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Aisling, the Knightly Fox

Age: 18

Sex: Female.

Species: Half-fox.

Level:: 2


Strength: 8
Constitution: 6
Magic Affinity: 5
Magic Resistance: 5
Dexterity: 7
Speed: 5
Stamina: 6
Remaining: 0

Niches: [To be added]


As a result from a strict uprising, Aisling shows little of her true emotions, maintaining a calm and collected exterior that can sometimes make her seem like a serious and hard-to-approach person. She’s blunt, direct, not fearing to let others know what she thinks about something, which can end scaring people away from her. Aisling doesn’t care much about that, as she prefers to follow the path of the loner, making as little friends as possible.

This doesn’t mean she’s emotionless: Aisling feels joy when she’s relaxed or doing something relatively entertaining, showing occasional smiles when it happens. And though she has patience, she sometimes breaks into anger fits when someone does something she considers ‘bad’ or hurts her pride.

The fox-girl has a defined sense of morals and justice. She’ll oppose everything she deems evil and will attempt to save anyone that is in danger, much like a heroic knight. Many would consider her a respectable person because of her actions, but in reality, Aisling has a really bad opinion on herself. Blaming her own ineptness for the destruction of her world, she has sworn to spend the rest of her life making amends for it, fighting to keep the darkness away from people that only wish to live a normal life. This particular feeling makes her a ‘good guy’, but to a fault: she won’t think twice before throwing her life away, as she believes it isn’t as precious as the person she’s trying to save. This is also the reason why she prefers to be alone and not connect with others: Aisling simply doesn’t believe herself to be worthy of such “happiness”.



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Weapons & Equipment

World’s Shadow
A long, oriental-looking sword (a katana, to be more precise) made out of pitch-black metal. Though a ceremonial weapon most of the time, it can also be used properly for fighting if needed. It relies more in speed and the cutting properties of the blade than overpowering the opponent with raw strength, making it a good choice for people that have been trained to use different sword techniques. The metal offers a small gravitational pull that, even though hard to even perceive, makes it a good partner for Gravity spells.

Shadow’s Scabbard
The scabbard of the aforementioned sword. It’s made out of the same sturdy metal as World’s Shadow, making it a good blunt weapon if one only needs to block an opponent unconscious or to parry physical attacks. It also provides a gravitational pull, but much lower than the sword’s, offering no significant increase to the effect of Gravity spells.


Heightened Senses
Her animal traits increase to a certain degree the effectiveness of her senses. Her senses of smell and hearing are well above average, but her biggest weapon is her sense of sight, which allows her to see what lies even miles away from her current position. Looking too far away, however, tires her eyes and mind.

Sword Mastery
Aisling was given a sword when she was only a few years old, as part of her family’s tradition, and she hasn’t missed a day of training ever since, using her potential to its’ full extent and becoming the best at using this particular type of weapon, at least amongst those of her world. It allows her to fight equally against any other sword master, leaving the result of the battle entirely to their tactics and overall experience.

Spells & Skills

Gravity Pull
A spell to be used in tandem with a weapon. Whenever Aisling’s sword is about to make contact with another weapon or surface, she can use this spell in order to create a strong gravitational energy that’ll pull the two elements towards each other. If used with care, this can greatly increase the strength and speed of every single one of her attacks, and as it'll usually draw the opponent towards her, it works even better. However, if used poorly, it can lead to some really unwanted wounds.

Gravity Push
Similar to the spell listed above, but instead of pulling, the gravitational energy pushes the two elements away. Effective for repelling attacks or for doing some last-minute maneuvering, but it also throws the user off-balance, so it’s better to use it only when there’s enough place to move and escape afterwards.


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