Siris the Deathless

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Siris the Deathless

Post by Siris of the Deathless on January 5th 2014, 4:38 am

Name: Siris
Race: Deathless(can still die)
Appearance: he is always wearing armor, but when he is wearing gladiatorial armor or when it is melted off it shows a heavily built man with Strong muscle tone.

Weapons:dragoon blade.shield:kerrak
Heavy weapon:Rift
Duel weapons:sinkhook and noble.

Armor:seratic armor

Magic ring:dirule

History: none is known about Siris.

Personality: Siris is a man who would protect any one, even thoughs he saw commit a crime. He would sacrifice him self for any reason to protect people.

Abilitys: adrenaline rush: increases speed by 300%
            Solid defense: his shield can black magic attacks for 10 posts
            Weapon master: Siris is a master of all weapons. Spirits is not affected by weapon weight.

Mind swap: Siris become Ausar the vile.

Armor change: the vile armor set
Weapon change: the vile blade
Shield change: the vile shield

The vile set and Ausar are a powerful version of Siris, where Ausar is the original version Siris.

Siris of the Deathless

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