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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez

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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Empty The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez

Post by Occam on June 13th 2014, 10:19 am

Name: Ezekiel Kizeke [Given Name]
Zeikke Ekkiez [Alias]
D10 [Dataloid Name]

Age: 3; Appearance of a 16-year old.

Gender: Male

Home World: Space Paranoids

Race/Species: Cybermen Dataloid

Appearance: Zeikke has snow-white hair with the texture of a winter wolf's pelt. His eyes glow green and when closely looked at, they seem almost unnoticeably digital. In fact, the appearance of his eye color is merely a projection and for aesthetical purposes he may change the shade of his current eye color. His pupils are perfect circles, always with a 5 mm radius. His skin is a silky, very light brown. His body structure is slender but this does not hinder his physical capabilities. He has long, nimble fingers and a light foot structure. He stands at 6'0" with the majority of his height in his legs. His arms are quite long. Underneath the humanoid appearance is a mixture of the insides of a human and strands of energy. This energy represents his true race, a synthetic race that connects to synthetic or organic bodies but this is merely aesthetical. He wears a red jacket and on his right arm are three node-like implants of light green spheres. His skin is risen in a circular pattern to accompany it and connect the "nodes",

Alignment: Dataloids are a synthetic race of advanced intelligence that do not believe in good or evil, just the belief in benefits or no benefits within choices and beliefs.

Elemental Mastery:
Heart: Nothingness

-Level 3-
Strength || 8
Constitution || 4
M. Affinity || 7
M. Resistance || 3
Dexterity || 8
Speed || 6
Stamina || 6

Bows/Crossbows: Strength + 25% Dexterity v. Constitution, M. Affinity v. Resistance if applicable
Non-Rapid-Repeating Guns: Strength + 25% Dexterity v. Constitution, M. Aff v. Res if applicable
Rapid-Repeating Guns: Strength-4 + 25% Dexterity v. Constitution (counting 25% of the magazine for net damage if each bullet hit), M. Aff v. Res if applicable

][Niche Effects Detailed below][

Personality: Although Zeikke has some "fixed" traits like the lack of morals or the under-emotional perspective, he has the capacity to make his own personality. If he were to question someone he may do so, so even if he is similar to an AI he has his own free-will. His natural personality revolves around finding someone to connect to and deem his master for that was how he was taught and most recently he lacks a master to connect to. Without connection he slowly slips away from the capacity to be like a human. Without connection he will eventually become mute and/or deaf to anything but commands until he forms a connection. This process takes a long time and is known as a "Return". The connection he forms allows his personality to continue to be free-willed but this connection may be unneeded if the master teaches him to be independent. Otherwise his personality is that of a clueless blank slate. Also, Zeikke has a want and craving of knowledge, wanting to know and see all. This is one of his unique, self-developed traits. Another one of his few unique traits is his interest in mechanical constructs, like mechanical birds or other kinds of animals.

Zeikke is very intelligent, having knowledge about alchemy, physics, and a very Holmes-esque ability of analysis. He was considered a scientist by his former fellow Dataloids.

History: Zeikke was created by a scientist amongst 10 Dataloids, this scientist's name was Zachary. He built the dataloids within Space Paranoids, creating them to perform like humans and possibly be injected into the mortal society - the real world. His quest to do so was almost thwarted by a program seeking to extort the scientist. If the scientist didn't comply, the program would report the user to the MCP. Although, this was a bluff and the program didn't actually know what would happen. As the scientist complied, he gave him 5 of 10 Dataloids at first. Eventually, the program wanted more; 8 of 10 Dataloids. But the proposition didn't disclose the maximum, and Zachary kept Zeikke a secret. When the time came where he gave the program his last Dataloid, Zachary commanded Zeikke to save the Dataloids and delete the program. After trekking to do so, the Dataloids were found to have connected to their new master, and although they knew Zeikke well and formed a respectful connection, the symbiotic connection to the program was far more powerful. Sadly, Zeikke had to destroy his brethren in order to survive, displeasing his master. While the program was defeated, his own master was too angry to keep the last Dataloid with him, resulting in the research into leaving Space Paranoids.

What made the Dataloids unique was the scientist's use of users in their synthesis, making them inherit the user title. This allowed Zeikke to leave by normal means but Zachary was unsure. After discovering a way to release the dataloid, he installed dormant programs in Zeikke for him to discover later on, but they would not activate until they adapted to Zeikke's body which may take months or years. What these programs are are a mystery, but some have come close to being discovered. Zeikke planned on viewing the worlds, to discover them and study them, but first he had to learn that there are worlds. instead of one world.

Part 1 of the Lost Files: The Olympus theory.

A theory created by Dr. Kizeke about a program he developed that he left to its own evolution after studying various simulations and human implants. After finding a person the subjects most bonded with, they formed a master-slave relationship that could not be broken by external forces. At first this theory was exclusive to single bonds, but eventually he discovered the master can form a bond with more than one slave. Upon forming a bond, dataloids have been found to be capable of forming the most powerful bonds, capable of fusing themselves with their master. Upon fusing, they can either form a permanent fusion where they give the master every bit of their capability or a temporary fusion which only gives them a few benefits. The problem with the fusion was stability so the prototype dataloids let the fusion die with them.

More capabilities of the relationship is the protocol for when the master dies by another's hand and the protocol for when defending the master. In situations where the master's life is in danger, all emotion is cut off from the subject or dataloid and they only focus on using any means necessary to protect the master. In the case of a dataloid's humanity program, Prometheus, it is shut down for the duration of the master's endangerment and they will use every resource available. Prometheus' deterioration may still occur while inactive but it no longer prevents the dataloid from hesitation. Also, any being affected by the implant will not listen to commands to not act and try and save them if they make them after the protocol is activated. Their priority is to ensure their safety, but the protocol will not activate if there are prior commands to not activate it.

Dr. Kizeke left his research on the Olympus Theory in Space Paranoids, one of the hidden treasures he had hoped to one day give to Zeikke to study. After Zeikke left he had found a user to smuggle the collection of data into the real world. It was later sent to Twilight Town to be hidden within the forest. This was part one of the data, and the coordinates had been hidden in Zeikke's sub-conscious. In order to discover the coordinates, he must journey to Twilight Town so that his sub-conscious surfaces the information of the first part of the Lost Files Kizeke intended for Zeikke to find.

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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez JPlGHQ2

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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Empty Re: The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez

Post by Occam on June 13th 2014, 10:27 am

The Infernal Librarian

The Infernal Library

Zeikke Ekkiez, the being developed for knowledge. For recording, becoming the biggest library ever in existence. He was built with many memory-based programs that allowed him to record anything within his hearing range or vision. Mental images are formed from vision and sound recordings of the most precise discrimination are all stored in a separate database from his own memory. This makes him a bottomless well of knowledge, a well that must be filled. Things may be analyzed to discover new material or to identify what material it is if the material is already known.

The Infernal Generator

Zeikke also has the ability to hack technology around him after a moderate time has passed, giving him control over it. He gains a telekinetic power over technology, metal objects and objects charged with electricity. To match this, Zeikke has the ability to "load" objects, objects he may have built or if he scanned the property of materials, he may build objects from this and materialize them, like making a pole out of aluminum. Zeikke also has the ability to regenerate very slowly by recreating parts of his vessel through memory. He cannot regenerate his true core though. It takes two to four post to heal small wounds, four to six to heal medium wounds, six to eight to heal major wounds and ten to twelve to replace limbs although the last two are more exceedingly draining than what they normally would be for a healer.

The Infernal Mechanic

Zeikke is a true prodigy with mechanics, able to build things like a lance which has a drill on it in a short period of time. By short period of time, it does not mean in minutes but at least hours instead of days. This is due to Zeikke's analytical perspective on things, learning mechanics like solving puzzles. He has an exceptional knowledge over intricate mechanics, giving him the ability to build constructs. Zeikke has the knowledge of Gummi technology and has the capacity to engineer personal-use weapons and other gadgets using this technology.

The Infernal Marksman

Zeikke is quite skilled with ranged weapons, known to be very accurate and implementing his reaction time with the timing of his shots. Within his vision a sort of hud forms, on the left and up top are the longitude and latitude scales, a range finder in the bottom right corner and right about the range finder an estimated percentage of the ability to strike the intended location, which always assumes it is never above 90% regardless if that's true or not. The estimation assumes that the target does not move. Niche Effects: +2 Dexterity only for accuracy while aiming, -2 speed while aiming.

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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Empty Re: The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez

Post by Occam on June 13th 2014, 10:59 am

The Kizeke Magus

Mechanical Magus

Zeikke may utilize his Infernal Generator and Space magic combined with Earth magic to transmute parts of earth into objects like drills or turning rock into metal. The more he uses this the more his humanity is taken away. Also, Zeikke may magically form constructs of mechanics though any complex, specific constructs will be listed below in the respective area. Also, Zeikke may cause a forced oxidization of metal, but how effective it is is up to those affected. Niche Effects: +2 M.Affinity for Space and Earth, -2 Strength

The Concocter

Zeikke has an understanding of biology to advanced levels, able to craft potions and the like out of herbs found in nature. He also uses his understanding of chemistry to do so, and has mastered the art of crafting poisons though he usually prefers non-lethal neurotoxins for his arsenal. Due to this, Zeikke is a sort of Alchemist of his own kind.


Zeikke has the ability to produce and mold lightning into weapons and projectiles. He may also send electricity through anything that can conduct electricity. Zeikke may also produce alternating currents, like that of Tesla's idea to wirelessly give something electricity. Niche Effects: +2 M. Affinity for Lightning, -1 Stamina and -1 Dexterity in terms of mobility

The Shifter

Zeikke may shift and manipulate the earth, bending it to his will He may tear it apart or mend it, or even precisely mold it. If he strikes earth-related things with enough force to crack anything, he may create a specific pattern of damage throughout the earth. Niche Effects: +2 M.Affinity for Earth, -1 M.Resistance for Water and -1 Strength

(May go into further detail at some point in time)


Zeikke may change the composition of his bone into any kind of material for a short period of time. The hardest of materials only last for two posts, and high-grade last 3, mid-grade last 4 and low-grade last until changed otherwise. Otherwise, he may reinforce his bones or heal them. Major damage to his bones takes 5+ posts to heal, medium takes up to 4 and minor can heal rather quickly. This can easily be refuted by continuous damage to the bones. Niche Effects: +3 Constitution while in use, -2 Stamina and -1 Dexterity while in use.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez JPlGHQ2

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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Empty Re: The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez

Post by Occam on June 16th 2014, 2:00 pm

The Infernal Arsenal



A lance that has a drill for its pike. It is a work of master mechanics. capable of actually using the pike as a drill. He may continuously use this drill and the longer it is used, the more powerful. But, if used for over 3 posts continuously, it has an increasing chance of jamming by 5% per post. It has a high rpm and strength. The lance has a 4-foot handle and 3-foot drill.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez MA-SX628_Fodio_drill_lance

Mountain Carver [Officially MTCARV - Multi-Tip Crossbow Action-Ready Variant]

A crossbow that can use many tips on the crossbow bolts as well as multiple draw weight levels. The draw weights go as according, Light (Non-Lethal), Medium, Heavy (Lethal) and Over-Draw. There is a poison tip which Zeikke may insert any kind of poison into, a bolt meant for the non-lethal draw weight. It is outfitted to glide in the air and use every bit of force to travel further at a non-lethal speed. There are non-lethal tips like the flat, rubber-tips that may cause possible lethal damage but mostly non-lethal with ballistic damage. There is a tip Zeikke dubs as "Blendertips" which are folder blades that open up and spin at a high rpm once it impacts something. Zeikke also has mini-drill tips for his bolts, weighted to fly properly and using the drill to accelerate it like a propeller as well as using it to pierce armor more effectively. The bolts have a black shaft with green fletchings and all tips are colored green. The crossbow may be reloaded using space magic like Xigbar's bowguns but it only holds six bolts.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Multishot_crossbow_by_warkom-d6ksc15


A bolt-action rifle that may fire lightning-charged bullets, explosive bullets, paper-wrapped bullets, 'syringe' bullets, or any variant Zeikke may invent later on (which will be added to the list). The rifle's barrel may adjust using complex mechanics to collapse into lower calibers or expand for higher calibers. The enter gun may do so as well. Explosive bullets are incendiary, but non-magical and do not have piercing capabilities for armored objects. Upon impact, there is a split second before the explosion. 'Syringe' bullets are mini capsules that release either a gas or a chemical upon impact, like a syringe injecting someone. If a gas, it does not need to hit open skin and will act like a gas grenade. If it uses a chemical, it will need to strike and pierce open skin to inject it intermuscularly. The higher the caliber, the higher the chance for lethality. Zeikke uses longer bullets and a barrel that may extend or shorten. There is a scope with adjustable zoom (2x, 4x, 6x, 12x and 20x).[/color]

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez 32468

Stinger MK-1

The MK-1 Stinger is a submachine gun that fires at an average pace with anti-personnel bullets that releases a sulfuric gas, causing a continuous irritation of wounds. It is designed to carry two magazines that hold 25 rounds each.  There is an under-barrel rail and a rail on top for attachments. The bullets also act as tracers. The grip has an identification system that will lock the trigger and mechanics if Zeikke does not give anyone else other than him access. The gun is specialized to reduce recoil by using a collapsible stock that utilizes hydraulics.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez C9sL07Z

Cerberus Base Variable: Hammer

This is the base form of cerberus. It has two shots that fire bolts of lightning. The gun folds open and electricity fills the slots to reload it. It may be reloaded twice with a two post cooldown. The bolts of lightning are the strength of a hammer being fired from a blunderbuss and the front of the barrel have energy blades curving down. The guns come together and a bright light emits, representing the shift from Hammer into a Cerberus Variable.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez 159f65465b89e0_full

Cerberus Variable 1: Thunder Pistol

A pistol form of Zeikke's Cerberus weapon, a weapon that may change itself into one of three weapons. This pistol has a 10-bullet clip of a medium caliber, firing bullets that are charged with electricity and tear apart, releasing a magic bolt made of electricity. There is a loop on the bottom of the handle which can be turned and pulled to change the Cerberus Variable into a different one. This gun may be reloaded one per post and after three reloads there is a post cooldown.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Hammerthorn1

Cerberus Variable 2: Terror Trench Gun

A tri-barrel shotgun that has two shots per barrel, which may be reloaded twice per post. After four reloads, there is a two post cooldown. The barrel may spin after pulling the lever two notches. One notch loads the second shot into the barrel. There is a third notch that allows the Cerberus Variable to change into a different one. One barrel fires a heavy bolt of electricity, one barrel fires a bolt of fire, and another barrel fires actual shotgun shells of a high gauge. One shell is a buckshot and the other is a slug. The shotgun has extra full choke but it may be reduced to a low choke. This increases the spread if the choke is reduced.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Steampunk_shotgun_by_avenger09


Six-shot revolver that has a variation for reducing recoil, trailing the gases through an underbarrel. This reduces the kick without affecting the bullet other than providing a straight shot. On the actual under-barrel attachment, there is a sharp, precise blade, akin to the blade of a ninja-to. The grip is shaped to the hand, allowing for a more calm aim, as well as having a sight that indicates when the back and front pins are aligned. Zeikke has designed armor-piercing and anti-personnel bullets. For more experimental uses, he has designed gas-releasing bullets that he can utilize various toxins and a more signature ammunition, utilizing nanotechnology to allow the tip to wield a very small, precise drill. The latter of the two experimental bullets is not the final version, so he has not perfected its altitude and thus experiences more of a drop despite having the velocity to move fast.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Revolver_Brotherguard_Highpoly_by_The_5


Mobile Assault Dataloid Suit Combat Variant

A suit that binds muscle fibers, decreasing strength and speed significantly for two posts while it binds but reversing it to a significant boost once it binds. While not wearing it, the suit may be retracted into a backpack that looks like the backpack from Static Shock. It also is enhanced by anti-gravity repulsors in the joints and throughout the muscle fibers to give Zeikke a featherweight and a slower, softer fall/fall impact. It has a helmet that may open up and fold back to reveal the face as well. The suit while binded looks like a exoskeleton. While not bonded, it looks like a full-body suit. There is extra padding inside around the genitals as well as extra armor. The helmet's visor that allows Zeikke to see as if he was in Iron Man's suit has an orange light. The suit has a primary color of navy and a secondary of black with a grey trim. The helmet itself is grey with a black trim. The hands are given a padding that allows for more sturdy gripping of objects. The fibers on the feet also have adjustable friction. The suit itself has studded leather-strength fibers for its protection.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Gray.Fox_.full_.981156

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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Empty Re: The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez

Post by Occam on June 20th 2014, 3:40 pm

Advanced Programming

System Shock

Zeikke activates System Shock to produce an EMP that spreads across a half-mile diameter, leaving him with minimal stamina in order to protect him from it. His stamina must be at 50% or higher in order for him to be unaffected, 20% or higher in order for him to survive it. Within a 30 foot radius, he emits a large wave of electricity that acts like an outward-pushing shell of bladed wire. This advanced programming is classified as a Malicious Program

Apollo's Arrow

Zeikke generates a giant, golden cannon that generates a massive amount of thermal energy. It is 20 feet tall and 5 feet in radius. Zeikke allows it to produce thermal energy, requiring a post of preparation before it fires a massive ray of thermal energy. After the ray fades, for a mile there is a trail of gamma radiation. Zeikke must have his stamina at 75% or above in order to safely use this, or power it through other means like a city's energy source. This is classified as a Malicious Program.


Zeikke may craft an execution command, which does not cost nearly as much in digital worlds as it does real worlds. In digital worlds, he expends 5% stamina per execution commands, 15% if in the real worlds. The final expenditure depends on the command. Due to the nature of the commands, while in use Zeikke simulates double the magical affinity, but in return he experiences a consitution of 1 and resistance of 1.  Known .exe commands:

|| † - Spire of Grand Malice || -This command generates a mass amount of white, translucent cubes that collect around Zeikke's body. Wherever he extends the intended arm, a spear-head will engulf that arm and extend out to 15 feet. The cubes with burst upon impact, creating a large quantity of electricity and fire from each cube and creating a deadly drill of the two elements. The drill will create a focal point for the elements to be absorbed, creating a specialized singularity for those elements specifically generated. Afterwards, an explosion will occur that will act as an air-burst, creating .0001% of a comet's airburst force in simulation (i.e. Tunguska Event). This expends an extra 60% stamina to use. Malicious

|| ¤ - Matter Animation System || - This command allows an overhaul of Zeikke's Infernal Generator, not expending stamina when using it for 5 posts but causing a temporary system shutdown and expending all but 1% stamina. The overhaul also removes limitations of quantity in doing so. This is called the MAS and is considered the Polyphemus type due to its nature of creating a master forge within Zeikke's generation system. Intelligent

|| ‡ - Gun of Deletion || - This command summons forth a one-shot pistol that looks rather dull in appearance.  By activating this command, it expends 50% stamina and deactivates use of the Infernal Generator during the time Zeikke wields it and for 4 posts after he uses it. The gun has the power to release a highly-condensed projectile, creating a singularity-esque bolt of force that will only explode after a brief moment beyond the moment of contact of a living being. It will explode, releasing a very powerful charge of electricity that uses a unstable variance of charge to try and repel things likely charged to it in order to separate bonds. Upon firing the weapon, the gun completely disintegrates up to a full sized limb from wherever he fires it. The destruction disconnects the area from being healed and causes a disruption in Zeikke's sensors. Malicious

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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Empty zCo Projects

Post by Occam on July 28th 2014, 12:13 am

Space Projects

Project Inquisition [Not Canon yet]

A space ship Zeikke is designing for his next master, specifically Belysa and for her cause. It is designed for speed in terms of combat and sustainability. Instead of durability, it uses the programs from Zeikke's regenerative simulations to undo damage done to it. The main portion in the middle is used for the main functions, weapons on the outer part and in the inner part, various portions for manipulation the functions such as the warp drive. The middle contains the living quarters and in several parts of the hull and one in the top, main flight room, are connections that use warp drive technology to pass to and fro portions of the ship. The ship is designed to hold up to 25 people for living, but with a foot of room between each person, up to 100 can actually be in it. The limbs of the ship are built to regulate movement and speed, but come with several high-power engines that propel the ship. The tip of the main hull also forms a singularity cannon that forms a singularity as the name suggests, but it only attracts electrical energy generated by the ship and after building up so much pressure, it explodes and is manipulated to release a destructive ray.

The ship is supplied with enough resources, save for oxygen, to last 25 people a year. The oxygen is meant to sustain that amount for two years. This, of course, is theoretical and requires extensive resources and time to build.

The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Spaceship

Golem Projects

Under Construction
.jpg]Possible 1
Possible 2
Possible 3

Weaponry Development


A sixty-round, anti-heartless gun that uses gummi technology to fire off a spread of bolts of light using runic bullets, having a high-rate of fire. It is only loaded with a drum magazine, but it comes with a single-slot grenade launcher that uses 25mm canisters. It has a laser sight for hip-fire and a scope for either semi-auto or just more precise aiming. The firing options include auto, burst fire, and semi-auto. This is a concept that Zeikke wants to use, but he must study Gummi technology more to form smaller blocks than what can be utilized. Also, Zeikke must develop personal-use coding so that when someone uses it, only he and the person's prints coded to the gun can use it.


The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez JPlGHQ2

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The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez Empty Re: The Infernal Project: Zeikke Ekkiez

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