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Nostalgia(open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Nostalgia(open)

Post by Onyx on April 15th 2014, 10:41 am

The snakes finally finished giving Onyx his power back who was currently on the ground with his eyes shut. His only recollection, was the simple fact that Pestilence apparently had his snakes on search and restore mode currently. The moment the snakes let go of him and their fangs slid out of his skin, the two snakes retreated back into the ground burying themselves within the earth once more. Onyx stood up slowly and his entire body was now refueled the pain from the past attack still there. If this deity really wanted to see something special, something unique and rare.

Onyx would gladly oblige.

He  reopened his eyes and in the place of his ocean blue orbs there was now a pure silver color that seemed to be constantly whirling within his iris. Though a moment before Onyx could even act on this power; immediately his eyes began trail to blood. Meanwhile back within the crater with Death and Pestilence. The dark energy death had become so that Pestilence could breath in the water finally began to morph back into her regular body. Standing in the crater with a look of anger on her face she began to walk forward through the water. Pestilence stood up from the water, walking slightly behind her. Annoyed with the entire situation now he didn't know what to make of it; his snakes simply wading in the water. "You've got some nerve acting like you didn't-" Her voice was harsh and held seriousness, however she suddenly stopped talking, something seemed to shoot through her mind. Her face changed to a look of pure horror and fear. She morphed back into darkness once again and went rocketing towards where Onyx was located. Her energy wrapped around him completely binding him and holding him right where he stood. The upper half of her body changed back to regular form while the lower half still was still energy bounding his body. Holding his face with both hands Death began to whisper in his ear, words that from the current distance of the others were inaudible. She gripped his cheeks while the blood trailed down from his eyes and she simply continued to talk to him. Pestilence who was still in the pool had a look of worry on his face and constantly was wondering whether or not she would have success. They weren't in a situation where THAT needed to come out. Pestilence turned around to face Sirius who currently was staring down his apprentice or perhaps simply a servant he wasn't sure. The snakes wading in the water turned restless, though when Sirius began to speak Pestilence turned his attention back to him. "He's currently preoccupied, but I suppose we can finally chat. After all I has been quite awhile, first off how did you even survive?" Pestilence asked now standing forward facing the much larger figure that was Sirius, his mind currently was other things. Besides, if she didn't get him to calm down...it wouldn't be pretty.

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Nostalgia(open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Nostalgia(open)

Post by Ace Kageki on April 20th 2014, 7:06 pm

Vokun would continue to thrash at the walls of his confinement.

Darkness, Ink, Earth
Ace Kageki
Ace Kageki

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