Marcus,The prince of light

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Marcus,The prince of light

Post by Inus on June 20th 2014, 5:03 pm

Name: Marcus
Age: 17
He is about 6,7 and 180 pounds
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Overprotective, a bit sarcastic and flirty. Being a prince he's a good leader. He also can listen to others quite well
Backstory: Marcus was soon to be king of his world. His brother and Parents trusted him. So did the people. One day the heartless attacked. His partners and whole world was killed. He swore to destory the heartless.

Abilities and Skills:
Magic: Main Element: Light. Secondary Element: Fire
Blade of Light: Marcus covers his sword with light energy boosting its power! Last: 4 post Cool Down: 4 Post
Hand of Light: Marcus extends his hand. His hand becomes similar to a candle or lantern Cool Down: 1 post Last: 4 post
Piercing Light: Marcus shoots a sharp piercing bolt of light out of his hand.
Light Form (Not full mastered): Marcus becomes covered in shining light boosting his power and speed by 50%.  Last: 5 Post Cool Down:1 Topic
Portal of Light: Marcus can go different places that way

Weapons and Equipment:
Blade of Dawn:

Lvl 1
Strength || 4
Constitution || 4
M. Affinity || 3
M. Resistance || 3
Dexterity || 10
Speed || 8
Stamina || 10

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