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World Leader / HT revamp

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World Leader / HT revamp Empty World Leader / HT revamp

Post by Shirou on December 27th 2013, 10:51 pm

Mana wrote:I agree with Yukina. If somebody killed the mayor of your town, they wouldn't become the mayor themselves. If somebody killed the king, it wouldn't make them king.

I propose we put more emphasis on the world leader selection process. It would be significantly harder to become a world leader and more factors and values would be evaluated in the process.

Taking over a world through hostile means would no longer be available. You can only impeach or remove the world leader through characters voting at a World Congress meeting. You would have to convince people that the current ruler is not fit to rule. Not everyone is obligated to go to the WC meeting, and if you aren't persuasive enough or reputable, nobody will show up and you won't be able to accomplish it.

To successfully impeach somebody, you would need to get 80% of the votes of the current total amount of active characters. If successful, then the world would be leaderless unless they had previously named a successor prior to the attempted impeachment.

It would give more importance to all the active members of the site and make it feel more like a contemporary political system.

As for conquering a world, well, I don't think that's fair to the NPCs. Let's say you walk into an unclaimed world and stick your flag in. You are unopposed by any character. However, what about the NPCs? Theoretically, they could wholly oppose you and try to over throw you. Same with trying to overthrow a current ruler and replacing them. It wouldn't make sense for them follow you blindly.

The staff would act as a proxy for the NPCs of the worlds for world applications. Your application would be your platform/campaign/whatever, and then we, as staff OOC-wise, would objectively decide whether or not you're worthy enough to rule the world based on your achievements, ideals, and other factors.

Of course, this is just an idea I have in a very rough draft.

Yukina wrote:Of course, but if you're going to hostile takeover world you should have to RP out the consequences of going down that path, like citizens not... liking you. idk.

Azmot wrote:Agreed, which could be handled by a judging party basing how the Hostile Takeover was achieved and the either intimidation, fear, or respect the new leader has earned from general on site history, and more importantly the Hostile Takeover itself. If a leader killed 30% of the Worlds Population, probably too intimidating for the Citizens to fight back, or not. Just depends.

That said, a Hostile Takeover would have to be done properly and with tedious effort and time put into it, imo, if you're doing something on that scale.

And someone without bias should definitely moderate as the NPC's of the defending world, even if there are defending parties.

As discussed in this topic: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/t10586-unpopular-opinions

Guidelines to this topic are plain and simple:

If you agree with the system, say that you do. A simple yes would suffice. If you have a better suggestion, feel free to post it.

If you disagree with it, please give a brief, CONSTRUCTIVE explanation as to why. No thirty minute videos. No nonsensical threats to small children. No insulting each other.

If you deviate from these guidelines or the topic, then you will be ignored. I want constructive criticism only for this suggestion.

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World Leader / HT revamp Empty Re: World Leader / HT revamp

Post by Yima on December 28th 2013, 12:53 am

I feel each leader needs to be judged on a case by case scenario and taking over should mean under the right circumstances they should be in charge.

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Feel free to send me any feedback you have about site and or ideas.  ^_^

If you have a topic that you want to discus at length to improve the site please do so in the suggestion section so we can all be a part and move forward from there together.

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World Leader / HT revamp Empty Re: World Leader / HT revamp

Post by Tristesse on December 28th 2013, 3:07 pm

  • World leaders should be more accountable. There should be a monthly reapplication process where the current world leaders state how they've impacted their worlds. I think, both positive and negative, are important. If someone's corrupting their citizens, that's just as important as healing their pains.
  • Taking a world through hostile takeover should include subsequent topics where the leader must roleplay the consequences of their conquering.
  • There should be a political hostile takeover option, but one that should be carefully considered and constructed. Due to the story nature of the site, it's important to have an infinite number of options open to the imagination.

More to come if I can think of anything.

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World Leader / HT revamp Empty Re: World Leader / HT revamp

Post by Kenos on December 28th 2013, 10:11 pm

I apologize, but I haven't read over everything in the 'Unpopular Opinions' topic yet--mostly because I'm lazy >.> I will get around to it, though.

Here's what I think: becoming a world leader is much to easy. OoC application? That makes you instantly a world leader, without regards to the NPC population--they all apparently love you and listen to you, etc etc. Same for Hostile acquisition.

I think a lot more IC effort should be put into becoming a world leader. For one, they'll have to prove themselves to the local population, which is something that takes time. I do belief that having the staff act as a proxy for the NPCs of the worlds is a good solution; however, I think that the general/majority ideals of each population should be determined beforehand, and that the NPCs (at least, most of them) should be RP'd according to that.

For example, it doesn't make sense that all the Pirates and Indians and Mermaids and Fairies and Lost Boys now suddenly live in harmony and work together under Kenos' rule. The Pirates have always had conflict with all the other populations, including their own, and the Lost Boys and Indians haven't always worked together. I had planned on RPing how Kenos had met each and every one of them and brought them together, but I fast-forwarded to a point where I had done all that under the guise of 'necessity' (really, it was just self-preservation, limited time, and laziness). And that's not fair at all.

I don't think anything canon about the worlds should be changed without enough time and effort put into it. World leaders, conflicts, anything that has made a world what it is in the canon, I believe should only be changed with a topic equivalent to a Dive to Heart.

I also believe that there should be restrictions to world leaders themselves. For one, you can't very well rule the world while exploring others. Majority of a leader's RP topics should be in the world that they're supposedly ruling. They shouldn't be going around claiming that they're leaders when they only show up when someone is trying to destroy or take the world they've claimed for their own.

And no infinite troops either. Each world only has so many people living in it, a fraction of which is the military. Population projections for a world and its military should be made so that members aren't 'spawning' a full army every time they need/want it. Despite being a fantasy-based RP site, we do need to be realistic in certain aspects.

I agree with everything that has been stated above my post.

World Leader / HT revamp Kenoss11

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World Leader / HT revamp Empty Re: World Leader / HT revamp

Post by Sponsored content

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