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Post by Iapetus on February 3rd 2014, 6:09 pm

Code                                                                                          _                                                                        _
Age                                                                                         _                                                     _                    _
Appearance                                                                          _                                                     _                    _
Personality                                                                           _                                                     _                    _
A complex enigma who claims to have the ability to predict the unpredictable and unravel the most twisted souls.
Past                                                                                       _                                                     _                    _
In a place that is detached and unknown to many of the domain of Light, a man wondered around, carrying a name and experience, though nothing else. Not even a purpose. He wondered around for an undetermined time. It could have been days or centuries, it all felt the same to the man. That's when he encountered somebody from the Realm of Light, who traveled in a similar manner. The person he encountered told him of tales from the Realm of Light. Of the people, of the places. And when the person had finished, the man found a purpose again. So he traveled to the Realm of Light in search of somebody mentioned by the one he had encountered. With a new purpose, he created a new name for himself.



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