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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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David Alex
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I approached slowly, knowing that the corridors operated as a web from world to world. I opened one slowly, and found myself walking through to Wonderland. My hair brushed in my face with a slight breeze that reminded me of roses, but only because I knew it should have. Really, it smelled like acrylic paint.

As I stepped through, I saw the ground so rolling and green, and I saw the maze of rose bushes. I knew the king of this place, and he might recall some thought, some idea of me. He visited my dreams fairly often, and I visited his as well. His knowledge of my actual person, though, was nonexistent.

Mine of him, though... He was me, my aspiration. He was my muse, and my savior in times of blood and darkness. I had the complication, though, of knowing whether or not to reveal myself to him as the person I really was. I knew the danger of my identity.

Still, I stuck out like a sore thumb. Without keyblade or sword, without magic... I was there with the plainest of clothing and a coloring that suggested I wasn't from that world. My eyes were filled with darkness of knowledge and sadness. It was a worrisome place to be, as a worrisome person.

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It was striking for Terradagger to see him, primarily because he had before, but had never bothered to collect more information from him other than his appearance. He’d seen many variations of this boy. He had straightened, red hair and green eyes before, and curly brown hair, with loose waves that sometimes borderd on the side of unruly. His eyes were gray or brown, or gold, but today, they were brown, as was his hair.
Terradagger approached, and bowed, making his presence known by stating his name. “King of this humble world, Wonderland,” he said with a brief smile, that quickly left as confusion conquered his face and his lips couldn’t force the feigned curl any longer. Instead, he looked over the boy with what seemed like an incredible distrust.

A thief of dreams? he thought very briefly. He had visited in the Realm of Sleep, someone who had only made brief appearances of interest.  But never had he mentioned his name, never had he spoken. It was a truly interesting conundrum, but one of which he couldn’t comprehend the answer to. Instead, he decided to make friends until he had gathered enough information to make another action.


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David Alex
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The truth was, I was incredibly scared, and concerned, that if I didn’t say something, I wouldn’t have his protection. Only my thoughts brought strength to my hands, so it was very important for me to do whatever I could to procure defenses in this universe that would serve me well if I ever fell into danger.

With heavy heart and grim thoughts, I started to tremble. In a way, this was like meeting a son for the first time, but in another, it was like meeting the person that you had always imagined lived from within your heart. He was reflective of me, and that was why it was so difficult. The scars of my body were spades on his, and what I showed shame in was only a mark of his kingship. There was much to learn from this man, much that I had composed myself, but needed to take more heed to.

With my face trembling, I made an attempt to smile up at him, my very lips quivered until they couldn’t force the smile any longer. Instead, I simply had to imagine what would convince him of the truth that I spoke, something that would be enough. I had to explain in a way that only those dearest to him knew.

“I need your protection,” I started to say, my voice cracking. I touched my heart with my left hand, something I did often, just to know it was still there. As I did, my fingers traced over the very weak muscles beneath, and I looked at him with hesitation. The lump in my throat…

So much was holding me back. Even the smell of the place, something reminding me of my darkest times. I had just recently endured another heartbreak, something far too common in my history. But this place reminded me of the days that I avoided, sealed away behind keyhole in the labyrinth of my mind. Finally, I had the key to open the door, letting memory and growth rush from behind that seal.

It smelled like wood here. Wood that was wet, damp with sweat.

“I am connected to you, and Trist, in a way that if I should die, I fear you shall too,” I said, finally, after taking a breath. My left hand fell to my side, and I only had to whisk my right hand to the side in an arc that was seemingly elegant, but very emotive of its purpose. I closed my eyes and lifted a hand to cover myself, not out of shame, but out of embarrassment.

The scars that riddled my body were puckered with the sadness they contained. Every insult, every lie, within those scars, destroying the temple that I housed. I looked up at him, opening my eyes gently, the brown shining against the Wonderland light.

“This is you. I am you, and you are me. I have created you, my solace, my strength. Your purpose has always been to give me strength and free me from thought,” I said, more courage building up. The scars on my chest started to contort, becoming spades of black. They riddled my body, my wounds, and then shaped back into the thick lines of skin.

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