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Restoring this world (Political Takeover}

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Restoring this world (Political Takeover}  Empty Restoring this world (Political Takeover}

Post by Inus on May 15th 2014, 4:29 pm

Dwarf Woodland a place of happiness,and peace I head stories about how beautiful it is now i can finally visit  Steve said walking  out of his portal of light.But it was not what he heard stories of the trees he always heard about were dead.

The boy then walked to a close by village it was surrounded by a dead forest he saw a few shop had out of business signs he saw a dwarf begging for food food please sir the beggar said.Steve leaned over and look at the man Sorry but i don't have that much The boy then handed the man a candy bar the man grabbed the bar and eat it whole the the starving man hugged the boy thank you sir the names Calder by the way My name is Steve

Later they were at Calder's home Siting at a dinning table
So tell me Calder why is everyone starving and why are the trees dead? This is nothing like the stories I learned about Steve said looking puzzled at the man.He then look out the window to see two dwarf fighting,He and his new friend run out side and Steve run in between the two and broke them up he even gave the food out to the two dwarf No more fighting you guys need to stick together to survive heck i'll even help rebuild this government bye being your leader The people watching the fight started to clap as the boy offered to  become there leader.His new redheaded dwarf friend said Well for that to happen we need to send a letter to the world council do you want me to send it if I do you can stay at my place till we get a reply Please do it Calder i'd love to rule this place Calder then started to write to the letter.When he was done he send a messenger to give it to the council.After that Steve got lifted off the ground by the dwarf.

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Restoring this world (Political Takeover}  Empty Re: Restoring this world (Political Takeover}

Post by WR-105 on May 15th 2014, 4:39 pm

Dude, wtf? You can't just make up the issues a world has. The place has a pre-established history, you need to follow what it IS.

Also, what's your character's motivation for ruling the world? Is it solely because he WANTS to rule it? Does he want power for the sake of power? If not, then you should probably elaborate on that. You don't have any connection to this place, considering you said you've only heard about stories in your post.

Also, why would the people want a STRANGER, whom they've NEVER met, to be their leader? How do they know they can trust you? Why would someone trust them if they ONLY willing to help by becoming their leader?

Look, this is a story based system, which means stories need to make sense. You're not going to get the world, I'll let you know that now. Not even based on the effort or logic, because you wouldn't have gotten it based on that either, but you CHANGED THE WORLD IN A SINGLE POST TO JUSTIFY A POWER GRAB.

You also can't end a Political Takeover topic in the opening post. That's literally just trying to cheat, in case anyone wanted to stop you or provide another point.

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