighborhood Mage who doubles has a Dubstep DJ. Intelligent when it comes to music and systems, she is a little on the loud side, and she is often seen trying to rile everyone up for her shows. She has a bit of a Superiority Complex when it comes to music, and will often be seen talking for hours on end about it. She does have a bit of a short fuse when it comes to anger- and it is capable of inflaming rather quickly as you raise her ire.

Ethics: She was raised on the idea that Music is Life, and she tends to follow that idea pretty closely. Always looking for the fun things in life, she is pretty much known not to care too much about what people think and as such it is rather hard to get under her skin. She has a huge respect for those who can play music, despite the fact that she may tease about it.

Likes: Aelxia loves music- to the point where itís become her job, hobby and even path of magic. Although she enjoys any type of well played music, her favorite type of music is dubstep: she sees the genre as something you just have to listen to- unable to be explained to those who arenít into the trend. Another one of her likes is travelers. She has knowledge of other worlds, and yet doesnít feel like she has to go anywhere, comfortable with her lot in life. Another few bits and pieces about her is that she likes blue, cyan, and systems of all type.

Dislikes: Some of the things Aelxia canít stand are haters. Hate her for the way she plays it- fine. She didnít want you as a fan anyway- but when you insult the genre, that is when she gets pissed. Another dislike is those who just wonít chill the hell out. She considers herself one of the people who lets a lot of things slide by- especially with how short of a fuse she has. Drama isnít welcome around her and it might earn you some bad things.

And finally, People who think they are better than others. Although she will admit that she has a superiority complex when it comes to music, to her that is music- not people.

Post Creation: (Notes around new personality traits will be marked here.)

Pre Creation: Born and raised in Radiant Garden, Aelxia Systems lived on music- both her mother and her father were excellent musicians who infused magic within their music, making what they both called Ďartí. Although raised often by learning instruments and the different types of music there was, there was one that called to her the most- Dubstep. Although her parents questioned this type of music, and worried for their daughter to want to specialize in it, they eventually gave up, happy that Aelxia had finally found some music she liked.

Growing older, most of it was spent in her room in front of her computer, and some of it on her work bench as well as she had actually found that it was difficult to infuse dubstep with magic without having a channel to use as well- a problem she fixed when she built the MDA, a floating device that was used to channel her mana into sound and energy- a creation she was proud about creating. After making that creation, she realized that the orb soon became a friend, a sentient machine that followed her around, and occasionally was used as a tool.

Currently, she has her own residence in radiant garden; and is often found doing odd jobs or DJing for the rest of the world as she saw fit.

Post Creation: (New History will be added as it comes.)

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Artless Artist
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Aelxia Systems, Level 3 Dubstep DJ
X3 Modifier
Strength || 3
Constitution || 4
M. Affinity || 10
M. Resistance || 9
Dexterity || 7
Speed || 5
Stamina || 4

Heart: Sound



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Artless Artist
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Sound Mage
Aelxia is an extremely capable sound mage, capable of learning, casting, and teaching others much faster than someone without a specialization in it. Unfortunately, she has a difficult time learning magic that isnít an aspect of sound- from cure to fire, she often is seen casting them with difficulty, if not failing entirely most times. Among this, there are exceptions: Thunder, for electricity, Air for channeling and Energy for Solidifying Sound.
Aelxia is a mage that uses a channel. Staves, Orbs, even Books and Guns- as well her most used channel MDA, she finds even more difficulty casting with just her hands. However, because of the channel, most of her abilities are more precise and stronger than hand casted magic. However, if there is a prebuilt spell into it, she can cast it much faster, without even needing the elemental attribute to it.
As MDA flies directly in front of her, or uses another channel; she channels her mana into the machine in which it projects a strong, immovable rectangle of air a few feet from the bot itself. It is invisible, and is only seen when struck, and even then only another capable mage or another with good eyesight can notice it. It can take several hits from those with even powerful strength, although it is weak to an equally powerful air spell. It is also weak from the back.
Like the other barrier, this barrier is used with a channel, however, instead of a front projection, itís a 360 degree in a half circle, leaving it open to earth attacks from below. It is actually weaker than her other barrier, for it has a larger area of defense, but can still hold against hits from someone with high strength. It is also capable of shielding two other people, rather than her other barrier that only holds one. She cannot cast this when she already has the other barrier out without cancelling that spell in favor of this one.
Aero, Aerora and Aeroga (Aeroja and Tornado)
The entire family of wind spells as far as sheís told; she does have two spells missing from the Aero family. Powerful spells in their own right, when used with a channel it becomes stronger and more accurate. No longer casting like a tornado, instead it channels directly outward in a conic like spell, with Aero being weak in terms of actual damage, and yet strong in the fact it has force behind the spell itself, capable of pushing people back a few feet.
Damage: Low to Moderately Low
Force: Moderately High, few feet pushback.
Aerora is stronger than its predecessor, and is now capable of doing moderately low to moderate damage, depending on the magical defense of the opponent; as well as increasing the force of the power behind the wind, thereby increasing the distance people are pushed back and is capable of breaking weak defensive spells
Damage: Moderately Low to Moderately High
Force: High, Increased Distance from Force
Aeroga is the third of the four Aero Spells, and is capable of doing a base damage of high wind damage, with extremely high to moderate depending on the magical defense of the user. It is also one of the strongest pushback spells too, capable of doing damage with the force alone and pushing the target several feet.
Damage: Moderate to Extremely High
Force: Extremely High (Moderate Damage at close range)

Dubstep Attacks

Bass Cannon (Kick It) (1 Time, 2 Post Charge- 10 Post Cool Off)
A very powerful sound spell, it takes MDA and without him it wonít work. Charging her spell for at least two posts, Aelxia is capable of pulling off a spell that does Sound, Energy, and Air Damage combined in which MDA goes into overdrive before an extremely loud piece of a Dubstep Track plays, before shooting out an extremely powerful beam of blue energy while doing small sound and air damage to anyone not directly caught by the beam. It does Extremely High damage as a base, although those who are exceptionally powerful can lower it down to Moderately High- in which case one might also need assistance from shield spells.
Unfortunately, this also renders MDA useless for a while it undergoes repairs; thus generally making Aelxia useless as well, not to mention tired from the amount of energy she just channeled through the bot.

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Artless Artist
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MDA (Magical Dubstep Amplfier)
Aelxiaís main and most prized possession, it doubles as her amp and her magical channel; as well as her friend. A bot incapable of speech, it uses noises and music to speak to other people. It is a small round orb with a metal that is stronger than steel, and yet still flexible enough to move around without too much problems. It is kept afloat by passive magic generated from the machine itself, and requires a period of charging every few days or so.

Average in Constitution and Stronger in Defense, It shines brightly when it comes to Magical Offense and Defense.

Microphone Staff
A Staff that looks similar in appearance to an actual microphone stand with a mic attached to it. Used often when some unforeseen complication arises and MDA quits working, she is often seen slinging this across her back as a just in case. It is actually pretty sturdy due to being made out of metal, but doesnít translate physical damage too well.

Belt Radio and Amp w/Headphones
Something she never goes without, itís just a simple radio tucked into her belt with two sets of amps for each side. Often seen plugged up to a microphone that she uses to pump out her own beats on the go.

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