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Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day

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Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day Empty Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day

Post by Guest on February 21st 2009, 3:39 pm

So basically I'm Max -.-
and Chicken is Etzolix
a lot of people where involved throughout the day like Biscuits, Lenneth, MorpheousZero, Steve (Sadly), and other people.

Lenny was in it to for awhile:
"Max: you know i had this girl over that one friday and i kept getting phone calls and people were video chatting with me on skype
Chicken: so you let them watch you?
Lenny: silent...
Max: yea i did, i mean it is free porn"

"Chicken: you can multitask Max? I can't even single task!
Lenny: most guys i know cant multitask...
Max: oh i can, i made out and spoke on the phone at the same time, only problem you couldnt understand me for shit....Like with my mom....
Chicken: WTF? INCEST!
Lenny: ewww
Max: no no no, i meant i was making with a girl while talking to my mom on the phone
Chicken: ohhh okok
Lenny: its just the way that you said it...."

"Max: wanna hear my mom's ringtone?
Lenny: why not?
Max: plays Joker laugh (for those of you that don't know, Mark Hamill was the original joker, his laugh is the ringtone)
Chicken/Lenny: WTF?"

Chicken:you know space paranoids where it says viral protection?
Chicken:i thought it said anal protection
Max: lmao!!!"

"Max: have you seen your admin/mod comments?
Chicken: no why what does it say?
Max: he will slap your privates man or female so BEWARE!!
Chicken Choker Xing
Chicken: wow"

"Chicken: Check out my fear in the halloween town topic......
Max: it better not be rainbows and shit....
*Checks topic and burst out laughing*
i knew it! Its bunnies and chickens and *pause, laughter* rainbows!!!"

"Max: wait a minute where's suzy? isnt she your cuddy buddy?
Chicken: shes probably with her bf....he gets bjs anytime he wants
Max: really?
Chicken: yea....she never offered me any
Max: damn that'd be me if only she was my age...."

"Sora- Where do Mermaids come from?
Ariel- Well when a man loves a dolphin more than society says he should...."

"Morph:If you fucked a Dolphin in the blowhole....Would it be giving you a BLOW job? Or like...anal? I don't understand...
Chicken: i think it would be a blowjob or it could be the new type of blowjob"

"Max: Chicken, go cook yourself for thanksgiving.
Chicken: Turkeys are for thanksgiving....you fail"

"Max: random spanish phone call where i say pendejo
Chicken: Dude, you just called him old.....
Max: no foo, i said pendejo not viejo....now i believe you that you're a puerto rican that cant speak spanish, you fail"

"Chicken: Goes to take piss, takes 10 mins or so and comes back
Max: that was either the longest piss or the shortest shit ever.....
Chicken: it was the longest piss
Max: thats what she said
Chicken: wtf? that makes no sense
Max: i know hehehehe"

"Chicken: Rawwr Imma Fish!
Max: WTF?"

"Max: Ima make a quotes topic in the chatroom
Chicken: i dont think you should
Max:too late already its posted!"

"Chicken: You know you're getting banned for this right?
Max: Oh well, it's all worth it...
Chicken: Omg, you're asking to get banned
Max: i know, but ima put it in there!"

"Chicken: you want steve on skype?
Max: Sure, clowning is like my favorite past time
Chicken: why wont steve get on skype
Max: Cause he fails at life"

"Chicken: so we were creating pokemon and heres mine: Chickenmanderimmafuckingfishnowbendoverbitchados
Max: *dies laughing* any others
Chicken: steve's is VIrginite, you know like dragonite?
Max: yea any more?
Chicken: then theres Lesachu
Max: *dies laughing* wow thats lesbian huh?
Chicken: yup"

"Max: HIts button
Chicken: I dont think you should blackmail tricky....
Max: whoops.....too late"

"Max's sister: hey what do you look like?
Max: omg you never seen chicken? EY chicken send that pic
Chicken: k, http://blog.nbc.com/ross_blog/Ross%20Sexy%20Chicken.jpg
Max's sister: omg!
Max: now thats fawkin sexy, with a tan line and everything"

"Max: you wanna see steve?
Chicken: sure
Max: sends pic
Max: you know what the worst about the picture is?
Chicken: no, what is it?
Max: he photoshoped it and gave it to us
Chicken: *pause*
Max; you seen vaber?
Chicken: yea,i was wondering how was vaber any competition to steve and now that i saw the picture i wanna kill myself......
Max: *dies laughing*"

"Chicken: everytime i see steve's picture i just wanna kill myself
Max: quoted!"

"Chicken: omg you posted it?
Max: yea.....
Chicken: you know you're so getting banned?
Max: probably.....but its still worth it!"

Even biscuits joined in on the fun
Biscuits: i am going to ban someone
Max: well it isnt spam
Biscuits: well if i dont get to ban someone, im gonna do it anyway"

"Chicken: hold on a sec, while i try describe your characters appearance
Max: ok
Biscuits: retarded.....
Max: quoted!"

"Biscuits: utility belt....thats what she said
Max: hahahaha
Chicken: wasnt that overdramatic?"

"Max: wait weren't we just talking about steve?
Chicken: idk
Biscuits: Aren't we always talking about steve?

"Chicken: what smells like penis and death? eww chelsea close your legs!
Max/BIscuits: lmfao"

"Biscuits: you actually posted Tricky's picutre?
Max: yea....
Biscuits: oh well i dont care..."

"Biscuits: you know i made signatures for everybody *posts links*
Max: maxypad?
BIscuits: yes
Max: reads* Max Aeros, is that one guy who wishes he was as epic as steve
Chicken/Biscuits: laughter
Max: i like it, ima put it on my siggy"

"Biscuits: oh man you dont know about chicken and his orange soda
Max: rly?
Chicken: yea! i had a bottle in my hand and it wasnt even opened!
Max: wtf"

"Max: dammit laggy internets....*skype call drops*
Chicken: dude, what happened?
Max: wtf? i still had you in the other call?
Chicken: omg.....wait i forgot i had you there too
Biscuits: wtf?
BIscuits/Max/Chicken: lmao!"

Chicken: I cant help but wanting to kill myself everytime i scroll down and i see the picture of steve in this topic...."

MSN was mixed into this as well
Biccie's MSN: [c=red]When you pass away and people ask me what the cause of your death was, I'll say your stupidity.[/c]
Max: lmao
Biccie's MSN: RAM is my passion.....discover the world of RAM
Max: yeah!!!!
Biccie's MSN: Based on my uptime, my e-Penis is 12.378 inches (31.44012 cm) erect! My largest erection ever was 12.378 inches (31.44012 cm)! No 12, no kiss.12, one for all.
Biscuits: Dude we 12d steve badly....he went ballistic
Max: how so?
Biscuits: we kept saying everything equaled 12 and steve was like 12 doesnt equal 3!
Max: lmao!"

"Biscuits: i have an important announcement
Max/Chicken: really?
Biscuits:srsly this is important
Max: yea?
BIscuits: plays 8 bit rick roll
Chicken: dammit we've been rickroll'd"

"Biscuits: ill wtf your mom's chatbox"

"Biscuits: Morph just txted me saying wtf and i said wtf your mom....he just txted me back saying "is your mom the what?"

"Chicken: here's something from skype: [4:12:44 AM] xLoneNobodyx says: Goog Night Chicken you Asshole
[4:12:53 AM] Chicken and 1/2 says: dont make me chicken your asshole"

"Morph: okay honestly guys.......
who's idea
was it to add Max to the fucking call?!"

"Max: ey morph check this out....sends link
Morph: fuck me in the ass and call me sally and ill check it out....
Chicken: okay....*sends /me command of fucking morphs ass* sally."

"Morph: Grice Rain.......its proof that even Roxas can fuck up with words"

"Zexion: *Twitch*That Post Was SO Bad I think it gave me cancer."

"Max: oh man ima quote something from an old steve shit talking chat
Morph: ohh man i gotta give you the one from last night
Max: thats what she said!
Morph:....pause.....shut up"

"Morph: Last time i hated someone so much....i got that hemorrhoid removed from my ass"

"Biscuits: *whispers* hes on skype
Max: yea hes on skype?
Biscuits: *whispers* Your moms on skype
Max: really?
Biscuits: yea
Max: oh shit!"

"Morph:RIku says: Who here could EVER love Jeremi?
[2/20/2009 11:05:10 PM] Morph says: I do
[2/20/2009 11:05:14 PM] RIku says: Liar
[2/20/2009 11:05:18 PM] Morph says: I loves it when he's not here
[2/20/2009 11:05:22 PM] Riku says: exactly
[2/20/2009 11:05:30 PM] Morph says: I love it when he walks away
[2/20/2009 11:05:38 PM] Morph says: I love it when he stands in front of us when its sunny outside
[2/20/2009 11:05:42 PM] Jeremi says: Okay, you made your point. You hate me.
RIku says: the fucking amoeboid on the wart on the tumor on the ass of society
Riku says: How the hell do you ignor a fucking tumor on the ass of society?
Jeremi says: ...Your Hairy Balls = 12. ...It makes NO FUCKING sense, but, fine"

"Chicken: I got a boner
BIscuits: Ima fuck your mom while you're asleep
Chicken: IMa put my boner in my ass
Biscuits: oh wtf? you got me chicken....."

"Morph: [2/19/2009 6:22:06 PM] Morph says: WHOO
[2/19/2009 6:22:11 PM] Morph says: SUNEVA BCH!
[2/19/2009 6:22:19 PM] Biscuits says: PENIS
[2/19/2009 6:22:19 PM] Morph says: YOUR MOMMAS ASS
[2/19/2009 6:22:41 PM] Lenny says: need to get some from rich later
[2/19/2009 6:22:45 PM] Lenny says: good i need sex
[2/19/2009 6:22:52 PM] Biscuits says: dont we all"

"Riku: suffocation is hot, i get a boner just thinking about it"'

"Morph: see the thing is that nothing is interesting you add oprah to it...
like so
see nothing interesting about it
but when you phrase it like this
Oprah's Tiddy
Miraculously its funny.....
Max/Biscuits/Chicken: lmao!!!
Morph: Oprah makes everything have more value, shes almost at level 12. shes like 11.87.....TM.."

Morph:Blow Job - (verb) To Blow A Job.
EXAMPLE: My Job Blows.
(noun) To Fuck A Dolphin In The Blow Hole.
Example: I Fucked Oprah's Dolphin And It Gave Me A Blow Job."

"Max: TM? Oprah's TIddy Machine!
Morph: it means trademark you dumbass!
Max: ohhh i knew that...."


"Chicken: ima stick a dildo up your penishole!
Biscuits: now thats fawkin sexy!"

"Biscuits: Where did my pants go?"

Biscuits: WHAT?"

"Chicken: Remus (Ree-muuhh-us) rhymes with Penis"

"Chicken: okay guys my pants are now on!"

"Max: Max is giving hot dickings!
Biscuits: you couldnt give a hot dicking even if your dick was on fire and a girl was sitting on top of you
Max: He's just giving them out!"

"Biscuits: Ill always be one step ahead of you
Max: i know.....ill never be able to pwn you like i pwn steve
Biscuits: but see steve is everyone's punching bag
Max: No, he's like that little worker ant that no one gives a shit about"

"Chicken: its not that hard
Max: thats what she said
Chicken:if thats what she said then you fail
Max: no thats what she said to steve"

"Biscuits: omg, omg, awwww yeahhh....its hot.....no wait 5sec rule, 5 sec rule!
Biscuits: its my hot pocket"

"Alexa: i finally get the room to myself
Max: aww yea...."

"Chicken: hahaha
Max: dammit, stop being all.....um.....chickeney....."

"Chicken:will you sleep with me?
Alexa: hell no!
Chicken: im too much for you to handle
Alexa: i wouldnt go out with any of you."

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Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day Empty Re: Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day

Post by Jet Enduro on February 21st 2009, 3:55 pm

Im actually not going to ban him.....Buts its fucking great...

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Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day Empty Re: Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day

Post by Damien on February 21st 2009, 8:59 pm

*Faints from too much laughter..* It's beautiful.. xD

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Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day Empty Re: Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day

Post by Lensilrist on February 22nd 2009, 10:38 am

lord the things i miss :P

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Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day Empty Re: Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day

Post by Guest on February 23rd 2009, 4:31 pm

thats not even half of what you missed XD

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Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day Empty Re: Max's and Chicken's Quotes of the Day

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