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Army of Port Royal

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Army of Port Royal Empty Army of Port Royal

Post by Mireya on January 27th 2014, 2:47 pm

Army of Port Royal

The Army is in charge of protecting the territory of Port Royal and the people living on it under Yin Ahriman's command. If you wish to be part of the Army, simply post here and the Governor will place you in the rank that fits your abilities the best.

NPC Army:

Name: Christopher Mutton (+NPC)
Rank: Navy Commander
Appearance: Stands 5'10" ft. tall, has white skin, blue eyes and natural white hair. He wears a blue navy uniform at all times, as if saying to the world just how important his job is to him, including the blue navy hat, as well as white pants, leather boots and a belt with a scabbard where he leaves his sword.

  • Master Marksman: He has trained his marksmanship to the point of mastery, allowing him to shoot far-away targets with easy as long as he has a gun nearby.
  • Trained Swordsman: He has years of experience at the use of the sword and can hold his own against other trained swordsmen, though he falls short against truly strong opponents.
  • Expert Magician: After discovering the existence of magic, Christopher researched it and trained his own magical powers to the point of being called an "expert" magician. Most of his spells are water based and consist on projectiles of different shapes and sizes, from bullets to actual giant arrows, though the stronger ans faster they are, the more stamina it drains from his body. He also possesses knowledge on healing magic, making Christopher a reliable person when taking care of wounded soldiers.
  • Leadership: Being a Commander, he has experience on leading troops and he's well liked among his men.


  • Rapier: A medium-length rapier he uses to defend himself in close combat. It's fast and easy to use, as well as durable.
  • Modified Long-Distance Rifle: A rifle made especifically for Christopher. It has better precision than most, it's fast to reload and the handle has been upgraded in order to reduce recoil.

Past: Christopher was born in the lower nobility of Port Royal. He quickly ascended through the ranks of the navy through sheer effort and attained the title of Commander. However, even with his new power, Christopher was unable to do something about the corruption spreading over the army. He was convinced by Yin Ahriman to aid him in his revolution and now serves as his right hand man, dealing with the issues that have to do with the navy and its members.

Name: Edwin Blackwell (+NPC)
Rank: Pirate Captain
Appearance: He is a tall man, standing 6'3" ft. tall, darkened skin, yellow eyes, black hair. Uses dark clothing most of the time, looking like a pirate would, and a big hat above his head in order to show that he is the Captain.

  • Superior Strength: His physical strength far surpases that of a normal human, making him able to break through solid structures with his bare fists and to wield heavy weapons with ease.
  • Expert Swordsman: Thanks to the many different battles he experienced in the past, he has gained enough skill with the sword to be called an "expert" swordsman.
  • Weapon Knowledge: Other than the sword, he knows how to use any other type of weapon with relative ease.
  • Leadership: His years of being a pirate captain has given him experience in the art of leading men, and his crew likes him enough to trust him with their lives.


  • Broadsword: A big, two-handed sword that Edwin uses with a single hand. It's made of a sturdy-metal and has high destructive power, but it can also move quite fast in the right hands, making it Edwin's weapon of preference.
  • Bombs: Edwin has several bombs tied to his belt. They can produce an explosion up to 10 ft. wide.
  • Throwing Daggers: Small daggers that are meant to be thrown at the enemy, though they can also be used to directly stab others if Edwin lacks a proper weapon.

Past: Edwin Blackwell was born in a poor family in the slumbs of Port Royal. Being enraged with the unfairness of the world and seeking for adventure at the same time, he joined a pirate crew, and after a couple of decades he had become one of the most feared pirates in the ocean as the leader of the Blackwell Pirates. He was convinced by Yin Ahriman to help him overthrow the current government and now works with him as his close friend. He mostly takes care of everything related to pirates, being Yin's strongest link to Port Royal's underworld.

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Army of Port Royal Empty Re: Army of Port Royal

Post by Mireya on January 27th 2014, 2:49 pm

PC Army:


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