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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Lynette Elise
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It was a bright day in Neverland with sunlight breaking through the branches of the forest. Birds chirped in the trees, watching curiously as a small creature emerged from deep within a cave to step with blinking eyes into the daylight.

She was an odd creature, even for Neverland. She looked like a pudgy dragon, white with pale blue stripes, green hair falling in a mane along her back, and brilliant, glowing green eyes. On her back, on either side of the mane, were brightly colored butterfly-style wings, as unlike the sort of wings one would expect a dragon to bear as could be.

She was Kibble and she was seeing the world for the first time. She took a few curious steps and then stumbled on a fallen branch and fell forward, her muzzle landing against the ground.

She started to cry, but was distracted by a crawling creature that wandered past the end of her nose. Kibble watched the creature, her eyes almost crossing as she focused on the thing in front of her nose, her tail waving in the air as she watched with curiosity.

"Hewwo," she said to the creature, "what are you? I'm Kibble."

Characters: Kibble, the Fairy Dragon

* If you add me on a chat medium such as Yahoo, let me know who you are, because I don't accept connections to those I don't know.

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