Storm Sky Updated

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Storm Sky Updated

Post by Storm Sky on March 29th 2014, 1:14 pm

Name: Storm Sky

Age: 20

Appearance: He stands 5'10 with a slim muscled build. He has one grey eye, and one black eye, with long white hair

Sex: Male

Species: Shape Shifter

Personality: Storm acts cold, as though he doesn't have any emotions. He doesn't get close to people, and when if he does, he tends to push them away. He shows no mercy, and if he leaves you alive it's for a reason.

Abilities and Skills:

   Shape shifting: Storm can change his appearance/race till he switches it back.

 Shadow walking: Storm melts into the shadows, becoming unseen. Any area effects will still affect him and knock him out of his shadow walking. Must be used in the shadows

  Black Flame: Storm slams his fist on the ground, making it erupt in 100 degree flames of darkness in a 20 foot circle and 7 feet high. These can cause second degree burns where they make contact with ones body.

Forced Night: Once cast, the sky will slowly turn to night.

   The Chosen of the Night: When it is Night anywhere, Storm gains a 40% speed boost. Any of his abilities that say "Must be used in the shadows" can be used anywhere.

Weapons and Equipment:

   Shadow Blade: A 4 foot long sword that attaches to Storms back. This sword glows with a shadow aura.

   Shadow Cloak: The cloak he is wearing in the picture of his appearance. This cloak glows in the same aura as his sword, and doesn't provide much protection against anything except for light magics. Adds a 20% resistance to all light magics.
Shadow Orb: Also seen in the Appearance picture, this orb is an orb of legend. For thousands of years it has been locked away, for its powers were feared. The Sky bloodline was the only one that could unlock its powers. Now, Storm possess it, and its powers are still unknown.

*Is darkness my power? No, I have powers that make even the strongest darkness tremble beneath me.*

[17:00:41] Cool : Help people realize you
[17:00:44] Cool : As the messiah
[17:01:14] Cool : And what better way to do that than nailing you to a cross and watching you die slowly and painfully :D

Storm Sky

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