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Neverland: A Day of Fire and Rebirth

on January 6th 2014, 9:57 pm

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The Events that Transpired

on January 6th 2014, 9:58 pm

A madman named Onyx has attacked Neverland, claiming to be a 'Messiah' who would absolve the world of its sins. He had offered three methods of atonement for the Neverland Captain: look every Lost Boy in the eye as he hung them, murder Trixie with his own hands, or allow Trixie to receive a 'certain mark' from the man. Kenos had chosen the final and unspoken option: to rally the island and take Onyx down.

It proved to be a mistake.

Onyx's power had been greater than any of the world's citizens had imagined. His initial attack, a magma wave of great magnitude, had been (mostly) averted--severely weakening Kenos in the process--but his second attack, an explosive sphere, had destroyed a majority of the island. Fortunately, the mage and healer Selene Celeste had been present, healing the Fairy King's wounds and replenishing his stamina--resulting in a fatal wound from the attacker.

At that moment, a bright light had flashed across the sky, followed by a winged figure soaring to the sky. A blue-white flame emanated from the Firebird, blanketing the island with healing magic. The gashes on the island had closed up as if the wounds had never been inflicted, the rivers and oceans had been restored and purified, and flowers and grass had grown over the previously decimated earth. All that was left was a huge crater in the center of the island. The Healer had then promptly vanished, leaving only three of its own feathers behind.

In the presence of this miracle, the defenders of Neverland attacked Onyx with greater vigor. Their teamwork and passion gave them strength, allowing the group to take down the evil being; unfortunately, it appeared to be a trap set by the 'Messiah'. On his knees, in the guise of defeat, Onyx had summoned a demon from the depths of Hell, a creature he called 'Ndabe Zitha'. This gargantuan beast, a dragon of complete darkness, had entered the world through a portal consisting of storm clouds and lightning. Ndabe Zitha had then proceeded to attack the island with hellfire and brimstone.

When all had seemed lost, when all hope seemed to have been destroyed, the appearance of three beings had turned everything around. The first, a fairy-dragon as large as Ndabe Zitha itself, had aided Kenos in battling the fearsome foe. Her name was Glauben, Gottheit der Nie Nie Landen. Faith, the Deity of Never Never Land. The second, a tall fairy seemingly made entirely of an unearthly metal, had stood by and protected the remaining citizens and allies. His name was Vertrauen, Wächter der Nie Landen.  Trust, the Guardian of Never Land. The third, a fairy a skeletal body and crimson red wings, had circled the island and watched silently. Its name was Zauberei, Wesen der Nie Landen. Magic, the Spirit of Never Land.

Kenos and Glauben had fought tirelessly against Onyx and Ndabe Zitha in a seemingly equal match; the fairy armed with Light and Hope, the dragon armed with Darkness and Hellfire. The battle would have gone nowhere, most likely resulting in more damage on the island, had their fight not been interrupted--by the Captain's own adviser, the pixie known as Trixie.

In her angelic form, taller than the average human, the fairy had flown up directly between the opposing parties, offering to end the war. She promised, in exchange for allowing Neverland and all its inhabitants to live, to fulfill the third method of atonement: to allow Onyx to mark her as he pleased. The 'Messiah' agreed to her conditions, biting her and leaving some sort of magical tattoo all over her body. He then vanished along with his beast. Many hope he will never return again.

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The State of the Island

on January 6th 2014, 10:47 pm
The State of the Island

The forests and jungles of Neverland are all but decimated, although there are several areas scattered around the island where charred groups of trees exist.

The central mountain of the island is slightly wider at the base due to the magma that had wrapped around it.

Hangman's Tree and the Indian Camp have been destroyed. Restoration is in process.

Cannibal's Cove is slightly smaller, also due to the lava that has poured into it.

All the water on the island has been restored and purified.

A carpet of flowers and grass blankets the island, save for its sandy shores.

A huge crater lies in the southwest of the island, between Cannibal Cove and Mermaid Lagoon. It is completely barren.

The Piccanniny, the Pirates, and the Lost Boys have all lost several of their members--those that fought against Onyx. Fortunately, all of the women and children (save for the Lost Boys) had evacuated onto various Pirate Ships and made it a safe distance away from the island during the attack. The Fairies and Mermaids lost none of their kind in the battle, due to their flight from the island once danger was apparent.

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The Day of the Firebird

on January 7th 2014, 12:03 am
The Day of the Firebird

A temple, in honor of the Firebird that restored Neverland, will be built in the crater that has been left on the island. The shrine will be simple in design, not a place of worship but a place of remembrance. An altar will be constructed in the very center of the building, where a relic will be put on display--the three blue-white feathers discovered where the Firebird descended from the heavens. Stained glass windows depicting the Firebird--as well as the three Fairies that also appeared the same time as the phoenix--will be installed all around the temple.

Every year on this day, a festival will be held to celebrate the rebirth of Neverland and to give thanks to the beings that saved it.Shops and activities will all be set up a week before the day of the festival, all in honor of the Firebird and its gift to Neverland. Once the sun sets on the Day of the Firebird, the festival closes with a show of fireworks representing the Firebird itself.

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The Honor of Neverland

on January 7th 2014, 12:23 am
The Honor of Neverland

The Honor of Neverland, a precious symbol awarded to those that have done great things for Neverland, have been awarded to those who risked their lives to protect this world. Along with this honor, any of those listed below also gain a favor (so long as it is reasonable) from Captain Kenos.

  • Tyler Saikou
  • Zeferoth Chaosu
  • Shinki
  • Xern
  • Raven
  • Cap'n Jack Sparrow
  • Selene Celeste
  • Trixie

The Honor of Neverland is also awarded to Lynette Elise, who, despite not partaking in the battle, is believed to have died because of it. Her tree house was found destroyed, and her body has not yet been found.

A memorial of Lynette and all the others who have lost their lives on this day will be built inside the Temple of the Firebird. We all mourn their deaths and celebrate the lives they have lived.

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Re: Neverland: A Day of Fire and Rebirth

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