Al Gamma

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Al Gamma

Post by Azmot on May 27th 2014, 11:53 pm


Strength || 6
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 6
M. Resistance || 6
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 6
Stamina || 6

Niche Attributes

Organic Immunity ||

Inorganic Weakness ||

Learned Helplessness --> Persistence to Survival
Whenever this unit is damaged, it takes note of the source of damage. Once per month, a catalog is created/modified to note all sources of damage its taken in its lifetime. Then, one or two '+' modifiers are added to the sources of damage, and an equal amount of "-" modifiers are distributed amongst the remaining. '+' modifiers half damage, '-' modifiers double damage.

Adaptive Automaton
Once per month, the user may add '+' and '-' modifiers (equally) amongst his stats. Each modifier represents a single point, '+' adding one and '-' subtracting one as long as said modifier continues to affect that stat. Anything that affects stats do not affect these modifiers - these modifiers affect the stats, but they are not stats themselves. For the purposes of effects, spells, and abilities, stats are seen without modifiers (so, if Al has 6+++ strength, and a spell dealt damage based on the strength stat, damage would be dealt as if it were a 6.)

A mass of discarded parts from a forge of Hephaestus, a stray spark from the fires brought this creature to life. Now, it spends its time constantly reforging itself from different materials in efforts to find the perfect form.

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Re: Al Gamma

Post by Azmot on May 29th 2014, 11:09 pm

Level 0 - Starting
(0 Starting Spells)

Level 1 - 1 Battle Lost
(Additional 2 Spells)

Level 2 - 10 Battles lost
(Additional 2 Spells, Additional Niche Attribute)

Level 3 - 25 Battles Lost
(Additional 1 spell, Additional Niche Attribute)

Level 4 - 50 Battles Lost
(Additional 3 Spells)

Level 5 - 75 Battles Lost
(Additional 4 Spells, Additional Niche Attribute)



Post Count : 2127
RP Words : 636
Munny : 4321

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