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Post by Azmot on March 31st 2014, 6:50 pm

Points of discussion-

People tend to be powerplaying and metagaming more as of late. Please try to abide by the rules, and if you don't know about something, ask. It's better than making a fool out of yourself in topic.

Because of the above, we obviously need to reinstate the mentor system. We could even pay mentors based on their quality and help fullness.

Powers should be limited Time Travel, Absolutes, and to the Lore of KH.
We need new Staff Members with the ability to complete transactions. Onyx is doing too much work on his own. A new head admin is needed.

I'm tired of seeing the site plots in the sidebar. We use them or scrap them at this point.
We should have the OPTION to have all of our characters on one account for the sake of ease of access. People can still have multiple accounts if desired but its an unneeded hassle.

Extension of starting character slots to 5, just because.

We need new ways to earn Munny - the only ways are chance and a grind of posting. I suggest games like that boardgame tournament I held, which was an example for you all to follow. Do it.

Need to talk about staff punishments, what they can and can't encompass, and retconning certain ones. A Staff / Member council must always be made in anonymity to decide a punishment, imo.
Just a note - we have the ability to do things now, and the most exstensive site plot currently involves me playing both sides. Do something, people. Tyler is at least making an effort.

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Post by Siscae Tel on April 1st 2014, 8:44 pm

Either Azmot or Cool would be good candidate for Admin (or both), as long as they both remain relatively active. There is a plot team, however there isn't much movement about it because it lacks motivation. Maybe this topic will fix that. There is also the quest moogle to gain munny, but not many people use it/notice it. Not saying this will suffice entirely, but hey, it's something. I also support multiple people on one account.

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