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Post by Occam on February 15th 2014, 10:59 pm

Zeikke Ekkies is an Arms Dealer

Old Ordeal:
After creating his drones, Zeikke has decided to manufacture weapons and sell them. Whether or not a Moogle Shop will be made depends on if people are willing to pay munny for defense, which would be significantly cheaper than a world defense. He is a scientist whom constantly tries to develop new technology or new uses of a certain type of technology, for example his drones. Those drones, while not all are completely finished, are the first of their kind because they are not magical themselves, even if they can be summoned. They are run by electronics and work similar to the Gummi Ship-esque technology we saw in KH2. Those things we shot magic rainbows at constantly?  Those are drones. The land-based ones were not aircrafts or missiles, so they may be renamed to Mobile Suits, unless Drone fits them still.

Zeikke would like his research to go somewhere, and this is not a quest, this is a political affair that may or may not affect worlds. The fact that Zeikke is more about arsenal of new-age weaponry means that he won't be all swords and shields and daggers. Using the very technology that is in the lore, using the very technology he is discovering or will discover, he will use that to become an arms dealer and possibly a mercenary. He will remain completely neutral unless he finds a master whom may order him to do otherwise. While I might not make munny off of this, this will be his legitimate standing in politics. He will sell to anyone, as long as he isn't held accountable. Also, investors are welcome for him to build a better place for RnD. Regardless of Onyx being an enemy, if Onyx wishes to purchase weapons from him, he will accept the trade.

The list of what is currently being "sold" whether there is actual transactions or not will be produced at a later time. This will become public information once his first transaction is made to a serious cause. This takes effect after Zeikke's topic with Basil, Looking for Aid

The above is valid to a degree, but no ACTUAL arms dealing will be done between members. I'll reconstruct a new way for Zeikke to deal some different type of security later on. But not hundreds of pounds of explosives.

The Ekkiez Arms JPlGHQ2

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