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Port Royal: Now Occupied

on March 17th 2014, 9:40 pm
Port Royal has been taken by the Amaranth Hive, officially. Though Sirius has no legal rights to the land, he has decimated the population at Yin's absence, taking the surviving military into a slave force. The land is teeming with Amarans and the remaining Naval Defenses have been armed against attackers. Scores of viscous merfolk have been called under permanent defense through the use of Ursula's conch, as well.

The world's military is now defunct, with an insignificant percent of remaining rebels that fight for their freedom.

Should Yin ever return, he will be executed by the new Amaranth Law.

Amarans, Rebel

Sirius Night [Weaver Class Amaran]

Alternate Appearance

Sirius Appearance

The Hive-Amaran Beastiary
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