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Post by Ace Kageki on June 8th 2014, 7:59 pm


|-Level 4-|
Strength - 5 (+4 against light-aligned targets, -4 against dark-aligned objects)
Constitution - 5 (+4 against dark-aligned damage, -4 against light-aligned damage)
Magic A. - 6 (+4 against light-aligned targets, -4 against dark-aligned objects.)
Magic R - 6 (+2 against dark damage, -2 against light damage.)
Dexterity - 6
Stamina - 5
Speed - 9 (+1quick close range dodging and movements, -1 long distance running)

The Darkforce
Od selects a nearby object or person and gives it a large amount of dark energy. This increases the targets level (supplementary battle system) by 3, but not past 5, and is completely enslaved to Od. Objects become powerful, people become powerful heartless or dark-beings. PC characters can receive this boost, but are not enslaved, just influenced. This boost does not have to be willing, but it can be rejected by those of profuse light.

NPC's around Od become vicious and shift towards Evil - NPC Heartless obey him.

Ace Kageki

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