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Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool)

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Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool) Empty Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool)

Post by Abraxas on April 5th 2014, 9:05 pm

Halloween Town, the world of scares and treats. At least...that was what it was supposed to be. As Sebastian walked through the town, he saw that it was anything but that. The town was little more than rubble, the citizens were reduced to mere beggars...It disappointed him. So, as he moved through town, he sighed and shed the costume he was wearing, the flames that made up his new body disappearing as he touched down and began to walk through the town, giving munny, food, and even clothing to those who needed it....It disappointed him that the worlds were in such a state, but he couldn't change that on his own...

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Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool) Empty Re: Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool)

Post by Mohon on April 5th 2014, 11:46 pm

Seeing Halloween Town in that same, decaying state made the young half-cat named Mohon feel rather sad. He had been there a while back, and the place looked almost the same as it did back then. Barely anything had been rebuilt and the people looked as grim as ever, as if they didn't intend to celebrate halloween that year at all.

"Faye was right when saying that this was pretty bad..." Mohon remembered the words of one of his friends when walking through a seemingly empty streets. He had come across several people that looked more sad than scary, and maybe because of recent events they all looked at him as if he was a suspicious person. Sure, he looked a bit more scary, what with the dark clothes and more "ferocious" expres​sion(with fangs and all), but everyone in that world should look more or less the same.

"Maybe they are scared of world travelers..." He though, sighing shortly afterwards. "This is quite the pretty mess that lavaman is causing."

At a certain point, he saw a certain young man walking his way. His facial traits looked rather... familiar, but Mohon couldn't put his finger on it. As they crossed paths, Mohon turned his head to him and said:

"Hey, you... are not from around here, right?" He'd flash the young man a smile, as he usually did when talking with other people. "This MAY be a bit out of the blue, but you look familiar. Quite a lot, actually. Have we met before? Maybe, I'm not sure."

He laughed a little before waiting for the young man's reply.

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Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool) Empty Re: Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool)

Post by Siscae Tel on April 7th 2014, 12:11 pm

A man stood near a pile of rubble, looking at it with a look of curiosity and interest. He had white hair, as pure as snow. Large, feline ears sat on the head and twitched ever so slightly as he looked at the scenery. His tail swayed back and forth, contently.

His mouth curled into a small smirk of amusement. "So this is Halloween Town here," he mused to himself. He had only been to Halloween Town a few times before. He was never particularly drawn to the world and had no reason to be. It seemed a bit more tattered than the one he had once visited, but after the war, who knows what state it had been in.

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Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool) Empty Re: Halloween is Dead (Open, Cool)

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