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There's Change Coming [Worlds Broadcast]

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There's Change Coming [Worlds Broadcast] Empty There's Change Coming [Worlds Broadcast]

Post by Onyx on April 4th 2014, 10:14 am

"I'm Onyx. The one who destroyed this place, now what the fuck are you going to do about that. If any of you leave this townsquare or make a move to attack me aside from her....your all dead." Onyx spoke in that usual insane joke like voice. Standing in the center of a crowded town square of Halloween town. He was gripping an angered witch by her neck, slowly choking the life out of her while she wriggled and struggled for her life. Hidden within the world close by to the town square currently was Pestilence and Death in their usual get ups awaiting the signal. Next to him stood Famine in her usual outfit, her sunglasses covering her eyes and a small smile on her face; her hunger gas seeping out around her vicinity. Behind her, War towered over everyone around them watching the scene take place an ominous chuckle bellowed from his massive. Observing the area around them he saw the general public's reactions. Hallowed and disgusting creatures of all types cowering and hiding. Watching the one defiant who decided to speak out against their visitors. A peaceful casual day turning into one of pure delight, praise be made for salvation had come. Onyx tightened his grip on the neck and her breath came more desperate while hallowed creatures pleaded with him to release her. Onyx didn't even spare them a glance and continued to stare at the small witch he currently held. His arm slowly began to turn into lava, at this creatures began to flee and move backwards their fright increasing evermore with the seconds that fell. Usually they would retaliate and attack, however the sight of that arm to the general public and the lava that flew brought back chilling memories.

"What's wrong? Didn't you say that you were going too teach me a lesson old timer? Do you not understand? We cannot be beaten nor can we be bested; understand this is for your own sake. Though your body will fall here, you will become a Shepherd. A Shepherd to lead others who have fallen to paradise. A jubilant omen, a message to this universe. The message is clear..." Onyx spoke initially in his joker voice, however slowly it became clear and vividly passionate while continuing to speak. "The message is thus....PEOPLE OF HALLOWEEN TOWN! HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS OF THE CORNERSTONE! The artifact which may protect a world from darkness or some shit like that....is still at large....your champions of this universe...have failed you time and time again! CHANGE IS NEEDED!" At this  line Famine, used her magical prowess opening the connection to worlds broadcast to only those we're populated with civilians. The screen's would show Onyx and the witch he held gripped. "To those who care to hear this message listen because I will only state this once.

CIVILIANS OF THE UNIVERSE! If my terms are not met; THIS WILL BE YOU! IF THE CHAMPIONS OF THIS UNIVERSE OR THOSE WITH SPECIAL ABILITIES, SKILLS, or any of the sort do not conform with society and only use these type of powers when needed to protect you....you will all be sent to paradise.


What will you do?

SURELY YOU WILL CONVINCE THEM TO DO SO, or you all could come try to come after me....but...."

Onyx trailed off his sentence and turned his attention back to the witch in his hands. With sudden force he used actual force and the sound of those screaming in the crowd could be heard. He dropped the now disgusting look corpse to the floor and looked back towards the center. The sounds of those hallowed creature screaming around him still heard while he spoke.

"Though we all know how that will end. Civilians the choice is yours, force your champions to make up their minds! As for these people....." With a smile on his face Onyx turned around to where War and Famine were stationed behind him. "Absolve them." Onyx spoke and with that said the broadcast would be cut off the last scene being War quickly grabbing two disgusting creatures one small and one large and gripping their heads. Their fate wouldn't be known to the universe, however the obvious could be assumed.

The message was issued.

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