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The Reckoning

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The Reckoning Empty The Reckoning

Post by Lenneth on March 27th 2014, 2:52 am

Collecting himself with castle, Lenneth sits upon his throne of flesh before wavering into his sights countless magical screens of crystal to transmit his sight and speech to all large worlds known.

"Worlds of the Realm of light, hear me. As you may know a broadcast  was issued earlier to you all announcing a challenge to take a powerfully item known as the corner stone of light within my world of darkness. What our favourite trouble maker didn't mention was the little curse he placed on the item at hand that aggravates the heartless to seek the light out and any that its shines on. This means the heartless native to your worlds would grow more and more dangerous in activity seeking out in frustration for that dam stone, at least the worlds closets to the one's that have the stone now.  Those that visited my world of END recently when the light was here will likely already notice they have been hunted down by darkness more so then before, leading the danger to those you live with.

I am already seeking out this item to merely remove this annoyance curse for us all, if you wish to remove the danger sooner I'd advise assisting in this endeavourer by hunting the stone as well. Whatever happens to it afterwards is of little importance to me, the prize will be up for grabs once no longer effecting us.

As for the one's holding the corner stone  of light now, hear this. While the item does protect you from the heartless advancing to you now it will not forever. The stone does have the power to repel the heartless but never before has it attracted us. This curse comes to a double edge to you as well as the more heartless gathering to find it the stronger their darkness will become, sooner then later it will overcome the stone's protections and flood your world in night.


With that the screens shatter away, leaving Len's message implanted in the back of anyone's mind that watched or cared to lessen the new dangers to their worlds.

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The La Vaeas of Darkness

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