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Steward Protocol // Big Red Button Update

on March 13th 2014, 5:43 pm
Steward Origin

All non-essential data (anything but common knowledge and things that comprise Space Paranoids physically) that Azmot can access has been moved to Castle Oblivion in secret. An account that is un-connected to Space Paranoids in any way was created as the sole account to be able to access the otherwise invisible and hidden information. This account is not on registry, nor can it be searched. Only Azmot knows the password to this account - the information can be viewed via third party in Space Paranoids with Azmot's permission only. If the information is destroyed with Castle Oblivion, the off site back up created here get access to this information.

-- This offsite copy of the world is only accessible by those with the ports. The only accounts created there are a hidden account similar to the one in Castle Oblivion made by Azmot, The MCP account, and Axis' account. No accounts were transferred over in said process of backing up the world.

The Self Destruct Protocol is available at Azmot's command, which eliminates the current version of Space Paranoids. Special Users are sent to the backup if they are online and anyone else is dumped in Radiant Garden, in the middle of Yima's Castle, where the Alarm goes off. Good Luck.
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