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:Historical Recount Of Kingdom Hearts:

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:Historical Recount Of Kingdom Hearts: Empty :Historical Recount Of Kingdom Hearts:

Post by MorpheusZero on March 12th 2009, 4:15 pm

Historic Recollection Of The Site

As Told By MorpheusZero, Biscuits of Heart, Lenneth/Hrist, Riku, & Alexa.


May 5, 2007 - Kingdom Hearts @ phpBBnow (http://kingdomhearts.phpbbnow.com/index.php?) was originally founded by the user named Axel. He remained the Head Admin along with another user named Den R. (Could Have Been First Mod, Not Exactly 100% Sure On That—Maybe Assistant Admin). Our beloved Riku was also the 2nd member EVER to join the site on this exact day.

SomeWhere In Between Axel and Zexion’s Rule—Zexion made the infamous “Twitch Twitch” topic in which he got in trouble for spamming by Axel.

Shortly After - Axel eventually grew bored of the site’s inactiveness and handed the site over to a new Owner—the site’s most prominent owner—Zexion. Zexion ran, operated, and handled the site for about a 15 months—making him the site’s longest owner. Upon receiving Ownership of the site, Zexion promoted his friend Roxas to Admin and user Riku to Moderator.

Site Promotion & new Users Emerge - At this point in time, around mid to late June 2007—The New Mod known then as “Ventus,” creates new ways of Advertising on YouTube. It is believed Ventus is the reason that links are no longer allowed to be posted on YouTube Comments. As a result of Ventus and Zexion’s massive advertising campaigns, a small boom of new users joined the site—most of which you all now refer to as the “Vets” of the site. Biscuits of Heart, Lenneth/Hrist, MorpheusZero, Nobody Trickster, Alexa, and Celox Caedo all joined about this time.

The Major Alliances - Around this point in time, the site "Vets" started getting into RP and meeting one another, formulating their own personalities. This in turn, is when the two major alliances--Empire & Republic--began to really take notice. This is when the Vets choose sides and began to join with either Roxas or Zexion. Back in these days, the Imperials and Republicans were pretty well matched opponents and their numbers were about the same. Friendships were formed that have lasted an age beginning in this time period. Some would even call this early site age the "peak" of the Republicans--since this time, they have never been as powerful again.

Master_of_Darkness - You've all heard us talk of him and yes, he is still a member of this site. He used to rule Agrabah back in the days of old Pussy Trickster. Tricky, Reno/Rufus, and Morpheus would hang out in Agrabah with MoD believe it or not. We'd always have random attacks of heartless at the Gummi Ship Warehouse and Hanger. It was all in good fun. Then MoD was banned or whatever and Tricky asked Zexion to take over Agrabah--which he consented to.

Attacking The Throne - You've all heard of Morpheus and his random attacks. Well I will say that this thread called "Attacking The Throne," was the first of its kind. never had someone rounded up a team in such a small notice and attacked another alliance. This was the first "Empire vs Republic" ordeal. The main fighters were Morpheus & Biscuits vs Kratos, Cloud, & Ricos. Of course we kicked ass. This is when the infamous entry by Zexion halted the entire bloody battle. He made all of the Empire Aligned warriors return to Castle Oblivion for a meeting. This is when Morpheus was rewarded for his actions, (although we never actually had the chance to see or fight Roxas in the battle) and given one of the most Powerful Oblivion Ores and became to be the SECOND EVER Elite Of Oblivion. Shortly after Biscuits of Heart became the third. Also note that at this point Nobody Trickster was still somewhat of a good guy. He was Empire aligned but not so much of a fighter or aggressor. He stayed on the sidelines and whined a lot.

The First Dark Council - The Empire's power was growing. At this time, Nobody Trickster was getting envious of Morpheus' and Biscuits' power and wanted to get more dark powers himself. So he seeked knowledge from Zexion. Zexion agreed to give Trickster what he wanted if he only gave him his loyalty. So this is when Evil, BOOM, Trickster began. Trickster officially turned dark and completed a task for Zexon making him the FOURTH EVER Elite of Oblivion under Zexion. Morpheus was undoubtedly a born leader at this point. He founded the first "Dark Council." It was made up of 3 original members: Morpheus - The Chairman. Biscuits - A Delegate. Trickster - A Delegate. This trio was basically the driving force behind Zexion's army. Sure Riku was there--but this trio could have killed Riku back in the day if they weren't on the same side. Yes...YES...They really could have. This is when the Empire REALLY got powerful and when the Vets really became respected for their skills, and began instilling Fear into the other users. The three dark men would meet briefly and discuss plans to invade or destroy a people--and then they would do it--with little or nor opposition. These guys really were as Gods back then--and no one dared get in their way. It eventually died off and then the Dark Brotherhood was formed, blah blah. Name had changed and members were added but it was never like it was back then ever again.

Kratos/Lenenth - I remember it like it was yesterday. And every time I think about it--I still smile. Zexion decided to put Kratos and Morpheus in a no rules arena match. Killing wasn't necessary but wasn't restricted. There were no rules, and no post limit. The match was over when someone died, someone gave up, or they both consented to stop, or maybe when they both passed out (which was the case). After much thought, Kratos actually won and received leadership over THE REALM OF DARKNESS as a reward. So, the next week, Kratos actually fell inactive. So the day AFTER Morpheus got Twilight Town, The Realm Of Darkness was transferred to Lenneth/Hrist. Hahaha...I remembered I was so pissed at Zexion. Hahaha...Good Days 'eh Lenneth?

Beginning Of "The First War" As We Vets Call It - It is actually debateable what CAUSED the war to start, but it was actually in the making with all of the random attacks from the Empire. But the war was actually STARTED with the Death of MorpheusZero by Ansem. Morph was an Elite Of Oblivion and when Zexion learned of his death by a Rebel, he used this as an excuse to blow the living fuck out of Hollow Bastion--thus marking the official beginning of the 4 month (?) War.

Blah Blah Blah BullShit Empire Won... - So after the duration of many attacks, the Rebellions army was dwindling with inactive users since most of the site vets were with the Empire. The Rebels did actually get in a few good and well planned attacks on the Empire--I Will give them that. The war actually ended in The World That Never Was in a topic that was named "The World That Never Could Be," in which Trickster and me (NeoOne) were trying to assassinate the Organization leader, Xemnas. We never really got to fight him because of much opposition. Eventually Zexion showed up and halted all of the fighting marking the official END of the FIRST WAR.

Life After The War - It was about this time that the Republic basically began to disintegrate. Roxas had some things to do and wasn't as active as he used to be so Ansem eventually stepped up as leader--but the other Worlds that made up the DELEGATE worlds of the Republic fell inactive as well. Before you knew it--there were only about three worlds left in The Republic--then Alexa went neutral leaving it only Pinky Rose and Ansem--which is where it is currently.

Miscellaneous Attacks; Death Of Valor - There was an attack on a world as led by the veteran user NOBODY TRICKSTER--in which The First Assassin Of The Site Ever joined to fulfill a hit on Trickster. She utilized the Ancient Cube that disallowed any magic to be cast with a Mile Radius. This eventually led to the fall of Trickster because by the time Neo had shown up--and fought off the resistance--it was too late. Ikara and Neo stood in the rain by his side as he drew his last breath and Celox escaped.

Agrabah - So after Nobody Trickster's reign in Agrabah--Leo took over the throne as his predacessor--marking the THIRD ever ruler of the Realm.

Return Of Trickster; And Chronicles Of His Fall From Power - Trickster eventually came back to life by means that no one will ever understand. I believe it was something he had up his sleeve as planned with Biscuits of Heart. So when he came back by means that Zexion didn't really like--repercussions were made. Zexion made Trickster now nearly as Powerful as a new user character because of it. So that was basically the short rise and fall of Trickster.

About The Staff Up To This Point So here is a list of all usernames that I can remember as staff members while on this site. Not necessarily in this order but as close to it as I can remember.

-Celox Caedo
-Biscuits of Heart
-Nobody Trickster
-Ikara Yukinko
-Sir Nicolas
-Pinky Rose

(If I forgot someone please feel free to send me a PM)

Zexion Takes His Leave - So this is where the Legacy leaves us about this time period. Zexion just decides to move on with his life so he leaves the site in Roxas' hands ultimately. He states that no one else may obtain an oblivion ore unless they already had one and the rest are destroyed. He blows up Castle Oblivion and vanishes--but never actually says that he dies.

The Old Site Is Destroyed - Many refer to this as the "Site Hack," but officially from my experience there was no way possible it could have been "hacked" without being someone who worked for phpbbnow. There are many conspiracy theories and we will all never know exactly WHAT happened. Some people like to pin it on me--but I really can't blame them. But Whatever. What's done is done and couldn't have happened any other way. This happened sometime in late August of 2008.

New Site Is Created - So as popularly referred to as the "ESG" (Epic Skype Group), the new site was created in their wake and under their wings. We all banned together in emailing the old users and recreating a better version of the old site in less than 24 hours and most everything was back to normal. This is what we refer to as the "Rebirthing."

Modern Times - Many of the old members left, or fell in active. The site went almost completely inactive. Zexion returned, taking ownership once again of the site. He changed how systems worked, yet the site remained inactive. After a conversation between Etzolix and Zexion, Zexion handed down the site to Etzolix. Etzolix quickly reverted many of the systems back to the way they were. And this is current.

**More Coming Soon. If You Have AnyThing You Want/Think Should Be Added, PM Me.**

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