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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Mohon, the Stray Cat

Age: 17.

Sex: Male.

Species: Half-cat.

Level:: 1


Strength: 6
Constitution: 5
Magic Affinity: 3 (+2 thunder, -2 water)
Magic Resistance: 3 (+2 thunder, -2 water)
Dexterity: 9
Speed: 9
Stamina: 7
Remaining: 0

Niches: [To be added]


In a few words, Mohon could be described as a cheerful, energetic and optimistic person. From normal everyday stuff to the most despairful situations, he is good at finding the good side of everything, no matter how small this “good side” may be. This particular mindset has him on a permanent good mood that most of the time even he cannot explain too well, smiling all too often and laughing whenever he has the chance. People can see him either as a fun or an extremely annoying person, as his cheerfulness can sometimes lack tact or make him unable to read the mood.

He’s eager to explore different places and do stuff as long as it is interesting. He’ll tag along with people he barely knows just for the sake of adventuring and will often jump into trouble for the sole reason of spicing up the day.

Though this description correctly makes him look like a carefree person, he can certainly be serious when he’s forced too. He’ll frown and get angry mostly when something that he really hates happens, such as seeing close friends get hurt or innocent people being mistreated by others. He is one that cannot tolerate cruelty or injustice towards other human beings. While in his “cheerful mode”, so to say, he’s collected and thinks calmly on how to deal with things, but when angry he easily loses his cool and does rash things without thinking much about his own wellbeing. (this is something that rarely happens)


He’s 5’8” tall and has a slim body, making him a bit short for his age but not so much. He has slightly tanned skin, brown short hair and green eyes. None of this is too noticeable though, at least not in comparison to his other physical characteristic. He has a pair of brown cat ears instead of normal human ears. These ears are big, so they can’t be hidden by his hair. He’s also the owner of a long cat tail, brown with black stripes, which he can control at will.

When it comes to clothing he wears a purple traveling coat with a simple black shirt underneath and dark purple pants. In his feet he wears short boots, and sometimes he likes to use gloves to keep his hands warm in cold weather.
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Weapons & Equipment:

A medium-length rapier (around 100 cm or 39 in) made of light metal in order to increase speed at the cost of raw attack power. It is a rapier, so thrusts are its strong point, but the Flash has the particular quality of having a double edge, differentiating it from other swords of its kind. It allows the user to slash at the oponent from a wider variety of directions. At the same time, the blade needs to be wider to allow the double edge to be, but Mohon has already gotten used to that. It has an affinity for the thunder element and works well with thunder-based abilities.

Traveling Cape
A simple cape for travelers. Easy to wear and warm at night. Offers minimum protection against cold and can serve as some sort of screen against attacks from behind. Other than it, it doesn't have a real use in combat.


Heightened Senses
His traits as a half-animal person grants him better developed senses than those of normal people. His senses of smell and sight are above average, allowing him to see and smell things that are far away, but by far the best of the 5 is his sense of hearing, his big ears allowing him to capture sounds barely perceptible even to other animals.

Sword Proficiency:
Having been trained in the art of the sword since birth, Mohon has learned how to use a rapier to the point of using it as if it was part of his body. It can be said that the sword alone is his deadliest weapon, regardless of how many spells or supernatural abilities he may possess. He's confident enough to defeat enemies with a large number of skills at their disposal with his agility and blade alone.


Spells & Skills

Electric Haste:
A thunder based ability that allows the user to increase the overall speed and agility of his/her body by 25% of its normal level. The casting process is simple: the user concentrates thunder energy in his hands, and then touches his body with said hands. The electric current will stimulate his cells, making him faster for a while. It should be noticed that even though Mohon’s body is used to electricity he’s still able to feel it, and keeping this spell for too long might get several part of his body numb, so it’s not a flawless skill.

Thunder Sword:
A thunder based ability that electrifies Mohon’s sword (no, he is not creating a sword made of electricity out of thin air). The process is the same as with Electric Haste: he concentrates the energy on his hands and transfers it to his weapon. The weapon gains thunder affinity, deals thunder-related damage and is able to shock the enemy if the weapon makes contact with another metal-based weapon. The drawback is also the same as with Electric Haste, as his hands will grow numb because of the electricity if he uses this ability for too long. Using both abilities at the same time may give him a big boost of strength, but it’s not all that recommendable as it can hurt his body.

Steel Strengthening:
A simple spell used to strengthen the durability of one's sword. It makes it more difficult to break and to damage in any way, though a strong enough attack can still break through this barrier. Though this is actually a basic spell, Mohon has refined it to perfection, allowing his blade to firmly strike against enemies of durable skin or protected by thick armor, decreasing the chances of the sword bouncing back and assuring most strikes to deal some sort of damage, as minimum as it may be.

Thundara Strike:
Medium range offensive spell. Thunder element. The caster concentrates magical energy on the far end of a weapon (in this case, a sword) and then slashes the weapon at his enemy. The spell will come out from the middle point of the arch formed by the slash. It’ll consist on a projectile-like concentration of electric energy that’ll follow a straight line to its target. One must be aware that the damage dealt by this spell is not high, and even a direct hit probably won’t knock the enemy out (being this enemy a player), though it doule leave him paralyzed or feeling numb, as well as feeling large amounts of pain. The speed of the projectile will decrease with distance, which is why it’s considered of medium range instead of long range.

Bouncing Spark:
The user forms a small ball of apparently-highly unstable electricity between  his fingers, around the size of a ping-pong ball. The user that shoot this sphere at the enemy or anywhere else, and it'll deal a small amount of damage to the target, the same a weak magical bullet would inflict. This bouncing spark is not meant to be sent directly towards the target though: anywhere it hits, it'll immediately bounce towards the one the user considers an enemy. It's fast and it can be used to confuse the enemy, such as making it bounce at their back, causing the spark to hit them from behind. As it is small and weak, several of these can be thrown at the same time.

Feral Mode [Form]
Despite being a "form", Mohon's physical appearance doesn't change in any drastic way: his ears look sharper and small-yet-sharp claws replace his normal nails. A bigger change is seen in his "stance": while he usually fights while taking a fencing stance, he drops it whenever Feral Mode is activated, getting on all fours and readying his claws, imitating a wild beast. This simple change allows him to put more strength on his limbs, increasing his overall strength and mobility, as well as his physical endurance and speed. He'll move around more, use his sword as an extension of his claws and basically taking a more animal-like approach to the fight. He does lose, however, most of his magic proficiency because of the change in mentality.

These are his stats when in Feral Mode:

Strength: 8
Constitution: 7
Magic Affinity: 1 (+2 thunder, -2 water)
Magic Resistance: 1 (+2 thunder, -2 water)
Dexterity: 10
Speed: 10
Stamina: 5

Niches stay the same.

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The cat boy was born in a world whose society worshiped and lived alongside nature. The inhabitants of this world all shared traits with different animal species, but despite their physical differences they lived mostly in harmony.

One of the special traits of this society was that every family had a respective job, and people passed down these same jobs to their children as if it was some sort of inheritance. In Mohon’s case, his family was one of guards and warriors, and thus was trained in the ways of fighting from an early age. His father was an expert in the use of many different types of weapons, and wanted his child to be the same. The weapon that he taught him to use the most was the rapier, as he felt it was the one that suited him the best.

However, Mohon wasn’t so enthusiastic about his family’s duty. He’d often skin training and do something else, such as hanging out with his friends and exploring the outskirts of his town. He was quite keen on adventuring, something that persists to this very day. The young cat was rebellious and wanted a different future, not decided by his family or ancestors. Despite all of this, Mohon still trained when he was forced to, and thus learned a fair share of skills, and he respected the religion and beliefs of his world (probably what he respected the most at that time).

His peaceful life came to an end when a wave of darkness suddenly started to take over his world. It was so sudden that the inhabitants of the land were barely able to react: some tried to fight it, and some tried to escape, but soon everything, including the young Cat and his clan, was consumed by the pitch-black.

But his consciousness endured. Maybe it was because of his perseverance, or maybe simply because of sheer luck, but he managed to protect himself from the darkness long enough for the Mother deity of his world, one who would later be known as Mireya, to save him, along with another lucky survivor. She took her children far, far away, using the wishes of the people that had been swallowed by the darkness to transport them to a world where they’d be safe and their hearts could heal.

This world was Traverse Town. Of course, this Traverse Town was inside the Realm of Sleep, and thus wasn’t connected to any other worlds. Mohon was placed in this sleeping world and woke up in a dream; the Realm of Sleep had created the illusion of people and a living town inside his head, and there he lived for almost two years, until his heart finally healed.

Despite his Traverse Town being only an illusion, it was an illusion formed of true information and memories: he got to learn about other worlds, about how Traverse Town gave shelter to those who had lost theirs, and how his world had probably been completely destroyed by the darkness. For a while he was depressed, angry, about to fall into despair, but the illusory townsfolk of his own Traverse Town gave him the strength to move on. Ever since the day he accepted things as they were, he decided to live his life with an optimistic outlook on things, always smiling and laughing even in the midst of despair.

One day, he heard a voice, one he hadn’t heard before in his life but that sounded oddly familiar. It told him that it was time to wake up, and as the town disappeared below his feet, he was transported back to the Realm of Light. The voice revealed what had happened to him, and said that it was happy that he had finally managed to overcome adversity.

Before being dropped off in a new world, to start a new life, he came up with a goal for himself: despite being just an illusion, he was still grateful to the Traverse Town that had given him shelter, and he was certain that other people would need its help the same way he did. Thus, Mohon decided to search for a way to travel through worlds and wake the sleeping world from its slumber, so he could walk through its streets again.

What he would do after that, only time would tell.

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