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To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover]

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To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover] Empty To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover]

Post by Mireya on January 20th 2014, 12:05 am

-Short Prelude-

The fated day had arrived.

The signal was given in the form of four explosions that were triggered on the outer walls of Port Royal’s main fortress, where the current military government ruled over the seas and land. The North Wall, the East Wall, the West Wall, the South Wall… they had all been breached at the same time, and the people inside had yet to identify the source of the sound and subsequent smoke.

It was the time everyone was waiting for; once the explosions were heard through the streets of Port Royal, the resistance came out to fight. A tremendous number of people, of all builds and ages, armed with swords, daggers, guns or their own pair of fists, ready to fight in order to make things right once again. Amongst these people one could find simple villagers that tended to the ground every day, harvested what they could to then sell it all in the market. These villagers had been trampled over again and again by those in power, having to pay huge taxes every month while those with riches didn’t spend a single coin to support their nation. One would also find pirates, outlaws that roamed the seas doing whatever they pleased: be it theft, murder or any other type of crime. The truth about most of them though was that they had been falsely accused because of their social standing and unfortunately circumstances, which had forced them to spend months or even years in prison for things they didn’t do. In other words, they had been pushed into the life of piracy by the unjust system of “justice” currently in place. And there were also members of the security forces and military mixed up on the lot. They had been serving the nation of Port Royal for many years, without fault… but they all had humble origins. The military was paradise for those men who didn’t have the status or the right abilities to do proper work. Outside, you needed to think and study… but inside, you just needed to know how to follow orders and fight to be paid. These people would serve the government of Port Royal, but would tolerate less and less the absurd orders given to them by those in power, for they threatened the well-being of their families and friends.

To sum it up, they were all people that didn’t like the current state of affairs in Port Royal and that wished for change above all.

March forth, my men!

And Yin Ahriman would be there to bring about that change. Wearing his red plate armor, the Armor of Generals, with sword and shield in hand, he led the first row of “soldiers” through the main street of Port Royal on top of a horse, easily marking himself as the mastermind of the rebellion at the eyes of the world.

Today, we change our fates!

Everyone following him would cheer, and Yin Ahriman would show a confident smile in return. He had informed everyone about the attack routes they needed to follow and the possible forms of retaliation those still aligned to the current military could use against them. If everything went according to plan, they’d be able to reach the command room of the fortress with only a low number of casualties behind them.

Today, we confront the power that has made us so miserable in order to take it as our own!

Yin Ahriman wasn’t leading a rebellion in Port Royal just because the political state of the world was the weakest in comparison to others’; the most recent of his past lives had been that of a navy soldier that had died at the hands of pirates without being able to change anything about himself or his land. He wanted to accomplish the wish of that young man, to reach a seat of power in order to help those suffering because of the unfair system currently in place.

It was not only the first necessary step for unification… it was also his duty as a former citizen of Port Royal.

Today, we set things right!

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To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover] Empty Re: To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover]

Post by Mireya on January 21st 2014, 12:10 am

Port Royal was a world governed for the most part by a navy-based military that controlled both the land and seas. Though sometimes one heard the term “Pirate King” and “Pirate Brethren”, pirates weren’t as organized as the navy and the few towns and islands they ruled were usually in an absolute state of chaos. The military and pirates were in constant conflict, but if one had to name the organization that held a true seat of power of the world of Port Royal, then that’d be the military.

Port Royal being like that, the command center where decisions were made and orders were given wasn’t a castle, like it usually was in many other worlds, but a heavily protected fortress by the sea, the same fortress that was currently being assaulted by the newly-formed revolutionary army.

Yin Ahriman’s plan was relatively simple: he was going to breach into the castle, reach the command room and force the people currently in power to abdicate the throne in his favor. In order to do that, however, several preparations were made beforehand by this man who claimed to carry the soul of a conqueror inside: the first thing he needed to be certain of is that the people in power WERE going to be inside the command room that night. For that, he studied for several days the habits of these men and managed to recreate inside his mind their personal agendas and schedules. There was one night per week where they all gathered at midnight in order to enjoy late-night dinner together as well as to enjoy different types of entertainment. Considering that they’d be distracted with something else, these four nights were the perfect opportunities to attack.

But things weren’t that simple. Even if the leaders themselves would be goofing around, the fortress was still heavily defended by a high number of guards and machinery and if they attacked just like that, it was virtually impossible for Yin to get in without losing half of his men in the process. In order to solve this problem, he convinced as many people working inside the fortress as he could to join his side. He first tested them with small-talk about their thoughts on the current government and the state of affairs in the world. If they sounded displeased enough, Yin would introduce them to the real topic to discuss. He was careful when selecting those who he’d tell about the rebellion, as any leaked information would be fatal for their plans. Fortunately, the small percentage of soldiers that he had tried to convince had accepted to help him out, informing Yin of their shifts and the fortress’ daily level of protection. It was thanks to them that Yin discovered that there was a certain night where defenses would be at their lowest and it coincided with one of the four nights mentioned before, as if destiny itself was helping them.

So not only did he choose that particular night to attack, but he also ordered his inside men to skip on their duty and help out in the battle outside. More soldiers for him, less soldiers for his enemy.

In order to assault a fortress, as badly protected as it may be, one needed weapons. Yin Ahriman made the right call when contacting several pirate crews to supply his army of swords and guns. They were more than eager to cause trouble, and if said trouble was bringing down the current government, then they’d happily help the crazy bastard aiming for such a feat (at a right price, that is). They even got Yin the explosives necessary to blow up a hole in the fortress’ four walls, something hard to believe considering how heavy security was when it came to stuff like dynamite.

For the attack itself, Yin Ahriman divided his troops in five groups: Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D and Group E.

Group A was in charge of being the main party and charging at the fortress from the front wall. They’d be led by Yin Ahriman and would have the higher number of troops, as most of the initial attention would be placed on them.

Group B was in charge of assaulting the east wall: using a large supplies or rifles, they’d try to take out as many guards in the outer walls as they could. Group C’s objective was mostly the same, but their numbers were higher, as they were attacking the wall nearest to the military barracks.

Group D would attack the south wall, which was facing the sea. They’d come with heavily armed ships to destroy the defense cannons of the fortress and would then send troops to the breached walls in small boats.

Finally, Group E was tasked with driving off any external support that may come to aid the forces inside the fortress. Because these reinforcements could come from both sea and land, Group E was divided in several sub-divisions that were scattered all around the island of Port Royal, and would be in constant contact to always to fully-informed of the enemy’s location.

Using his Telepathy spell, Yin Ahriman would be in constant contact with the leaders of these groups and would give them all instructions as the operation proceeded.

Though there was no revolution without bloodshed, Yin Ahriman had ordered his men to not kill anyone unless necessary. If they saw soldiers who didn’t want to fight anymore, they were to capture them or convince them to join their side. They would leave civilians out of the conflict an evacuate them if found in dangerous zones. He didn’t want to anger the population with unnecessary damage to them or property destruction, for that matter. He wished for revolution and conquest, but he also had to keep a clean image that people would respect when he finally ascended to the throne.

Things were going according to plan for all Groups by the time Yin reached the fortress’ gates. They had encountered small groups of enemy soldiers in the way, but they were dealt with easily. Yin hoped that things would continue that way for the rest of the night.

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To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover] Empty Re: To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover]

Post by Mireya on January 22nd 2014, 12:07 am

The first dire situation presented itself when they were approaching to the fortress’ main gates. Even though it was the day when defense was the sloppiest and even though Yin had arranged for the building to have the lesser number of soldiers inside, there were still enough to control four of the cannons placed to protect the northern wall. Along with them, sharpshooters with gunpowder rifles in hand would position themselves along the cannons, forming a line of barrels pointed directly at Group A and its leader, Yin Ahriman.


A figure would stand in the middle of the enemy formation. By the looks of his clothes, the man was definitely the commander of the lot. It’d look at the revolutionary group with scorn in his eyes, as if they were nothing more than rats crawling out of the sewers.

“You are currently attacking Port Royal’s “Royal Fortress”, the political center of the Caribbean Sea where we live! By doing so, you are marking yourselves as enemies of Port Royal and thus the entirety of this world! Surrender now and you may be allowed to live! But if you don’t, you will executed, right here, right now! We will show no mercy to those who wish to betray their own land!”

Yin knew the man wasn’t speaking the truth. They would execute the rebelling army without remorse whether they surrendered or not. He spoke not to make them give up, but to lower their overall morale. By presenting the option, Yin’s troops would begin to ask themselves different questions, such as “what happens if we fail?” “Are we even going to survive this conflict?” “Wouldn’t it be better to stop here if I want to keep on living?” They’d slowly bring down their motivation, making the group reluctant to fight.

“YOU FOOL!” But before anyone had the time to even think the Fated Conqueror would rise up his voice, becoming once again the center of attention. “You speak of treason while pointing your finger at the people behind my back, but who is it that is really betraying this nation? You think that these men and women, who have endured hardship after hardship without moving a feet away from their homeland and its unfair government, would betray their country? Now? Out of all possible times?”

“They are not betraying anything!” He’d shout while raising his sword. “Not their country and especially not themselves! They are here to protect the land they love against the illness that currently afflicts it! That illness being you, the true traitors! You! The ones who mistreat their own people even more than lowly pirates! You! The ones who take advantage of their inability to fight in order to drain them of their money and properties! You! The ones who can’t even properly discuss if someone is guilty or innocent before sending them to the rope!”

“So answer me this! Who are the true traitors? Those who love and fight for their world, or those who USE that world to their own personal advantage, without thinking of the loss of everyone else?”

“Silence! Any other word and we’ll shoot!” The commander would threaten in a fit of anger, lifting his hand in the air, ready to give the order.

“Even a blind man would be able to see the answer to that question!” Yin Ahriman would shout. “The fact that you can’t means that you’re just a bunch of fools!”

“I’m warning you! Not another word!”

“I’ve already been warned enough! If you’re going to pull the trigger, then do it! It won’t change the fact that you’re an incompetent fool!”

The commander gritted his teeth in anger; he had reached the end of his patience. His hand turned into a fist as he mumbled a single word, a single word that he would then shout out loud while lowering his hand as if he was trying to punch the ground:


The order was given to the four cannons pointed at them. There was no need to waste bullets; even a small army wouldn’t be able to resist a direct hit from four cannon walls at once. The deafening sound of the gunpowder’s explosion made half of Yin Ahriman’s army gasp in fear, and all of them closed their eyes, barely prepared for what they thought would happen next.

…However, the sound of the cannon ball piercing through the ground and breaking through the bones of many didn’t come to their ears. In its stead, a couple of heavy and blunt sounds were heard for a second, and they weren’t followed by screams of horror, as expected, but by gasps of admiration of surprise.

Four figures had stepped forward in order to stop the cannon balls… with their shields. Yes, as incredible as it may sound, the cannon balls had been stopped by mere shields. One of these figures was Yin Ahriman himself, who stood with all the weight of his body pushed against his left hand, where his Shield of Conquerors was. The shield was covered in flames, which was potentiating its defensive abilities, but the shield itself was sturdy on its own.

And the other three figures… they weren’t there before. No one remembered ever seeing those men in their ranks before: big men in full-suit silver armor, each carrying an enormous shield that was used to defend the group from the impact. They were the Shield Squad, summoned directly by Yin Ahriman to aid him on his battle.

“My men!” Yin Ahriman and his enchanted armors would turn their heads to face the revolutionary army. “These are warriors that have been summoned directly from the Underworld to aid us in our fight! Even the forces of the dead are in our side! There’s nothing to fear! Let us march forth for the sake of our land!”

The enemy line would still be confused about the unexpected turn of events… and Yin would use that confusion to his advantage. Without moving a single muscle and only concentrating his mind, three more armors would appear at his back. These armors were smaller than the other three, but instead of shields, they were holding ready-to-shoot bows on their hands. Three arrows flew through the sky and disabled three of the sharpshooters by damaging their shoulders, forcing them to let go of their weapons in pain and shock.


A red aura would surround Yin Ahriman’s body. This red aura would move to the armors… and then to Yin’s army itself. They would all feel a sudden burst of energy and strength inside their bodies. They could do it… they could actually win. At that moment, they all realized that the man named Yin Ahriman would, without a doubt, lead them to victory.

Those who had rifles would point them at the enemy line and shoot without a second thought. Their enemies, having recovered from the shock, would shoot as well, soon turning the area into a battleground. There was a big difference between the groups, however: though those defending the fortress would cower in fear at being hit once, those attacking, even if severely hurt, would continue to shoot, influenced by Yin Ahriman’s noble spirit.

Leaving the riflemen and the Bow Armor Squad outside, they would all walk inside through the hole made by the explosion from before. “Step aside!” Yin Ahriman would give the order once he and his troops reached the entrance. A full squad of soldiers armed with swords was coming their way. Instead of letting his men take care of them, he concentrated and called another group to help in their advance: the Axe Squad. Before the swordsmen could reach them, the Axe Armors would swing their axes at the ground at the same time, creating cracks on the floor and enough of a shockwave to send some of them staggering away. Yin and the rest of the soldiers would use the opportunity to rush at them and take them down. Most of their opponents were severely injured, and a few of them died.

Yin would make sure to mourn for them later. For now, their objective was to run through the corridors of the fortress and find the command room. Truth to be told, Yin already knew where the command room was, so they only needed to make the right turns to reach it.

The situation inside was, in a single word, chaotic: soldiers were running around in small groups, debating amongst themselves where to go offer their aid, or in most cases, where they could hide. It was an obvious reaction, considering that they weren’t actually prepared to defend against an assault from four different directions in the first place. They were confused, they didn’t know what to do… and Yin was happy for that. It was normal to feel confused. It was normal to feel afraid. It was just part of being human. They’d have to fight against anything that stood in their way… but if those confused men placed more importance into defending their own lives than defending the fortress, they wouldn’t even try to stop Yin’s group from moving forwards.

So Yin walked through the inside of the fortress, and the rest followed. He’d leave small groups fighting against the squads that dared resist them, each helped by one of his armors.

And soon, the door of the command room showed itself before them. He now had only 20 soldiers at his back, but that would be enough to intimidate those inside; for what he wanted was to intimidate, not kill.

After summoning one of his two remaining squads, the Sword Armor Squad, Yin Ahriman would kick the door with all his strength, bringing it down all at once.

“Surrender, you fools! For Yin Ahriman has come!”

[Ability Shield of Flames Used]

[Shield Squad Summoned (3)]

[Bow Squad Summoned (3)]

[Ability Strength of All Used]

[Axe Squad Summoned]

[Sword Squad Summoned]

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To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover] Empty Re: To Set Things Right [Hostile Takeover]

Post by Mireya on January 23rd 2014, 12:00 am

OOC: Yin Ahriman, Commander Christopher Mutton, Captain Edwin Blackwell, Commander Sebastian Manson, General Robert Krieg, Governor Jonathan Swan. Just so we don't confuse who says what.

An hour had passed since then.

Only six people remained inside the command room. The rest had walked out in order to leave them to their affairs. Though the sound of cannon balls tearing through different structures and men shouting their lungs out at battle had always been present through that night, now everything was silent. Not a single soul dared move from their position. Soldiers were hiding behind tables, walls, buildings and even trees, using them as one would use a trench, just waiting with their hearts coming out of their chests for the final decision.

It had all been caused by a single order given by the chain of command belonging to both sides: “Stop the fight until negotiations have been completed”.

Yes, negotiations. The six people inside the command room were sitting around a big round table, ready to discuss the future of Port Royal. Representing the rebel’s side there was their leader, Yin Ahriman, a pirate captain called Edwin Blackwell and a young navy commander, or now ex-navy commander, called Christopher Mutton. On the other side of the table, the three most influential people of that town: General Robert Krieg, the person in charge of directing and organizing the entirety of the navy’s troops, his right hand, Commander Sebastian Manson, and in the middle of the two Governor Jonathan Swan, the highest political authority in all of Port Royal.

Just by looking at the scene, one would recognize several differences between the representatives of one group and the other. Yin Ahriman was a no-name self-proclaimed tactician that had seemingly appeared out of the dust, Christopher Mutton a fallen nobleman and Edwin Blackwell a pirate that has probably stolen more than he can remember. On the contrary, the other side was composed of well-bred gentlemen that had received proper education since birth and alone they probably knew more about the inner workings of the world than the entirety of the revolutionary army together.

Yin Ahriman could have easily pointed a gun at their heads and forced them to sign the necessary documents to make him the ruler of that land. Why hadn’t he done so?

In a single sentence, it was to “keep a clean image of himself”. Had he threatened the man to sign the contracts, he would have been nothing more than a tyrant. Bad rumors about his threatening ways would have begun to circulate amongst the citizens before long, the army would have quickly lost the trust in his role as a leader, and no matter how much he tried, he wouldn’t have been able to pull that nation out of the psychological darkness that surrounded it.

No. If he truly wished to have the power to change things in his hands, he needed to make everyone think that he was the right man for the job. Not only did the citizens needed to be convinced… but those currently in power as well.

So he had brought up the idea of “negotiating” to them. If they sat down to talk instead of pointing their weapons at each other, they’d be able to avoid further bloodshed and destruction. The government officials knew that, at the very least, that fortress was already lost, so Yin’s decision was godsend for them. They quickly accepted and called off the defense after Yin had given the order of stopping the attack using his Telepathy.

And there they were: the 6 chosen representatives. Everyone else had gone outside, the remaining officials in a corner while the rebels gave them a nasty look.

“Then let’s begin.” Christopher Mutton, the ex-navy commander, decided to initiate things. “We are going to hold this meeting in order to decide the fate of Port Royal.” Apparently, he had taken on the role of mediator as well. “If any of the two parties wishes to initiate the dialogue by saying something, they are welcome to do so.”

“Yes.” The first to raise his voice was General Robert Krieg, sitting at the Governor’s right side. “Why are you attacking us?” His question was directed at Yin. “I know it is something to expect from war… but this is far too unexpected for us to handle. Why is it that you’re here? What is the motivation behind your actions?”

“The answer should be obvious, even for a fool. The people of this land are suffering, and I’ve come to this place after hearing their call, intending to take the power for my own and for those who I deem fit.”

“Those are just excuses for taking the power for your own, as I take it!” Commander Sebastian Manson would shout those words, but General Robert Krieg would calm him down with a hand movement.

“He’s rash with his words, but I do understand his feelings, mister…”

“Yin. Yin Ahriman.”

“Mister Ahriman… you are claiming that you want to overthrow the government in order to help the people… yet the first thing you do in order to accomplish that goal is to incite them to rebellion and endanger their lives. Other than a power-thirsty man, I don’t know how else you want us to recognize you.”

“I’m fully aware that the people supporting my cause have risked their lives to help me reach this place and that I’m also putting in danger every civilian that may get caught in the crossfire. However, in the current state of affairs, I deemed it to be necessary.”

“And please tell us why it was so “necessary”, Mr. Ahriman.”

“Many reasons. First of all, even if I had approached you people with the idea of someone else assuming power, I would not have been heard and my words would have probably slipped your mind the very moment you dismissed me.”

“Of course!” Commander Sebastian Manson would exclaim again. “You are no one! How would you expect us to hand over the power to rule this place to you?”

“I am no one, you are right about that. That is another reason. Who would hear a man like me, with no political power or background, about an idea as wild as a change of government? In your place, I wouldn’t have done so either.” Yin Ahriman would then smile. “Of course, if I was in your place, I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.”

Captain Edwin Blackwell at his right laughed a little, being stared intensely by the three government officials afterwards.

“What else, Mister Ahriman?” General Robert Krieg would ask. “What else?”

“Right. I wouldn’t be heard by anyone, so I needed other methods to make my voice be heard.”

“When Mister Ahriman came to me with the suggestion of helping him out, I instead suggested him to initiate a political career if he really wanted to change things from the inside.” Sebastian Mutton would intervene. “Nevertheless, he convinced that something had to be done… something that showed his abilities to govern, his strength in battle, and more than anything, something that could be accomplished in a short span of time.”

“As those leading Port Royal, you should be well aware of the current state of affairs outside this world.” Yin Ahriman would bring up a rather important topic to the table. “Everyone knows that besides our own, there are several other worlds out there, each with a different set of people and rules governing them, much like outside nations. Port Royal, being the only place with a direct connection to this wide universe I’m talking about, is now considered the representative of our many continents and seas, gaining enough military and political strength in the process to become and independent nation on its own and reign over the Caribbean Sea.”

“That’s something that shouldn’t have to be mentioned.” Sebastian Manson would answer in a mocking tone of voice.

“However, considering these worlds as simple “nations” is wrong. They are much, much more than that… they are filled with mysterious powers we can’t comprehend, strange beings that we’ve never seen and, most importantly, threats of incredible magnitude that at the moment would be able to wipe us off the map without much effort.”

“You must all know the name “Onyx” by now, correct?” Sebastian Mutton would say. “He is a man that has caused great harm to the people of other words. His crimes go from national-level property destruction to mass-murder of innocent civilians all for the sake of “salvation”. Leaving technical issues aside, he’s considered at universal level a religious psychopath, and a dangerous one that is.”

“And he is only one of the many threats that may appear before us with time. Of course, if we were a strong enough, we wouldn’t be so worried about one attacker or two… but the truth is that Port Royal is weak.” He’d stop for a while, letting the word sink in everyone’s minds for a while. “Weak. Extremely weak. The reasons are many: bad distribution of the national funds, unnecessary expenses, lack of training of our troops, lack of control over our troops, and also a severe lack of bravery in getting involved in the affairs of other worlds.”

“You know that there’s not much we can do, Ahriman!” Sebastian Manson would complain. “We just don’t have the power to fight against all that is outside!”

“If I’m not mistaken, our knowledge over the Gummi Ship technology is quite high.” Christopher Mutton would comment.

“Those things aren’t worth the effort.” Would be the Commander’s answer. “Even if we developed a full-fledged fleet, we still wouldn’t be able to protect anyone once the enemy landed.”

“And what were you expecting to do, if that ever happened?” Yin would ask.

“That is-“

“We would have entered in diplomatic negotiations, just like we’re doing now with you, Mr. Ahriman.” General Robert Krieg would interrupt the young Commander, ordering him to calm down again. “We believe it’s the best course of action when dealing against external invaders.”

“And you also know that won’t be enough. People like Onyx won’t stop only because you ask them to. They’ll take you out when they get the chance.”

“Then what do you expect us to do? Increase our numbers? Make allies? We can’t do any of that.”

“And why is that?”

“The people from outside this world… we know from experience that they are not too reasonable.” Would continue General Robert Krieg. “The first outside intervention was from a man that wished to control things with the use of those creatures called Nobodies. Ever since then, we’ve only met demise at their hands. This world was even consumed by the darkness once, completely erased from existence only because of the obsession of some strange beings. So yes, we know we can’t trust anyone from the outside.”

“And yet you speak of diplomatic negotiations in case of trouble…” Christopher Mutton would comment.

“Yes. And if things come to worse, we’ll surrender ourselves to ourselves. You don’t need to tell us of our weakness, Mr. Ahriman. We are well aware of it.”

“You are.” Yin Ahriman would admit. “Perhaps a bit too much. We are weak… but we don’t need to be weak. We can grow strong enough to stand our own against the threats of the universe.”

“And how do you expect us to do that, Mr. Ahriman?”

“By interacting with that universe, of course.” Yin Ahriman would smile. “There is no other way.”

“And we told you that we can’t simply-!”

“For fuck’s sake, that’s enough, you brat!” Interrupting Commander Sebastian Manson, the pirate Edwin Blackwell, who had been silent up to that point, would unexpectedly stand up with those words. “You know what I think? I think y’all are too afraid to actually do something about this! You say we can’t do this and we can’t do that, but guess what? We fucking can! But not if you stay in your seats all day long. Even Jack fucking Sparrow has helped this world more than you, and that’s ONLY because he was brave enough to go outside in search of… of whatever that man likes.”

“Please don’t mention Jack Sparrow in this room.” Commander Sebastian Manson would say.

“And please don’t be so rash with your actions, Edwin.” Yin Ahriman would ask his companion, who would quickly sit down after saying everything he wanted to say. “In any case, I actually concur with his words: if we set the right mindset in our people, the mindset that we CAN be a strong world, then we can also make them brave enough to better themselves. Because, and I say this out of experience, the people from other worlds… they are no different from us. Their actual strength is not above our own. What I want to accomplish… it is not an impossible goal at all.”

There was a brief silence in the room. Yin Ahriman’s words seemed to have had a great impact on both sides. They resumed the dialogue, however, when General Robert Krieg cleared his throat to add something else:

“For argument’s sake, let’s say you are right. How does it all connect with tonight’s act of hostility?”

“The first step to make a nation strong is to show that the man leading it is, in fact, strong. And I believe I’ve proven myself to be good enough, both in my individual strength and my ability to lead others.”

“By randomly attacking our fortress?” Commander Sebastian Manson would complain.

“You must admit that it was a brilliantly executed plan that has created only a small number of casualties so far.” Christopher Mutton would stand up to defend Yin. “Most of our troops are not trained soldiers, just common folk that just recently learned how to use a weapon, but we actually managed to break through every single one of your defenses to the point of leaving you with no other choice but listen to what we had to say. And if you ask those who’ve fought on the battlefield, they’ll all tell you that Yin Ahriman is no normal person: everyone saw him summon enchanted armors with nothing but air inside… and with using just a shield, he was able to stop a cannon ball on his own.”

“And shit, that was something to see.” Captain Edwin Blackwell would comment. “If that isn’t “strong”, then I don’t know what else it could be.”

“So there you have it: should I ascend to power thanks to this rebellion, the people of Port Royal would feel inspired, hopeful, which is what they need in order to live in happiness, especially considering the world, or universe, we live in.”

“We already have Mister Ahriman’s reasons.” Before anyone else could say anything, Christopher Mutton raised his voice again. “Now it’s time to hear why everyone else decided to join him in the first place.”

“Everyone else…?”

“Of course, I’m talking about the people. If the people of this land were truly happy with the current state of affairs, then this revolution wouldn’t have ever happened. Not even Yin Ahriman’s words would be able to sway their hearts if it wasn’t like that.”

“Will you begin by explaining your reasons then, Mister Mutton?” General Krieg would look at Mutton in the eye.

“Then, if you let me…” He clears his throat. “I personally couldn’t take the level of corruption that this organization seems to be overflowing with. With enough effort I reached the rank of Commander, as you may know, though only of a rather small division. Under my rule they acted like good men and protected the citizens of Port Royal, sacrificing their lives if needed… sadly, the other Commanders didn’t seem to think that was the right way of doing things. I saw many soldiers take advantage of the weak, steal from the poor, beat up those who couldn’t resist, and so on… and their superiors did nothing to stop them. They just watched and laughed, as if the people of Port Royal were nothing more than lowly animals. I complained, of course, but to no avail: my words weren’t heard. The acts of corruption never stopped. I couldn’t stand it anymore… so when Yin Ahriman came to me for help, I accepted.”

“…you do know that what you did is considered as high treason to this government?”

“I know. I wouldn’t have put my life on the stake otherwise.”

“But you all understand that Port Royal isn’t really the “least” corrupt nation in existence.” Sebastian Manson would say. “Think about the pirates!”

“I’m well aware about the regulations regarding pirates.” Yin Ahriman would say. “Port Royal allows pirates to roam free, and in exchange, they interfere with the commerce routes of rival nations, am I right? A win-win situation for both parties.”

“But that doesn’t mean we must allow everything they do. The security forces here seem to turn a blind eye against those who commit severe crimes…”

“…and they fucking KILL people who don’t deserve it!” Captain Edwin Blackwell would shout then. “I had a friend once. Jameson was his name. His only crime was to steal a pouch of coins from a drunk sailor… and he was hanged for it! Hanged! Because they needed to make an example out of him! But oh yes, when mighty pirates who can take ships on their own suddenly murder someone, they are only sentenced to some months, if not weeks, in prison, before being left to roam free again.”

“Aren’t you one of those pirates?”

“Yes, I AM one of those pirates… but even pirates have their honor! Their code! We do things, prepared for the consequences! But we expect to receive the RIGHT consequences! If we kill someone, we expect to be killed for it! But a pouch of coins? A pouch of coins isn’t worth my mate Jameson’s life…”

“We should be fair, even if it comes to pirates.” Yin Ahriman would conclude by summing up the captain’s words in a sentence. “And this all is taking its toll on the citizens. We all know now that things can’t continue like this. I may look young for you gentlemen, but I carry many years of experience behind my back. Much more than you’d believe…”

“I was able to gather these people and I was able to lead them to victory. I understand Port Royal’s problems and, with the help of capable men, I’ll be able to fix them. I don’t need say anything else. Please entrust the well-being of this world to me.”

Again, silence. It was a more profound silence than before, each person thinking deeply about what was discussed in that room. There was nothing else to say and nothing else to add… they just needed to make a decision, the decision that would decide Port Royal’s immediate future once and for all.


Suddenly, the only person that had yet to say a word spoke. It was the Governor of Port Royal, the person with the highest authority around, Jonathan Swan.

“Please hand me that chest over there.”

General Krieg nodded and stood up, returning later with a small chest that had been left in the governor’s desk. The Governor opened it, and from there he took a piece of paper, pen and an ink. Without asking anyone, without searching for anyone’s approval, the hand of the Governor began to write.

“G-governor Swan, are you sure…?”

“I am sure, Sebastian.” The Governor would say as he wrote. “I am sure.”

“If this is really your decision… then I shall abide.” General Krieg would say, nodding at the Governor’s actions.

Commander Sebastian Manson didn’t seem to like the idea much, but he still reluctantly nodded, knowing that the Governor had already made his choice. For around 30 minutes the man wrote, carefully, as if it was something really precious, and once he was finished, he showed the paper to Yin Ahriman and his crew:

“Take it as a “contract” of sorts. If you just sign this paper, you’ll be granted the title of Governor of Port Royal and everything it ensues.”

“…if I may ask, Governor, what is it that made you do this?”

“That I had no idea of most of what you said.” The Governor would say in a sad tone of voice. “I was living in peace, thinking that my citizens were as well… but I was blind. I was too blind. I didn’t notice a thing. The suffering, the pain and the danger… I didn’t notice any of it. If you can make a better job than an old fool like me… then I shall happily grant you the opportunity to do so.”

“But be aware: the burden of leading this place is a heavy one. Don’t take it lightly.”

“I won’t. And don’t worry… you are not, by any means, a fool.”

And Yin Ahriman signed the declaration. It was well written and it described every privilege he received as the new Governor. He also made his two men sign, as they’d serve as witnesses for the act.

“We must hurry now, to end this conflict before anyone else gets hurt.”

Yin Ahriman would rush outside the room, with the other five following. They’d go through the fortress’ corridors, gathering the soldiers that were hiding in every corner, and then they’d access the frontal balcony, where one could see the entirety of Port Royal.

“Men and women of Port Royal!” Yin Ahriman would shout, connecting his mind to that of every citizen and soldier, who he now considered his allies. “Rejoice, for a new Governor has finally been chosen!”

The following days would be busy indeed.

[Hostile Takeover End]


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