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Amarans, Rebel

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Amarans, Rebel - Page 2 Empty Re: Amarans, Rebel

Post by Sirius on March 11th 2014, 12:46 am

As soon as Nex started to fall, Sirius grabbed her and transmuted them both into Lightning, re-materializing on top of the building where there fighting had begun with her scooped in his arms, almost romantically if he had not been the one to put her in such a position. Out of one of Altermot's 8 deadly appendages a single drop of green liquid dripped onto her forehead - an Amaran Pheromone that would cause the lowly first wave to treat her as one of their own. Seeing she is wounded and not dead, they would take her to a safe-zone on the battlefield, when they found her.

Sirius heard more cannon-fire as the ships continued to plague him. Alright, it was time for that.

Getting up from his crouched, defensive position, Sirius took note of the battlefield. Things were still even, besides those troublesome cannons. Ander was doing good work for a hatchling. Altermot had waited for the evacuation ships to take sail deep enough into sea so that they were behind the Warships. Out of his coat he bore the magical conch the Sea-Witch had given him: a device of nightmare. First, he squeezed on it hard enough to break any normal conch, feeling it grow warm in his hands.

A set of large, separate waves appeared from the deep ocean, large enough to swallow buildings. For some reason, they did not grow after a certain point, and seemed not to change with the wind. One by one, the ships were engulfed by the titans of nature. Whenever a wave fell, instead of a still floating ship or wreckage, there was nothing. Perhaps two-fifths of the ships somehow survived this onslaught that could not be brought by nature. It mattered not - there were many more people at the other islands of this world. They might be next.

Then, Sirius brought the instrument to his lips and blew, an impossibly loud sound escaping the horn and bellowing throughout the battlefield. Some soldiers and Amarans alike stopped in confusion.

Fell those warships. He commanded as the sound came to an end.

At first, there was nothing, and the musketfire continued.

And then, there was chaos.

Fish started to leap at the ships, some landing on the deck or hitting soldiers. Kamikazes. Large creatures, such as octopi and large squid, started to latch on to the sides of ships to drag them downwards. A whale even surfaced momentarily on one of the deeper ships and flipped it.

Still, there were numerous ships. Sirius was still worried. Well, that is, until he saw mermaids.

As a child in this universe, well, as a replica of that child, Sirius knew of the tales of mermaids. Sweet, kind creatures that liked to sing and enjoyed wildlife. Altermot did not think that these things were anything of the sort.

If he had been close to them, he would have seen sharp teeth. Sharp, sharp teeth. They were male and female alike, so merman too, though it was hard to discriminate gender with no clothing and gargantuan muscles. The breasts on both were simply muscular, and they had long, hard claws. Hair was stringy on both, long and scarce.

And they leapt.

With their mighty, powerful fins, they leapt from one side of the boat, over the deck, grabbed a sailor, and landed on the other side, in the water. A few were shot, but most gunman fell in confusion and sheer speed of these creatures.

That is, unless Yin had prepared against some sort of surprise, sea attack. Then who knows how it would play out? But the sea was fighting for Sirius, too. How could he loose?

That witch Ursula better not screw him when he returned with an army and the Flying Dutchman, though. That would be most unfortunate, for her.

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Amarans, Rebel - Page 2 Empty Re: Amarans, Rebel

Post by Ace Kageki on March 14th 2014, 4:18 pm

Ander had caught site of the Ocean attack. my Gawd... it was as if the ocean itself wanted the world for Sirius. Not only did the waves react harshly he then noticed animals jumping out even mermaids were aiding the Amaran king. It was a site not meant for Ander. He would never have experienced something like this if he had said no earlier. Damn good he did obviously. Looking around with an amazed expression, he could see the world was falling, losing to the massive power Sirius was controlling.

Ander was in shock for a moment all he could do was watch then he began to drop and landed in the ground swiftly. Most of the troops were out of the way so their wasn't much left to do he decided to tee away at whatever forces were left. Flying aroun he inspected closely grabbing unsuspecting soldiers an slamming tr against walls with his text acted pincers.

Seeing that Nex was finished and that everything was in place. Only time would tell if Yins men could fight back to this onslaught of alien like bug creatures. He wanted to fly up to
Sirius and ask for some advice on what to do. Because at this point what was there? Nothing if the army came back from this Ander would be more than surprised.

Darkness, Ink, Earth
Ace Kageki
Ace Kageki

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Amarans, Rebel - Page 2 Empty Re: Amarans, Rebel

Post by Sirius on March 17th 2014, 9:31 pm

(Because of Yin's activity but lack of posting her, time has been called and the Hostile Conversion is successful.)

The ships were dragged down successfully, almost half of the denizens of this port being offered to the sea-goddess Ursula. The ranks of soldiers fell back as they were dominated by the Amaran's First Wave. The heavy-artillery was demolished and the strong and able were captured for basic conversion. Sirius portalled to the governor's residence, blasting open the doors with a shock of electricity to find it empty. Behind him, Amarans would skitter and crawl amongst Sirius' new home, a few of them placing the still unconscious Nex on some furniture. They apparently had brought her here for medical attention. He shewed them away, knowing that she would be fine with rest. An interesting, rebellious child.


Later, the entire town would feel different. Creatures would corral the streets, Fly-Fleets on leashes of Hercs like flying Doberman, attempting to snatch up any stragglers. Already the military was being converted and brainwashed into loyalists and Amaran soldiers. All lights were extinguished, and the town felt empty. In the governor's residence, a man stood. His long, blue hair was tied in a neat ponytail that hung over his royal regalia. Sirius had opted the fine clothing of a Navy General, badges and shiny buttons adorned meaninglessly among his attire. By his side stood Ander, his Lt. They had talked of Sirius' origins and intentions of saving this universe by any means, explaining what the Amarans were in the process. Sirius had also used a second Conch Wish to permanently place hordes of those deadly merfolk at the shores of Port Royal, under his command. If he were to leave, they would follow the best they can. Being specific with a wish had its advantages.

Nex was still unconscious, however. Sirius had made sure there was no permanent damage, and then he put her on the edge of the port. It was no longer Port Royal, though. It was infested - broken buildings and slime-covered architecture, with mounds of organic flesh seemingly alive covering much of the ground and walls and ceilings of every place in the port. Randomly, Amarans would be released from the mounds of pink flesh as they were born, instantly patching up the mound and filling it with genetic material to allow the process to restart.

Overlooking the city, Sirius smiled coyly.

No longer 'Port Royal'. This is the 'Amaranth Hive'.

Sirius Night [Weaver Class Amaran]

Alternate Appearance

Sirius Appearance

The Hive-Amaran Beastiary

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Amarans, Rebel - Page 2 Empty Re: Amarans, Rebel

Post by Sponsored content

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