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The Seeds of Rebellion and Conquest (Closed Prelude)

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The Seeds of Rebellion and Conquest (Closed Prelude) Empty The Seeds of Rebellion and Conquest (Closed Prelude)

Post by Mireya on January 18th 2014, 8:42 pm

A certain rumor had been spreading like wildfire through the people of Port Royal.

Someone is going to overthrow the temporary government and set himself as the ruler of the land and seas.

Everyone knew about the dire state of affairs of Port Royal's current government, or lack of one for that matter. A group of officials, the only people with influence left after the disappearance of the last ruler, would sit down every morning around a big table inside a well-protected fortress, would discuss what was going on in the world, outside the world, and then they'd leave to drink a cup of tea by the sea. The state of the military and towns, their defenses against outside threats and the many issues their people were going through, such as hunger and poverty... they talked about that as if it was someone else's problem, if they ever sat down long enough to actually reach the topic.

They weren't using their power for the people, but for themselves, and it was obvious that the people weren't going to stand for that for too long. There was going to be a rebellion sometime soon... however, without organization, it wouldn't succeed. They needed someone who knew how to fight his wars... someone that'd lead them to victory.

And Yin Ahriman decided to be that man. Reaching a seat of power was the first necessary step to reach his goal. That was part of it, but he also couldn't stand to see innocent people suffer at the hands of unfair rulers. He knew very well how it felt to be powerlessly looked down by those sitting in higher seats... and how wonderful it was when someone turned things around for the better.

So he gathered followers, made a name for himself between his men, investigated his enemies, made plans, strategies, everything he needed in order to ensure victory with the least number of casualties.

Of course, this all didn't happen without problems arising here and there: several small groups under the military's command had gotten wind of the upcoming rebellion and had tried to hunt down the man behind it. These people, however, without having to shed a single drop of blood, were convinced to join the other side on the promise that it'd change things for the better, but only after hours and hours of dialogue. On the contrary, outlaws and pirates were easy to convince, as they were eager to set things straight with the military that had abused their power on them for so long.

Things were moving in the right direction. Equipment was being gathered and numbers grew with every passing night as people grew even more restless.

Rebellion was coming... and with it, change for the poor people of Port Royal.

Last edited by Yin Ahriman on January 19th 2014, 10:09 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Decided to close this and initiate HT right away)

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