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A Study of Freedom

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A Study of Freedom Empty A Study of Freedom

Post by Alexander on February 18th 2014, 6:00 pm

These recent months have been most trying. There have been periods of greater stress in my long life to be sure, but despite the severity of those events the stress has never melded with uncertainty into such a strange concoction within my abdomen. This is nervousness and concern towards the implications of the now-ended war with the Dissident, over before the Gods truly had a moment to react. We have only in the following weeks come to understand what made the Dissident frightening, and it was not their power. It was their impact on the Omniverse at large, which I believe will be revealed to be even more horrifying once the implications are fully laid bare before my fellows and I.

With the above put to written word, I have been prompted to further study the strange power that the Dissident gained. I speak not of their various natural abilities, but rather of the one that made them impossible to predict. I speak of their freedom, and in particular I wish to discuss the impact of Jericho upon the world at large. Admittedly, my knowledge of how Jericho gained such immense power in mortal terms is lacking. None of us save for Alexander would have that information, and as he currently (and likely temporarily do to Twilight's machinations) resides within Tedranog, I have no reason to accost him further. Death's actions towards the man alongside Eternity's approval of the measures taken prompt me to keep Alexander's current location secret for the time being, at least until he can be safely relocated to Radix and presumed beyond our reach.

To start on the subject proper, I believe that Freedom is a power that was created during the Zero Moment, alongside most of the dimensions, universes, and multiverses that comprise our omniverse. While it predates my time by innumerable years, its safe for we so-called Gods to assume based on current patterns that the primordial energy-beings were its first wielders, as to have Freedom is too lack a connection to the Core. This creates a variety of curiosities to a person such as myself as the potential of Freedom is great, yet despite its infinite number of wielders the first to use it to a greater effect was Jericho. I will discuss this at a later time as well as go into further depths regarding the matter.

For a basic understanding of how Freedom works, one must first understand how our Omniverse is laid out. Everything is connected to something else. The various selves brought to animation during the Infinite Lives event are all connected to their various others by means of their shared spark as well as the various dimensions connected via the tethers. All of these lives at anchor to one another and the dimensions that are bound by the tethers are in turn the supports for their universes, which in turn bind tightly together to form a cluster of universes called multiverses. These multiverses are then woven much like string around the core, coming together to form the Omniverse. Throughout these various clusters and intricate weaves is significant amount of overlap.

We can observe this overlap through parallel worlds, and even parallels within radically different worlds. We can see it in the ability of different species separated by space and time to interbred with one another due to vaguely similar genetics and physiology. Everything in the Omniverse is connected to something else, something greater. Even the dead are recycled, brought back to the Grand Spark and slowly pieced back into a whole Spark, then once more shattered and redistributed across all of space and time. To some it appears as a tangled mass, but to me it is all a giant thread that ties its own lose ends. Fate holds a similar view. Through this thread she is able to calculate the fate of every sentient life that possess a spark. She sees all of the patterns and devises for us the most likely outcome if we are so inclined to ask her.

Freedom is the ability to exist outside of this pattern. We once called them all the unfettered, though the name fell out of favor as the FelGods temporarily rose to prominence, as well as the fearsome Alpha Sin Eaters. The various races of extradimensional demon as well as the Ribums and Energy Beings (in particular the Sin Eaters) all exist outside of this order that we perceive, acting as agents of chaos within an otherwise predictable system. A particular trait of freedom to be discussed is the absence of forced synchronization, and reasoning behind it is even more perplexing as well as potentially shocking.

Synchronization is the process by which a being from a foriegn dimension is forcibly adapted into a host dimension's limits. Despite being intrinsically similar, each dimension has a variety of special laws and rules the residents must obey. These same residents are usually oblivious to the restrictions, as fish are oblivious to being inside of an aquarium or pond. They only know their world, and have no reason to see themselves as being outside of it. A being with Freedom, however, is not affected by Synchronization. In fact they retain their personal perception of themselves as their baseline power. If an individual believes they are strong, then they are. If they are skilled with magic, they are. Synchronization can not affect them as thus.

Even more curious is their complete immunity to most forms of magic. They show no resistance to the effects for even magical fire still produces intense heat, but they do show that they are completely immune to the spell itself, even if they are not immune to the effect is has on the environment (and by transitive, them). In fact, the most effective way of dealing with those gifted with the ultimate liberty has been transitive magic, as manipulating elements against them as weapons is actually effective compared to using conjured elements with provides no true effect. A recently discovered alternative and the one my fellows and I intended to use before the Final Betrayal was Sin Magic. Most of the creatures gifted with Freedom feed on Sin Energy, and manipulating their food source against them was quite potent.

So essentially, those that possessed Freedom initially only had two assumed traits. The first was that they are utterly unable to be predicted by any normal means, as Fate and I have both discovered. The second is that they do not synchronize, meaning their powers are not limited to the dimension they reside in and are locked based on their self-perception. While these first two are both correct, it was not until Jericho gained it that I discovered there was more to the ability. Suffice to say, we are all lucky Jericho was felled by Alexander.

Freedom's greatest threat is that, when an individual is of suffice purpose, they create a destiny. It is not completely unlike how I am able to exercise my existence in any fashion I want. The key difference is that when my existence shifts, it affects only the present. Some how, Freedom allows a user to 'set' a point for themselves. They can determine their entire life on a whim, with no external force proving able to deter it except themselves. With this in mind I find it curious that Alexander was able to kill Jericho at all, let alone that Jericho was not more successful than he already had proven capable of being. I suspect that there was an underlying factor that I currently am not aware of.

It is this third proven trait, though, that causes me the most confusion. Why has it not been exercised more by its long line of previous wielders? There have been a nigh infinite number of them, and never has this trait of the ability been revealed. If they are able to craft their own fates, why don't they? I believe that there is another factor that these void-dwelling entities lack. The currently surviving Dissident lack another trait altogether. The entities of the void, I theorize, are unable to make their destiny manifest because the Void is a completely random environment. Unlike the structure present within the framework of the Omniverse, the Void has no inherent order. Other than affecting their immediate personal needs, their Freedom has little affect on anything else. Those that have ventured into the dimensions, they've never lingered enough to determine this extent of their power.

With the Dissident, the problem is the opposite. They live exclusively within the mortal planes of existence inside of these necessary ordered environments, yet lack the mental focus to have anything more than immediate desires. While it does make them effective killers, it does little else in their favor. Jericho proved able to plan ahead and calculate, though he had little more planning than a toddler. I assume his destiny was set prior to his emergence. That leaves me with one resting question: what of Alexander?

In truth I am not sure how to answer that. He possesses sounder mind than Jericho, and if I am not mistaken the mantle of Enlightenment has also been passed down to him as well. He lacks the proper emotional state to take advantage of either currently. Once sent to Radix, he'll be in an ideal environment for me to study further. I have instructed my protege Jinsei to avoid Alexander for now. If he happens to encounter him on one of his excursions, he is to leave promptly. I have no desire to find out the result of Enlightenment and Nonexistence clashing.

In closing, Freedom is the ability to become free of all boundaries, save for the ones imposed by an individual's own perceptions. It is the power to set one's fate with one's own hands. It requires structure however to be used to full effect. Chaotic environments limit its use to more immediate measures, while ordered environments are the absolute most preferable. So far, it is unknown how it will interact with Pocket Dimensions. Until the Radix Experiment begins, I am unable to be certain. My fears that this could turn out badly must be acknowledged. However, I have not forsaken the hope that this will shed light on a situation rather than blood. This project of mine to research freedom may one day lead to the truth of the genesis of our Omniverse.

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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A Study of Freedom Empty Re: A Study of Freedom

Post by WR-105 on February 18th 2014, 6:19 pm

This seems like it belongs in the Library section of the site. Js. Not sure if you'd want to have it moved there or not.

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A Study of Freedom Empty Re: A Study of Freedom

Post by Alexander on February 18th 2014, 6:30 pm

Ehhhhh idc its whatevs.

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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A Study of Freedom Empty Re: A Study of Freedom

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