Fyreborn (AlexanderFyreborns DarkSide)

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Fyreborn (AlexanderFyreborns DarkSide)

Post by Fyreborn on December 27th 2013, 7:20 pm

Name: Fyreborn (Fyre) ALEX'S DARKSIDE

Age: 16

Appearance: Short, scruffy red hair that somewhat sticks up in front. Green eyes, pale skin. Underneath his Organization robes, he ALWAYS wears a baggy, oversized and somewhat tattered gray sleeveless shirt and blackish-blue skinny jeans. When not wearing his robes, over his top he wears a semi well kept black hoody with a blue skull on the front right side.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Angry, hating.
Abilities and Skills:

Blade Summoning: His blade is summoned by his emotions, but due to their unstable nature he can never summon it at will
Path to Darkness: When not in battle, and only when Alex has used his Cover of Darkness ability, Fyre can summon a path to another world. This can NOT be used during battle as a way out. It's ONLY use is world travel.

History: Fyreborn has locked Alex's memmorys in the deepest parts of his mind, locking him under his control.
Weapons and Equipment:
[*] Grave of Darkness: Alex's blade takes on a darker appearance when he falls into the darkness. The shape is still the same, only the curve now has dark black spikes on it. The blade itself looks as if it is a moving shadow, dancing on its handle.


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