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Quest Basics

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Quest Basics Empty Quest Basics

Post by re:Admin on February 10th 2014, 11:00 am

  • The Quest Moogle is a place where you post up requests for members to join a RP topic. There doesn't have to be a specific plot in mind for a topic and can simply just have the reason of wanting to RP.
  • However, there is an option of getting "funding" for any RP endeavors. If you fill out the below template, your request will receive funding to attract potential RPers to help you out, though you aren't required to if you don't want funding. The amount of funding you can get won't be too much and will only serve as an incentive for people to take your request. A Moogle will decide the amount for you.
  • You, the poster of the request, will not receive any munny from the funding. The munny itself will be distributed when the requirements for your request have been met and the amount itself will vary depend on the difficulty and intensity of the requirements for completion. The requirements can vastly vary and can range from something casual, like traveling to the beach and catching some sun, or something more intense, like defeating ten floors of monsters and bosses.
  • In addition, it will ultimately be up to you whether or not the participants successfully completed the requirements. Once the requirements have been met or the topic is over, post back in your Quest Moogle topic saying whether or not the people earned the funding.
  • You do not have to wait for funding approval to start the topic and you can post up a request for a preexisting topic that you have made. In fact, you are encouraged to make the topic first before posting up the request.

[u][b]Quest Name:[/b][/u] (Name of the Quest)
Location:[/u][/b] (Link to the specific topic. Can be edited in later if the topic hasn't been made yet.)

[u][b]Quest Description:[/b][/u] (This section should include any details that pertain to the quest of importance such as: purpose/objectives, challenges to be encountered, and any extraordinary precautions to be considered.)

Requirements for Completion: (This section is where you will clearly define the requirements for completing the quest and what would be required for earning the reward.)

[u][b]Reward:[/b][/u] (Do NOT fill this out. This will be edited by a Moogle after it has been approved.)

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