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Post by Victor Churchill on April 25th 2014, 12:44 am

I...can't see...I can't think. I can't hear, feel, smell, taste. What has happened to my senses? Where they whisked away? Did someone tear them away? Why...am I bleeding? I was so well just moments ago, before being deprived of what I was gifted upon birth. Why...am I dying? Why...am I dead? My body...it's being torn from me, like I can't have it anymore. I'm just a state of matter no one can sense, no one can trace. But I'm not alone. I'm here with plenty of people...plenty of strangers. But why is it my senses are gone? Will they return? Will they...be relevant? I can't feel the pain from whatever tore everything away. I can't...smell the ichor being exhaled. I can't...taste the last moments on my tongue. I can't...see what has happened, what claws have reached from the abyss and tore us apart. My lovely body, no longer mine and for what? An unknown reason. I'm just...moving...shifting away from myself. Am I truly myself without my senses? Without my body? With these thousands of questions? It's like...I don't know what it's like to be a person anymore. But what strikes me as off beat is the lack of true sadness or despair. No happiness...just sensation. But i can't even perceive it so the point has been diluted to nothing.

I just wither without pain, without remorse, but I still know the bridge has collapsed in front of me. I see others like me, slowly withering and some vibrant without wilting like those whom are passing...Does that mean I have had nothing left for this world upon the time of my departure? I can't stop questioning it...I can't stop bugging the emptiness around me with the endless list of inquiries that will never be answered...My memory dictates annoyance but I can't feel it...Without muscle I cannot even feel emotion being sent throughout. But without a brain, I do not understand how I am questioning all of this. It just seems like all of the color is dampening...waning...Becoming so gray to the eyes. But my sight? Have I not paid mind to the presence of it? Have I assumed this whole time I was blind to what was happening? What...did happen? What....even did happen? All I can recall is...Bang. Bang. Bang. the loud shots ringing about....is that my hearing? Am I resetting? And the...copper in my mouth. But it's gone...and that was just my taste. A vibration all throughout...and such...pain. I'm not bleeding, now though. I feel whatever had torn me from my body...but yet my soul has grown smaller. I can...smell the fading of ichor and rot. It's all returning. It's all coming back to me, have I been granted reprieve? And all of a sudden... a rage just washes over me. Everything is turning black again, but not because of my eyes; no it's the surroundings blackening...And all of a sudden walls of flesh around me?

Where...am I? What was I just thinking about? Where have my thoughts gone? Oh...there's the light. There's a world out there, isn't there? Right? ...Hello? No answer...I guess I'm alone. No blue lights around me whatever they were...But I seem to be slowly progressing to the light...And as I keep going through, I can feel air gust about the parts that have exited this cave. While whatever I couldn't see before was a darkness, light has filled my eyes and I just cannot see. But it feels like...someone's cuddling me. What have I be-......Hello world, you have a new life to join you.
Victor Churchill
Victor Churchill

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