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Welcome: Let's Start at the Beginning

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Welcome: Let's Start at the Beginning Empty Welcome: Let's Start at the Beginning

Post by re:Admin on June 15th 2014, 6:52 pm

Welcome to the new Kingdom Hearts forum! As you may know, we’ve recently gone through a “reboot”, or a reset of our IC (In-Character) history up to this point. This new timelines begins a year after the events of 3D and possible KH3, depending on when that game happens. The worlds have been disconnected from each other, and common folk don’t know that there are other societies out there. However, a “certain something” is happening that can change all of that, and that something goes by the name of "Memories".

[If you want to know more about the Memories, please click here]

There are many changes that came with the reboot that should be pointed out:

--We’ve lifted restrictions on the overall abilities a character can have (for example, space and time magic is a-ok, as long as it is not abused).
--You can have as many characters as you want now.
--These characters don’t need to be in different accounts, as you can have them under just one account if you want.
--There are no set restrictions for keyblades. However, if you wish to have one, it must make sense for your character and you must use it adequately. Staff will keep an eye open for this.
--You can use canons for your RPs, but you must first apply for them [here], wait for approval, and then get your finished topic approval. This is just so we make sure that you’re playing the character right.
--If you’re going to use a canon, you’re also now required to add an entry on the Canon Historia once you’re finished, so that people who will use that canon in the future know what happened.
--Munny can’t be used to buy IC things, but you can still buy from other users in the Kupo Mall. Go check it out!
--Finally, there’s a new section called  “Personal Lore”, where you can write about the lore you create for your character or the rest of the forum.

That is all. We hope you have a good time RPing!

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