Clarisse von Liebe (WIP)

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Clarisse von Liebe (WIP)

Post by Clarisse on May 9th 2014, 5:30 pm

Clarisse - - -
> The Silent Summoner

> Female
> Human
> Seven years old

[X] Normal Attire
[X] Alternate Attire
[X] The "Masked Maiden"


    >  Physical AppearanceShe stands just a little taller than a meter, about 1m 25cm, which only add to her petite frame and fragile appearence.  Her short blonde hair reaches just above her shoulders and varies in style depending on her mood and her current attire. A single blue-green eye is visible, the other, which is hidden, a rather startling clash of orange and purple. Typically, there can be found a small blush right on her face, but otherwise she has rather fair skin.


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