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The Rift (Experiments Loosed)

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The Rift (Experiments Loosed)  Empty The Rift (Experiments Loosed)

Post by Yima on February 26th 2014, 2:28 am

During a time a great rift opened within Radiant Garden loosing many of Yima's former experiments upon the world from his time in Halloween Town almost half a decade prior to the current event.  A small group of notable individuals came together to fight for the protection of the citizen body along with the guards and military of the city.  Their selflessness will not be forgotten in the days to come.  Some of these experiments may still be loose however and when encountered one would be advised to run and or call for assistance.   The rift is considered classified information and is being sought out for study as well as potential for use should the locations connected prove valuable points of contact for both worlds.

Rift Topic

OOC: Any abilities posted up and approved after you have joined this topic are still free to use.

There was a stirring the heart of the Halloweentown's mansion. Deep within the basement, amongst the creatures of the dark, drops of water plopped against a metal surface. The erosion decayed the metals, and after years of neglect it seemed that the side effect had finalized. The liquid trickled down the machine, and eventually it hit a circuit that it shouldn't have.

The faint, yellow, light turned red as it began flaring sporadically. The annoying, and resounding, sounds of danger set off a domino effect of effects. Yima's experiments, the ones that he had not cleaned up when he had left, were now being mass produced. The biological creatures, monsters and other beings were escaping and began to destroy the laboratory they were in.

The serpent jetted out of his bed. Upon being given the world, he had calibrated the alarms to go off at a frequency he'd be able to recognize from whatever world he inhabited. He assumed Yima would have cleaned out the world when he returned, which was why he hadn't touched any of his materials other than the slight modifications of his own experiments.

If Yima wasn't going to clean his mess in Halloweentown then perhaps he should be given more incentive. The reptile prepared himself, he made sure to appropriately manage his hygiene, as if uncaring of the world's fate, and then proceeded to put on his gear. He would let one of The Precursor write letters to all the worlds and toss them into a little bin that would randomize their location. The worlds would be littered with notifications of the upcoming event, including the world that was subject to it.

The reptile entered faded from his castle and into the laboratory. Amidst the creatures, it was difficult to figure out how to transfer them until...Brilliance struck. He had heard of The Rift events of the past from MorpheusZero and NeoOne. He knew he was bringing them to Radiant Garden for Yima to take of, but he did not think of the rift that could have been form to directly connect the two worlds. This would prove interesting for the children of heart.

The giant mass of nothingness opened, the grey energies drawing in the cramped creatures as they began to escape and run amuck, and terrorize, the maw. The reptile would eventually arrive at the scene but would fade away from existence to prepare himself for the upcoming battle. He was now in his world, wondering what heroes would show up to save the world. The horde of monsters began to move, their numbers amassing at an alarming rate.

Count= 1062 + Current Account

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