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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Somewhere within the labyrinth forests of Neverland lies a small enclave known only to the fairies, with the exception of a select few individyluals. One such individual, who was either a young man or an old boy (or perhaps both), hovered hesitantly above as he steadied his heart and steeled his mind. Visiting this place was not a frequent activity of his--he never came unless he needed to. That's not to say that he found it detestable, nor did it mean that he was frightened of its inhabitants; no, it was because of his deep respect for the winged creatures that he seldom set foot on this sacred soil. It was only in important circumstances,  circumstances such as the ones the boy was in now, did he ever dare approach the place.

He tilted his body downwards, gradually descending until he found himself standing before the large tree at the center of the hollow. While the trunk of the tree seemed old and twisted,  the vibrancy of its green leaves suggested an energetic youth to it. The sight never ceased to amaze the seventeen year old, especially since this tree was only the offspring of the original (how the fairies were able to grow it to look exactly the same as its predecessor,  he would never understand). A river of light seemed to pour off of its branches, sparkling and reflecting the sun's rays in such a way that every object, living or not, appeared to radiate its brilliance.

Several of the tiny folk themselves immediately appeared to greet the Fairy King (a title by which the boy was known despite being neither a Fairy nor a King), bright smiles on their faces. They welcomed their friend in their musical language of bells and chimes, asking how he was doing and other such pleasantries.

"I'm fine," he smiled in return, "I've come--"

(Because you need our help,) the fairies finished.

Kenos nodded. No doubt the magical beings were able to read his mind.

(No,) they said, (We just know because you never visit us for fun.)

While the youngster contemplated the seriousness of their response, another person appeared to join their conversation: a rather elegant, mature (not elderly) female fairy in a golden dress that shined as radiantly as the Pixie Dust surrounding her.

High Councilor Kenos, she acknowledged, What brings you here? Have you found my daughter?*

Trixie. Though she would detest being called a Princess.

The smile from the boy's face instantly faded, replaced by a mourning expression. "Your, I--I'm sorry. I don't know where she could have gone."

The Queen turned her hear slightly. No need to apologize. To find her among one world would be luck; to find her among all of them would be a miracle. It may be best to leave her be for now. She has her reasons for being away, and she'll have reasons to return. Her face was stoic, but it was clear her heart was undergoing some turmoil. You came here for another purpose?

"Ah, um, yes," he gulped, "I need a favor from you. I need...a Change."

The fairy blinked. You've been doing some research,  I see. And what prompted you to seek out this Change?

"My abilities...they're all over the place. Too loose, too varied. I tried to do too much of everything,  and its made me weaker. I need...a reset, so to speak. So that I can tighten my focus to a specific area. So that I can become more skilled and more powerful. For Neverland, and for myself."

I see. You do realize, however, that the duration of these process vary. It may take you but a single second. Or, it may take you several millenia. Have you come to terms with that?

Kenos nodded. "I've already taken that into consideration. I spoke to the other Councilors about it, and they agreed to take care of things while I long as you agreed as well."

And I do.

"I'm hoping I'll be through with this before anything serious happens."

We all are. Now, there's one more thing you need to know before I can grant your request. During the period you are undergoing the Change, your body will be rendered unconscious.  However,  the other aspects of your persona--your heart, your soul, your mind--will remain active. In short, you'll be dreaming, but to what extent I am not yet sure of. Do you understand?

"I do."

Then come with me.


*While fairies do not biologically reproduce (they are born from a baby's first laugh),  it is often customary for older fairies to 'adopt' newborn ones and raise them. This is especially important for the current regent of the fairies, who must have a successor in case he or she is unable to perform his or her duties.


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