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Hunting the Monster in Green (Invite Only)

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Re: Hunting the Monster in Green (Invite Only)

Post by Ace Kageki on May 21st 2014, 5:30 pm

Hearing Xoens words was easy and nice, a natural born leader obviously. Ander always preferred being put behind others especially guys like Xoen who were quick to conceive and follow through with plans. While watching the man, he intended to read his facial expressions as he had done to so many others. Noticing the man looking him down (with a little distaste?) he came to the conclusion his skills were of course hidden to him.

Figures.. Meh.

His attention was then turned to the mech who was striking fear into the very souls of those around him. Even The boy-clown could feel a little aura around him that was "different" it was the same darkness that fueled most evils in this universe... A horrid and violent mind, touched by insanity. INSANITY... Was the root to all evils, and all evil eventually led up to it. All in all Ander couldn't hate the guy. They were more alike than most others in terms of how they functioned and behaved. Plus a delicious, savoring energy came off him that Vokun in the pits of his body liked. Vokun had seemed to turn rebel on Ander, and they Oftenly didn't see eye to eye anymore; The clown demon only got out now when Ander himself couldn't hold him in. Which was both scary and interesting. Since by logic, Vokun was stepping out thanks to the subconscious alone... It was hard to cope with but the boy tossed the thought aside and grinned.

A fight was sparking and Ander was biting back the need to laugh. Steve had potential, Feisu on the other hand, probably had already tapped into his powers. Meaning that Steve would be at a disadvantage against Feisu, however Steve had a strong heart. That weapon could easily defeat an impure satanic entity like The mech easily... If used correctly. Ander figured though that the fight wouldn't turn in the boys favor.

The Amaran again would then look around the group. He sensed something all to familiar to him...


Each person here thought themselves to be stronger and more ready than the other. Glances from the group alone described much of their thoughts. Feisu and Xoen seemed to be looked at as the powerhouse reliability of the team, while Liandry was the Intelligence. Steve and Penny would be the support damage. Ander himself got the weakest spot. He was the weakest, normalist, and probably the lamest in comparison. He was being overlooked... They don't know his capabilities so like all humans they assume that he's below them. It was "The Appex Predator" theory and he was the prey... Of course this couldn't be for sure what they thought, but he knew how people were with judging. And he guessed these people were doing just that.

I'll folow you Xoen, no time to waste right? Ander would just have to show them... He would show them all. A mischevious grin would speed across his face although he would try and hide it.
Ace Kageki
Ace Kageki

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Re: Hunting the Monster in Green (Invite Only)

Post by Liandry on May 21st 2014, 10:38 pm

Words are words

As the group spoke more Liandy found herself dimming in between the rifts of conscious attention to exactly what the meaning of it was. Recording it for future use or reference was a given of course however for the present she passed it along like a whim. They all seemed to have no restrain when it came to showing off their personality in the open like this, it was a fine living to be sure. But the huntress choose to remain aloof with a still strength, there was no need to share any more then her battle ability when it came to a temporary job alliance like this. And that desire remained her's

One thing that did catch Liandry's eyes worth to note was the young man who attempted to defend the girl's honour from the monstrous mec that had chosen to join their little company. While a little rough to his declaration of affection the boy showed courage in the front of the odds stacked against him, it took a strong will to push past the logic of defeat. She could find some solace in that light still burning along in the darkness of words. The huntresses watched the little bout between the boy and mec a bit longer as they fired off verbal daggers, holding on her locket slightly her thoughts wondered in between the two youths she cared about most, she could only pray Clara would rely on her brother Llewelyn in the dark days to come with that same light, they would need it when the time came.

Breathing in a light breath then tension in her body returned, leaving her limbs still at her sides as Xoen moved out towards the border of this small village. Adjusting her bag tightly over her shoulder the heartless killer looked forward, following in suit with the captain as a silent companion.

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Re: Hunting the Monster in Green (Invite Only)

Post by Inus on May 23rd 2014, 9:43 pm

As the mech Steve to grow a brain he wanted to destroy this mech but he knew he couldn't. He ignored the mech. As Xoen pulled the map out and told the plan Steve nodded his head. He liked this Xoen guy Steve could tell the man was a born leader. Well i'm when you guys are. He pulled his backpack up a little and then cracked his knuckles.

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Re: Hunting the Monster in Green (Invite Only)

Post by Feisu on May 25th 2014, 9:45 pm

Feisu let out a small chuckle, and merely stood there, watching the group silently. He would not follow unless their dim-witted leader said he could. Even so, what was the point? What could he possibly do? What services could he offer, if he even WANTED to give services? It was not a gigantic matter.

...Was it?

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Re: Hunting the Monster in Green (Invite Only)

Post by Penelope on May 26th 2014, 8:25 pm

Penelope blinked at the actions transpiring between Steve and the mech known as Feisu. She wasn't completely sure how to make heads or tails of it and so quickly looked up at the stranger Steve had entrusted her with, with a vacant smile. Deciding that she was done investigating the mech's metal body, despite his rather rough comments about doing so, she pranced over to Xoen to hear his short briefing.

Grabbing the satchel that contained the supplied she gathered, she placed it over her head so that it sat comfortably on her shoulder. Looking back at those who hadn't began following Xoen already, she smiled to them and turned to catch up. Stopping just beside Xoen's right, she began humming to herself a little ditty.

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Re: Hunting the Monster in Green (Invite Only)

Post by Sponsored content

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