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The Cottage (Kawthar)

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The Cottage (Kawthar) Empty The Cottage (Kawthar)

Post by [V] on June 18th 2014, 2:45 am

Her melodic humming could be heard throughout the little forest. It pricked the ears of scampering woodland creatures, danced across the dewy morning grass. Any man who walked past might've stopped to enquire about the source of such a beautiful sound, but her cottage was far too far away from anything to hear her song, or the clanging she made when she cooked, or even the occasional scream...

The owner of the quaint cottage was sitting out the front, on a little chair and resting the dusty old book she was reading on the table in front of her. Her long auburn hair tousled gently in the wind, and her skin was visibly radiant as it was caressed by the morning sun. She might've been a vision of young, unadulterated beauty - however, to say as much would be folly. She was far from innocent and even further from pure, a fact that might've been attested to by the creature sleeping in her living room.

The tank had been the hardest bit. I know what you're thinking, but Victoria's a witch! Surely she could've just conjured one up from nothing? And you'd be right, she probably could have. But, like anything in life, it wasn't so simple. There comes a point in every young witch's life where she can no longer just cast magic as she pleases, and without consequence. No, there is a point where a witch must begin to pay for the rifts she causes in the universe - and the cost, to them, is great. They sacrifice their youth, their beauty - something that is of the utmost importance to any young witch. And for Victoria, that time had come.

It wasn't much at first, just some extra lines on her skin or a bit more darkness under the eyes, but she had noticed right away. She had dreaded this moment for all her life, the time where she would have to start acting responsibly. The word left a foul taste in her mouth. Growing up she was used to just doing whatever she wanted, getting whatever she wanted on a whim. Having to actually watch herself, monitor the way she used her powers... it was new to her. Something she would have to get used to.

So no, she didn't just conjure up the tank from nothing. She feigned an interest in the aquatic life and purchased an aquarium from someone in town, who had then lugged it all the way to her cottage and then had an 'accident' on the way home. Well, she couldn't just let the simpletons from the town know where she lived, could she? Measures had to be taken, and that meant that poor fishmonger John had to lose his life. At least he tasted alright.

But what was in the tank? To be quite honest, she wasn't even really that sure what it was. Some sort of ocean life, whatever it was it wasn't pretty that was for sure. But she could feel that it was strong, some kind of intuition or sense told her that it might be able to help her in her next move. Now if only it would wake up.

Cutting off her song with a long, frustrated sigh, Victoria dropped her book with a thud and walked back inside. She gazed at the creature, it's tentacles were long and icky and barely all fit into the tank. She frowned, she wanted to earn the things trust when it woke up so that clearly wouldn't do. With a flick of her wrist and then a shake of her fingers, the tank expanded just a little - enough so the creature would have a little room to move around. She took a quick look at her hand, just as a new age spot formed to mark her skin. She gasped and drew her hand into her chest, she had to be more careful.

Letting out another exasperated sigh she approached the tank, tapping on the glass lightly and then a little harder.

"Won't you please just wake up?"

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The Cottage (Kawthar) Empty Re: The Cottage (Kawthar)

Post by Kawthar, The Seastalker on June 18th 2014, 3:03 am

The creature's nictitating membrane recoiled, as he had been awoken by the shrill voice of the witch before him. He was unsure where he was, but his instincts immediately caused him to rush forward, only to thud into the glass before him. He was still weak.
His head was pressed against the barrier, as his blurring vision came to focus. Kawthar looked at the creature before him, glancing downward to see her disgusting, repulsive legs. Chum. His hand hammered against the glass, rapidly, but to no avail. He musn't have been in here too long.

He recalled prey -- no, bait -- and a swift force to the back of his head. Unconsciousness was something he was unaccustomed to, and he was not fond of the void he had recently been introduced. He outstretched his limbs, being able to reach the ends of the tank, if he really wanted to.
However, her grave mistake was allowing him to rest in water. She likely wasn't familiar of his forte, but he'd need to recuperate some before attempting an escape. Not to mention his environment didn't seem to support too much plumbing like the more advanced aspects of the Drylands he had read about. Perhaps there was a storm strong enough to topple over the goddamned aquarium.

Floating backward, ever so slightly, his gills flared, "Am I your pet now?" He asked, in a low, guttural voice, forfeiting his pride momentarily. Knowledge was of the utmost importance to escape the hellhole, and maybe he could swindle his way out.

The Seastalker's head still ached and, if he could, he'd return the favor. Maybe, he could drag her down to the sea and reacquaint her with a human's primal fear of the ocean. Perhaps the landwalkers had forgotten their place. And he wasn't keen on being taken off guard.
The more he soaked in the water, the more he craved to wrap his limbs around hers, slowly cutting circulation, allowing her to experience the same, lung popping suffocation he had briefly encountered when being dragged out of the ocean.

Slowly memories returned, but only to his chagrin. It was outright embarrassing to have succumb to the same fate as goldfish and crustaceans. Kawthraw was an apex predator. And, in due time, he'd be sure to remind of her of the pecking order.
Kawthar, The Seastalker
Kawthar, The Seastalker

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The Cottage (Kawthar) Empty Re: The Cottage (Kawthar)

Post by [V] on June 18th 2014, 10:02 am

It woke up, and became even more disgusting than it had been when it was unconscious. It's gritty, inhumane voice almost caused her to regret waking it up in the first place but, of course, progress couldn't be made while it remained asleep. At least it spoke the same language, she supposed, as she took a couple of steps backwards to look at the thing in it's entirety.

"Not a pet," she said, with a slight smile. Even though she had always intended to try and sway the thing to join her, to see her side of things, the idea of a pet intrigued her. She'd have to revisit that concept a little later on.

"But perhaps an ally?" Her voice was smooth, relaxed, inviting. She had the grace and elegance of a movie star, and moved with the utmost poise as she repositioned to sit in a nearby chair, still facing the creature. She rested her hands neatly in her lap, before flashing another grin at the monster before her.

"You're much too important to be anyone's pet, aren't you?"

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The Cottage (Kawthar) Empty Re: The Cottage (Kawthar)

Post by Kawthar, The Seastalker on June 18th 2014, 4:17 pm

Mammalians were always so manipulative. Even before humans, their twitching ancestors, with their insufferable eyelids and miscommunication through body language. Even though he could blink, he chose not too. There was no need, despite his temptation to squint and show his suspicion. However, instinct proved prevalent, as he'd rather intimidate with his natural appearance.

A creature who didn't blink was eery to most humans, however, it didn't seem to put her off. She was collected, poised, and obviously looking for minions, not equals. And he was unsure what he valued more, his pride or freedom. Would he entertain her until he could reach the ocean or would he draw attention to this cottage of hers?

Kawthar remained silent until she tried coaxing his ego, as if he would succumb to such human constructs. Snarling, he rushed to glass again, causing another resounding thud with his fists, and replied.
"You humiliate me by capturing me in my own territory, further degrade me with this damned tank, and you still have the audacity to stroke my ego? I'm not a damned Landwalker, I have no interest in partaking in your rituals."

His voice was aggressive, coarse, and filled with contempt for the chum before him. But, after a brief moment of silence, he would continue, in a reluctant tone, "What do you want?"

Kawthar, if anything, would at least find her motivation. She had taken precaution and chosen a tank strong enough to withhold him. At least, for now. She had to have done some research, considering the circumstances that had transpired. He was unsure if he admired the Landwalker for proving their species capable or if he despise her for demeaning him, and making him prey.

The Apex had mixed feelings about the situation, but he still looked at her as he did any other flesh. A meal to be had, a body to be dragged, but a little bit of bitter bitched seasoned across her demeanor.
Kawthar, The Seastalker
Kawthar, The Seastalker

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The Cottage (Kawthar) Empty Re: The Cottage (Kawthar)

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