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Certainty flies, but wonder lands.

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Certainty flies, but wonder lands.  Empty Certainty flies, but wonder lands.

Post by Etzolix on June 19th 2014, 11:42 pm

"Scalpel," the lightbulb said, holding out his hand, waiting for the item to be placed within it. He was focused on the canine's carcass before him, observing the specimen with delight.  Delight. The light. The light from his glowing head, because he was a lightbulb. No? Okay. The nurses didn't think his puns were funny either. Speaking of which, what was taking them so long?

Turning abruptly, he looked around to see no one there. Wattson's hand, which he had held out earlier,  came crashing into his forehead. Or whatever the lightbulb equivalent to a forehead was.
"Silly me," He began, almost melodically, "I always forget they don't exist."

Giggling to himself, he pulled on his tie, and then magically withdrew a scalpel, and continued with his process. The wolf had put up quite the fight, so he was sure to use it for all it was worth. Normally, he only absorbed the electrical currents of the brain, effectively causing the victim to die. Or comatose, if he was kind. But he wasn't.

Anyway, the wolf had confronted him. And attacked...out of...fear? Maybe? Or maybe he passed on the creature's territory? He wasn't sure. It wasn't even a wolf, he just liked calling it that. It was a cute little pet -- a beautifully, murdered pet. But what else do you do when you're attacked? You defend yourself! The creature earned its comeuppance.

As he put the scalpel away, and brought out a rock (not from his tie, just the environment around him, considering they were surrounded by nature, trees, and the like), which he began using to grind the creature's bones to dust. It was easier to rearrange the materials this way. But boy, oh boy was it time consuming.

Oh, well, he had plenty of time to handle this. It wasn't often that many people passed this neck of the woods and, even if they did, what would they do? Try to stop him from using the dead animal to restore himself back to a glossy, perfect model? It wasn't like there was evidence that he killed the wolf. 'Oh, but the blood on your hands!'  Well, how else did you get to the bones of the wolf? You had to get your hands dirty.

Even though, this was a lie. He could've drained the blood out of the body first, but he didn't have the time, however, if the doctor did do that, it wouldn't really make the others see him in a better light. Light. Oh, yeah, no puns. Got it.

Oh, but come on! "Hey, wolf, you had a bone to pick with me and, now," Wattson said, with dramatic poise, taking one of the intact bones and pointing it at the dead canine's gelatin-like skull, "I have a bone to pick with you."

No, no, no. Fuck you. Puns are great.

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Certainty flies, but wonder lands.  Empty Re: Certainty flies, but wonder lands.

Post by Artless Artist on June 21st 2014, 4:20 pm

It was near the middle of the day when Lee Evans finally pulled himself out of the comfort of his home and into Wonderland once more; and although he was from wonderland, and one decidedly should feel happy about the whole thing, found that he was not. It was grating on his nerves, the fact that he no longer had acess to and from other worlds- it was as if the transition to this new dimension had overwritten everything.

Oh wait, it did. thought Lee as he stepped further into wonderland once more; Lee had actually found that most of the things that had happened in Wonderland before the universe turned itself new again had decidedly not happened, ever. This entrigued Lee, although he was still quite upset about the leaving thing, he wondered if he couldn't find a way to do so on his own- or even wait for it to be worked out on its own.

Lee took his time walking; it wasn't like he was going anywhere new today- despite feeling decidedly out of character for waking up on the wrong side of the bed; a fact that he should have to hide if he wished to function with the inhabitants of the world. So- he began to think of the happy things in life as he felt his familiar smile grace his lips; unknowing that he was walking into the forest at this present moment.

He would soon stop, and bring himself out of his thoughts when he heard an odd sound. peaking around the corner of one tree, he would be met with an odd sight, although lee had to admit, for wonderland it couldn't be too much of an odd sight; although considerably unique. It was a man with a lightbulb for a head; with a humanoid figure. Listening more on it- it was as if he was talking to whatever he was currently pointing at; a crouched, unfamiliar form from Lee's limited point of view.

"Why, hello there...Lightbulb person...thing." he would call out, although Lee did question what to call the lightbulb; he was decidedly more curious to how it would react.
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Certainty flies, but wonder lands.  Empty Re: Certainty flies, but wonder lands.

Post by Etzolix on June 22nd 2014, 10:10 pm

As a person arrived, the lightbulb dramatically turned his bulb (?), still fixed in his pose, to observe the newcomer. He was a bit shorter than the doctor and seemed much more mundane than the giant object operating on the canine, excluding his two giant, flopping ears. A rabbit?

"I heard some rustling and wondered who passed.
And to my surprise, it was a rabbit in grass.
A bunny, how funny, a lightbulb he met.
Would they be en-uh-mies or would they be friends?

The lightbulb, of course, found the rhyming distracting
So, he decided to stop. He wasn't that good at rapping."

Despite the odd introduction, he held out his hand. The one that didn't have the drill in it. Uhm, yeah.  Hopefully, he wouldn't take offense to the carcass, or the giant drill, or the lightbulb for a head. Psh, if he did he needed to stop being so judgmental. He had bunny ears. Who was he to judge the doctor's work? It was survival?
The doctor didn't come up into his bunny hole and tell him how to eat his shrubbery, right? Who the hell did he think he was?

Oh, wait. He just said hi. Wooooopppsssss.

He wondered if the foreign creature would enter range to shake the cluster of metallic fibers that were his hand. The doctor would also have to introduce himself eventually, so why not now? It'd be best to make a friend. Especially since he needed extra hands. Oh, yes! A nurse, a nurse!

Perhaps this bunny could be his assistant. He always needed one of those. "Wattson, by the way. Doctor Wattson." He said, with a grin...or was it just his tone that made it seem like he had a grin? Well, he was just a lightbulb, so. Whatever.

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Certainty flies, but wonder lands.  Empty Re: Certainty flies, but wonder lands.

Post by Artless Artist on June 30th 2014, 7:03 am

(OOC: I severely apologize for the amount of time it took me to reply to this- I had hit a spell where I just didn't really care about anything. >_<)

Lee listened as he heard the man rhyme, and he did admit; he rhymed quite well, all things considering, which would make Lee grin inwardly- today was already proving to be a wonderful one. He approached the lightbulb, who at this time, had extended a hand out to him, as well as state his name. What a peculiar name; It was as if the universe had stuck him with an irony on the day of his genesis. he thought to himself; at the same time smiling and taking his hand, which didn't feel like normal hands- but, with the man being such a peculiar sight, Lee decided that this would be...normal, perhaps?

One could never go around being normal around wonderland- but Lee had to admit Wattson was a unique inhabitant. Oh, just wait until the rest of the universe see's him. Lee thought to himself happily. He supposed now was the time for his own introduction, and shook the man's-creatures-Wattson's, hand. "Forgive me, i was just thinking about something- Hello, Wattson, my name is Leveret Evans; it's a pleasure to meet you, my friend." He said with a grin.

Artless Artist

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Certainty flies, but wonder lands.  Empty Re: Certainty flies, but wonder lands.

Post by Etzolix on July 1st 2014, 2:11 am

(It's cool. I've been working a lot. Reply at your own pace.)

A simple greeting and formalities were over. He had taken a bit to reply, but all was well. He didn't seem to have any objections to what he was doing with the creature, nor was he put off by his hands, which were not of flesh. As he returned to the creature, he decided that he had done enough. There was an audience to entertain. Perhaps if he was interested he could show the rabbit his methods.

"So, Mr. Evans, what brings you to this bustling, dog shit filled forest?" The Doctor asked melodically. "Excuse my ignorance."

He continued, moving around quite a bit, using his hands (...hand? Well, one was a hand while the other was a drill. ANYWAY.) to animate his interest in the situation. Body language was important for an object without a face. And no one could tell if he was the brightest bulb in the bunch if his head never lit up. Time was often too scarce to allow such pleasantries.

"Are you looking for a cabbage patch?" He asked, "I hear they stole all the children, put them in little, plastic bags, and sell them off to giants. It's pretty sick. Anyway, lettuce continue." Wattson exclaimed, allowing the rabbit-boy-thing to explain their purpose for appearing in this ankle of the woods.

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Certainty flies, but wonder lands.  Empty Re: Certainty flies, but wonder lands.

Post by Artless Artist on July 4th 2014, 12:37 pm

Lee gave a little smile, listening to the lightbulb talk. As strange as he was, Lee had to admit it was a welcome strangeness, puns included with it. "Im here just out of simple curiousity- I've been rather restless of late, and I've felt like I have explored all of wonderland as a result. Of course, I haven't seen you around anywhere, so you are a welcome addition in terms of finding new things." he smiled as he spoke to the lightbulb.

And it was true- Lee figured staying on a world with no means of current escape would make a person rather restless, especially considering he had been able to travel to other worlds beforehand- but that was besides the point.

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Certainty flies, but wonder lands.  Empty Re: Certainty flies, but wonder lands.

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