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A Study of Toxicity

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A Study of Toxicity Empty A Study of Toxicity

Post by Cain on February 19th 2014, 9:44 pm

So, I'm Toxic now, eh? What a cute title. I think I'll keep it.

I'll proudly be called a Toxin to the site, because surely I must, as antidote often is, introduced into the bloodstream of a snake bite victim to save their life. Am I calling myself the site's salvation? No. That would be ludicrous. But I feel that I should address, like any medicine, the greater bacteria of the Site. What good is a body who has a sick mind? The head of the site has a few skeletons that I feel (after mulling it over) should be brought into the light and laid bare.

My intention with this is not revenge, though given my character I understand the believably behind it.  The intention is to inform, as I feel that most of you (if not all) never received the attention you should have from the very person who arbitrarily decides your fates. In fact, it took a call for him to step down for him to step up, which is fairly disturbing and in the end, selfish. I'll get to that at the conclusion of this study. Before then, I have some points to discuss.

Yima, recently I suggested to you over skype a change to the current system. The details are fairly irrelevant, but needless to say it was not a story system, it was progression based, and it was much more fair (and complicated) than the previous. That's not the important bit. You said something that, even at the moment, I felt was hypocritical. The words don't come to mind exactly, but it was something along the lines of "This is what the members want, and they are satisfied with it is now." That's pretty noble, actually. Its a big leader that steps aside to leads by the will of the people as a servant to them.

So, back in November when the site change was first proposed when the overwhelming majority supported it, why did you want to ignore our wishes? You decided to redevelop the progression system instead and ignored what we had as a community decided to work towards. It took staff threatening to leave you alone (which given your level of activity even then would spell damnation for the site) to govern that finally made you cave. Then, afterwards, you contacted me.

To be frank, I thought that maybe you were drunk at the time. It made it a hell of a lot easier to accept that Yima had contacted me, personally, to blame me for the site change. I realize now that you were not drunk, which makes the subsequent even worse. You complained about this new system and that it bothered you-- understandable. I can support that. You deserved an opinion on the matter at the very least. Yet, when I told you to accept your duty as leader and show your members how to roleplay in the new system, what did you tell me?

You told me no. You told me you couldn't wait for this system to fail, so you could implement your own. Then, you seemed to completely misunderstand the concept of the story system-- rules are governed by lore in a system such as the one we purport to have, yet most of the rules you've established directly conflict with canon. No reflect? Canons couldn't have their canon abilities (unsure if that changed since they became NPCs)? It's meant to be a lore driven system, so why does what's followed get chosen at random? Then, I'll hear about how our lore diverges from the KH timeline after KH II and that this lore is mostly customizable. Hypocritically, I'll shortly after hear about preserving canon.

...what canon? This amalgamation of different and impossible backgrounds in the context of the universe? Even I'm guilty of this. Alexander was freakin' impossible and the very fact that he was ever approved (and re-approved countless times) is a great and unending mystery unto myself. People ascending and leaving the universe? Avatars of Gods? Kronos? Half-demons and hearltess children? I didn't want to make a paragraph about this one, but it came out easily enough. This is a giant nitpick though, comparatively and can be dealt with. People make up their own lore and add their own spin to properties they love all the time. Yet, the hypocritical, somewhat random enforcement of canon must be called into question.

What really concerns me is your list of people you don't want to RP with. Does it still exist, and who's on it? I honestly hope I'm one, because I might be a arrogant (who am I kidding-- I totally am) but I had no bias on who I RP'd with. You RP'd with only Terra for months, and ignored the rest of the members. We seemed to not have mattered to you. Combined with the fact that you haven't even been here for several months, and auxiliary staff has had to do your job for you. Remember right when the system changed? You didn't hand select the finest members for your new staff. People were suggested to you, at random and with personal bias and you nodded your head and let them in. No offense to Cool as he was new to it, but he was booted really damn fast because you had no incentive to screen him? Why? because you didn't care, and you still don't. Not like you did once.

In fact, since I've come back, I've probably left more of an impact in the last two days than you have in the last two years. Which is really sad. You haven't been here, and admittedly that's not entirely your fault. You have a life. You have a job. You have responsibilities. That great. I applaud for having these responsibilities. But you have a secondary set that applies to this site specifically. You have to care for these dozen or so roleplayers. You have to guide them. You haven't been, and as stated towards the beginning have only just started as the result of being called to step down.

And that, on your part, is selfish. You know that your responsibilities to the real world are going to conflict here. You are beyond aware of that, and you know its not fair to the member base. Yet, you insist on keeping possession of this site when you know that there are people with more time to dedicate to it, more time to take care of and improve it. People who, unlike yourself, lack certain psychological stresses. I doubt you'll hand your 'pride' over to them and let them care for the site with the time and love that you still lack. So, next time you call someone toxic, remember the leader who was waiting for his kingdom to dry up and die in a fit of chaos just so he could come riding in on a golden horse.

I've had my piece. You wanted me to stop being Toxic? Alright. Here it is.

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