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Hail to the Item's Utopia! Tatane Kyuunanrou

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Hail to the Item's Utopia! Tatane Kyuunanrou Empty Hail to the Item's Utopia! Tatane Kyuunanrou

Post by Tatane on January 8th 2014, 2:21 am

Name: Tatane Kyuunanrou

Age: Unknown, presumably over 100

Hail to the Item's Utopia! Tatane Kyuunanrou NGXnDgP

Sex: Female

Species: Shogoro Tsukumogami (Demon)

Personality: Tatane is eccentric and energetic whenever the topic is her. She is eager to talk about herself and anything she herself knows, as long as it's in her field of interest. When the field of conversation changes, so does her focus. She becomes extremely reclusive and aloof, letting other speak above her and will simply go along with the others to the point where even when the topic changes back to her focus, it takes a while before she's fully eager to jump back into talking. Overall, Tatane has an inferiority complex with humans, and believes that even in a human form, she is still an object and has a job to be used by humans as a tool for others.  Even with her goals of an Item's Utopia, she believes this is mainly for the benefit of humans, to remind them of the true spirit of items and how people can still use these objects, which are fully eager to serve. At the same time, she's also very observant of people's actions and treatment of other people and items, quick to judge and persecute whenever someone begins the crime of "mottainai", or misuse of a tool. She doesn't resort to violence at first, but rather becomes rather forceful and lectures of the importance of not wasting, and the lost efficiency whenever something is thrown away. Even if she would despise a person, she is not reluctant at all to repair an item for anyone, but would not stop to attack when they go past the line and misuse and break the object once more. Patience is something that's been hardwired into her system, but it can only go for so far.

Tatane is also on the verge of her midlife crisis, so to speak. Having gained so much power, she does wonder whether or not this path is right, and how truly plausible it is to bring all her plans to fruition. She wonders whether she's lied to her subordinates and if she herself has lost purpose from her original life. The largest fear is her death, and she questions if she's even a tsukumogami anymore, and if she'll go to any afterlife after dying. At first she even questioned whether or not she had a spirit, and what entails a soul in the first place, but she's come to accept the idea that her soul is within her memories and emotions. As long as she has both of those, she was as alive as anyone else, and her items could also agree. But what happens when her items are killed in battle? Will they haunt her for misuse? Has she committed the sin of wasting item's potential by throwing them out in battle? It still haunts her to no end.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Mottainai!

    • Literally translating to "Loss of Innate Dignity" and roughly meaning "Waste not, want not", Mottainai is the entire soul and spirit of the tsukumogami. Not only is it the idea of avoiding misuse and waste, it also refers to the disregard for the intrinsic souls and dignity that all objects have, which extends not just to items, but to people within a social structure. The tsukumogami are the ultimate examples of mottainai, items that hold resentment at their disregard as entities. Tatane can speak directly to the spirit of all objects, as she says, and give them enough power to begin moving on their own. Animated objects follow Tatane as underlings and soldiers, but have free will and can move away from Tatane. This happens automatically, and can cause the nearby area to be filled with moving items based off the environment. Anything from trash cans to window panes to household appliances like radios and fridges, as long as they would reasonably exist in the world.
    • Objects can be destroyed fairly easily. Despite being able to move, they are still basic objects.
    • vehicles, street lamps, and other larger objects tend to not move. Tatane states that it's because these items are always in use and have a purpose in life, and therefore find no need to move and change their lives. Most of the items in the parade are either broken, abandoned, or not used.
    • Tatane can generate more items by will, easily bringing about overwhelming numbers. If she goes to far, however, Demon's Night Parade will automatically activate. The limit is about 1-5 items per turn. Anything more than five, and she begins to lose her control and sanity.

  • The Storm Call

    • Tatane's use of Thunder magic. She can generate electricity and have it fall from the sky, attacking targets below.
    • If the bolt strike an object, the object will either fire up to five more bolts at other targets, or fire a large area of effect shockwave around itself.
    • When indoors, she can fire a slightly weaker variant directly from her hands. The bolt shares the same qualities of chaining from objects.
    • Speed of the bolts is faster than an arrow, but a magic circle does show where lightning is projected to strike. When an object creates a shockwave, a blue outline can be seen for a few seconds before the actual attack.
    • If an object fires a bolt at another object, than the second object will fire additional shots or a shockwave on the next turn. However, these secondary shots are at half power from the original bolt, and cannot chain to a third object.

  • War Gong's Beat

    • Tatane was originally a gong, and now uses her original function to use to summon additional support onto the field as a fellow tsukumogami who has obtained a physical body from their spirit. These items are not affected by the environment, and instead can be drawn out from any previous location Tatane had recruited them.
    • Unlike actual items, those summoned by War Gong's Beat cannot be repaired by Kintsugi, but are innately stronger than other items and can amplify Storm Call better than most other items.
    • Their appearances are more like standard youkai, anywhere from objects with eyes and mouth to demons that wield the item as a weapon.
    • Tatane can summon 3-5 of these youkai per post, but their numbers are limited, and so she can only have a maximum of 10 youkai summoned by War Gong's Beat
    • Whenever Tatane goes into the Demon's Night Parade, she has a tendency to also summon these youkai into the celebration.

  • Item's Call

    • Although not all items will be able to comply and work for her, Tatane can still coax performance out of items and increase efficiency and power. Items, tools, and machines coaxed by Tatane gain a 150% boost in efficiency, and will grant information about their past and secrets to her.
    • This boost can be passed onto tools and machines used by other people both within and out of combat.
    • However, weapons and most enchanted items used to cast spells can only be coaxed for a 120% boost. Tatane says these weapons are already putting out what they can for their masters, and that the best she can do is support them.

  • Kintsugi

    • The basic translation is: To repair by Gold. Kintsugi refers to the old practice of repairing old items with gold and bright lacquer, putting emphasis on the cracks and patches of the old item. Objects with history and experience were believed to be more valuable than newly created objects, and kintsugi was a way of making this belief literal. In the same way, Tatane reinforces the spirits of items broken in battle and repairs them, giving them more strength.
    • Tatane can only reinforce one object at a time, and broken objects will only remain for 3 turns before their spirit retires.
    • Objects can only be repaired once. There's a limit to how much gold you can put on anything before it looks cheap.
    • Objects like machines and mostly metal items cannot be repaired by Kintsugi.

  • Demon's Night Parade

    • More of a phenomenon than an actual ability, this is the fullest extension and usage of Mottainai. Tatane's spirit extends and reaches out to all items around her, summoning a mass procession of tools and objects from the surroundings along with all previously obtained objects into a large endless parade across the streets, heading towards an unknown location. All the items gain unusual durability and strength, but don't actively try to attack anyone. At the throne of the procession sits Tatane, the ringleader and empress of the Item's Utopia, as she calls it.
    • During this, Tatane is usually completely delusional, her sanity being saturated with the spirits of all objects around her and the sheer magic radiating from the amount of power used. Because of this, she constantly calls out on items and objects to add more and more to the parade.
    • Rarely used for combat, as it's more of a side effect of Tatane overextending her Mottainai and abusing her ability to reach out to and animate spirits.
    • There's no way of telling where the procession is truly headed, not even Tatane can determine that.
    • Despite the potential dangers of using Demon's Night Parade and the fact that it is a sign of her pushing the limits of her body, Tatane continues to use her powers and Demon's Night Parade without any hesitation, claiming the Night Parade has only helped bring more items into their Utopia.

Tatane's Theme: Parade

Tsukumogami, an item that has lived 100 years and held sacred power. It is capable of exacting its revenge to those who had neglected it. But what happens when an object is both used marvelously and horribly? The only desire of an object is to be used, to bring joy and to serve its function in life. Tatane's life started as a gong, used at temples, exalted and brought to the highest place. She lived a long life, and many people witnessed her ringing. The echos within the temple were testament to her use, and she had lived a full life. Yet in the briefest moment, something had happened, and something had caused her to be completely abandoned. The great gong of the Heijiri temple was suddenly abandoned, broken down and thrown out. As she grew to the age of 100, Tatane's spirit could not understand what sort of life she lived, to only be torn down. She had no idea of whether she should be grateful for her use and live on, or to exact revenge on... who?

She decided none of these choices were suitable or even reasonable for a person to imagine. She wanted to live her own life, and find her use as a citizen. A new age had come since the old temple days, and a child would be found in front of the house of a middle class family. She was named Selen Klause, and was taught sewing, bookmaking, and other trades by her father. As she grew, though, people found more interesting properties of her. Specifically how she seemed to be such a recluse, playing with dolls even when they were worn down and broken, constantly repatched and fixed. One day, when her parents walked in her room and found all her old toys perfectly repaired, and Selen in the room, an old puzzle cube that had seemed to mend itself, their parents realized she had a gift with magic. Selen was sent to a school when she could, and was taught in alchemy and basic magic. She worked under researchers and saw how metals could react to magic, how potions were brewed and created, and how magic could reforge and change the world. It was here that she realized what her purpose was, as both a tsukumogami and a human. She was to bring all other items to her stage, where they could both serve a purpose, and create their own purpose. And all she needed was a push to finding out how to animate all objects without waiting a century's time.

The push would be war, of course. Specifically between her land Junera and the ice land Teraj. Previously the two nations were business partners. Teraj could supply coal and metals in exchange for finished goods within Junera. In recent years, Junera became more forceful, installing more factories and alchemy research centers within the land. When Teraj began refusing coal and shutting down the more suspicious plants, the two nations quickly began to arm up. Selen sided with Teraj, helping organize a resistance group within her school. Some say it was because had a personal vendetta against the Junera government, who did nothing when her brother died in an accident within one of the Teraj plants, but in reality, the magician was given a promise that should she assist the army, the Teraj would give her secrets on the creation of golems and animating objects. Selen at first performed underground operations as a spy, but would leave the school and officially enlist as part of the magic corp and assist at various fortresses along the border. There, her powers of controlling objects was first witnessed, and she became known as the Poltergeist for her ability to suddenly make guns break down or jam just by glancing at the weapon.

The Teraj were being overwhelmed, however, after an unexpected union between the Junera's and Imperio's Ministry of Magic Research, creating the Juperos Research Union. With this, they were able to overwhelm the Teraj army. In one act of desperation, Selen was given the task of infiltrating one of the border Juperos Research Centers, where a magic barrier had previously prevented invasion. With careful execution, Selen and her subordinate, Ulia, had managed to capture the magic fortress, renaming it from Juperos, to Kyuunanrou, or the Southern Castle captured during the Ninth Era of the Teraj. Although this and future campaigns against the various defense fortresses alongside the Juperos' foundation, the Teraj were never able to engineer their own defense matrix from the fortresses. However, these invasions weren't all for loss, as after surrender, they were allowed to redraw borders based off the land they did capture.

Selen was never seen again after that, however. Presumed to be killed at the final front, though that seemed highly unlikely. The true reason must have been that she discovered yet more information within the facility of the Kyuunanrou from one of the Juperos researchers. It must have been inspiring, because it was told that she had gone on a rampage all through the night. Most of the information was torn alongside the soldiers who wrote of it, but Ulia specifically commentated how "her eyes and hair became scarlet, and her chanting grew more inhumane with each drum beat. Constant noise, as if metal was being thrown upon the walls persisted, along with constant tremors on the ground. It felt like the entire fortress was ready for war, or death. Somehow everyone fell asleep in the middle of the chaos, and when we woke up, Selen was gone. Along with everything within the building." Selen had found her fullest power, the Demon's Night Parade. She named it after the old legends of a demon who would lead his subordinates in parties and parades at midnight, killing whoever came along the procession's path.

This report wasn't given to the Teraj, but rather bought and kept silent by the Juperos Foundation, who seemed to know exactly what secrets Selen had unveiled, and wanted to silence both her mouth and her mind. She seemed to have fled Eastward, towards the ocean, but the path stops short halfway, in the middle of the mountains. Had the Juperos finally finished her off, or did she find some last ditch method to escape? Perhaps the secrets kept in the facility had given her the means to escape via portal. Either way, she was gone, and the Foundation stopped all investigation, declaring her dead.

I'm kidding, she's at Radiant Garden. And now with the first hints at the secrets to her Item's Utopia, Seren's begun experimenting with her magic and her own identity as a tsukumogami to create her nation. She changed her name to Tatane Kyuunanrou, named after both the castle from where she started and the word meaning "Seed of Many", and has decided it was time to start as the spokesperson for the Utopia.

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