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To walk in another's shoes ::OPEN::

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To walk in another's shoes ::OPEN:: Empty To walk in another's shoes ::OPEN::

Post by Alexa on March 3rd 2009, 8:29 pm


The streets of Port Royale were murky and dark. Shadows around every corner and a slight stream of mist floating on the ground. The back alleyways were something usually visited by the lower class of the world and the bandits called pirates. Bars were seen in every window, some full and bustling and others quiet and calm. Only men and whores were in these bars since in the time and age of the world woman were second class and held no power over anything. Thus going out in the night would be considered quite inelegant and unladylike. Psssh who cares? Two figures walked on the streets of the alley, they're steps light and confident and they're mouths moving in speech. Both of these creatures weren't human, one of them didn't even look it at all. First off it was a cat like creature though it stood as high as a dog and was a grey colour. It had a large helmet on it's head, a light violet which covered it's eyes. the helmet seemed to be the only hard part of this creature since the rest of it's skin was soft and smooth. The other one took the form of a human, a humanoid nobody rather then the lesser. The nobody was wearing a baggy ruffled shirt with ruffles going down the front and at the ends of the sleeves as though to hide something since this shirt was a little to large for the person. Tight grey riding pants were also worn by the person and black riding boots to match. On the nobody's head was a hat, a sort of beret style and grey in colour. A few bright red strands came out of it. The nobody by first glance looked like a male but one would be surprised at the actual gender of the nobody. A female. The disguised female's head looked up at the full moon in the sky, breaking off from the conversation with the lesser. It had to be about one o'clock at night now. And nothing fun to do. The girl's blue crystal eyes looked a little bit aggravated at the lesser but the rest of her face remained calm and didn't change to show what thoughts entered her mind. Which almost all had to do with killing it so it would stop complaining about her plans and decisions. This whole situation reminded her of those stories when the heroine has to dress up as a male to bypass the guards and roam free around the streets; able to do anything she wants. Not like Alexa couldn't do anything she wanted but this would be something fun, especially if the nobody did anything rash. The authorities would be looking for a red haired boy not a red haired girl.

"Are you even listening to me?" The striker nobody's voice brought her back to the scene at hand. Apparently these lessers hand many different personalities though right now the young nobody preferred the ones that didn't care about what she did. This one seemed annoying in caring. Anyways the lesser nobody rambled on about how idiotic and pointless this task seemed. Pointless yes but the female was undeniably bored out of her mind. Might as well try anything at this point. She adjusted the hat on her head a little to cover her eyes a little bit more. A puddle of water revealed how girlish she looked still, a boy with a face of a girl. Damn it. the girl's ears were no longer paying attention to the voice of the striker but more so to her own thoughts, what to do first? The clomp of her riding boots suddenly stopped and the voice of the striker came to a halt. Thank god it was giving her a headache. "Go back. Will ya?" The girl finally spoke, trying to sound dominate over the striker. It worked apparently since the gray bits of nothingness consumed the lesser as it disappeared. Now the girl was on her own. A smirk crossed her face as she adjusted the hat one more time. This was going to be loads of fun. Looking into the windows for something interesting turned out to be just a bar and not wanting to get drunk at this time since everything could come to a stop for her night of exploration. The disguised girl sighed and looked towards the direction of the ocean. Perhaps this would be boring.

OOC:: Not long cause i'm lazy and remember no metagaming!

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