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Lenneth's application for "End of the World"

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Lenneth's application for "End of the World"  Empty Lenneth's application for "End of the World"

Post by Lenneth on December 13th 2013, 3:14 am


Profile: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/t10053-the-la-vaeas

World: End of the world

Quoted Role-Play Sample:
Falling further and further down from his leap and extended push up the gust of freshness poured over the dark prince alongside the joy of his attack performing flawless to its intent, now was mere wait to think of this next stage of this battle however. As Lenny descended downward while his spells kick off he decided to let his illusions fade and give terra breathing room with some of his normal sights back. The dark shading to the visibility of his area faded giving way to the normal and bright colors of his pale and near lifeless world of nobodies.  Though even before then as Len’s sense were beyond dark vision he noticed something odd appear now before him even in this state of falling. Even as the air swept across his sights and sound range this feeling reached him even at this distance away. Terra’s entire form was taken over with new magic’s, an ever stronger sensation from his final form that Len was all but too familiar with or at least that is what he recalled.  His sights and sense of magical essence did not fool him, Terra’s physical body had shifted to that of pure untainted sliver of a new form, one that had transcended even Len’s expectations of this mage’s power.  Bracing himself his weapons and reactions ready for what may come.

“Why thank you, I’ve had years of practice. Now show me what you’ve got!” Lenny retorted happily at Terra while the two talked. Terra’s first moved chained whips at him to which replied with a barrage of shots aimed at Terra’s body as he swirled and moved with the air and his falling speed. Managing to skin the tips of his flesh only as the burns of magic lay torn upon his form. Firing still in rapid speed he kept the back and forth pressure strong before being knocked back a bit with the last of the lashes.  Then came those cards, dear god those bloody blades were annoying as again the surrounded Len then like buzzing whispered that were as sharp as sword. Annoying all the more as cursed at the new angle of attack underneath him.  Cocking his guns he spin in several peerless rotations and curves that twisted his body and aims in countless quick manners as he shot bullets at the cards that surrounded him, spiraling like a storm of bullets and perfect aim at these attacks trying to damage or knock them away from him.  His efforts paid off fending some of the attacks away from him. But there were just too many coming at once, slashes mild to deep  al along his body as the skies dripped in black rubys of his life force. And then the cherry for this cake a spell three in fact that hit 2/3 direct at Len that splashed and forced him to fall further and faster then he intended firing him away from terra. Screaming couldn’t be hard from this impact though his lungs were now empty of air as he crashed through a building and landed on the roof of another, clearing away the stone of it clean as he took off a floor with his body. Roaring in sound and dust as the force of this was mighty.

Busied and sore well past comfort or even acceptable pain Lenny arose from his impacting crater slowly, holding out a hand once for the closes thing to grab onto before trying to left himself up, falling twice before shaking himself back up facing the areal magus. His head spilt with a giant headache and his blood now stained his body more then his clothing covered him.  His breath though no existence still was heavy if he need oxygen. And yet despite the pain as he held himself together he was happy, grinning even in the blood, buries and cuts with the chance of broken bones here and there.

Ya happy to finally be able to use this.

His entire body erupted into darkness, particles and colors of darker tones and hues danced and swirled beside him as all manners change before his flawless features became little more than a fantasy, his body resonating with the highest levels of magic’s this law of existence allowed, vibrating into reality before climaxing into a singular flash of ebb and flowing power that shook the foundations of creations.  There Lenny stood still with his appearances unchanged expect for the buzzing aura of darkness taking its form around himself and his face no longer there. Emptied out but bloody bottomless abysses of his being only where his beauty should have been but now replaced. Three colorfully essences then left the vessel blue, red and yellow orbs lunched outward from his shade less body and into three new appearances that would turn hell itself frighten as a children bed time story. Three demons like forms appeared around the La Vaeas though oddly all three sharing Len’s face though alternating between Blue eyes, Red eyes and yellow ones but whose bodily features  all varied at their personal strengthens and aspects of the charm lord himself.  

Now beloved friend this as a blessing to be heading, one not offered carelessly or without deep thought of you, now my friend you meet the All of there is to the La Vaeas. Lenneth, Hrist and Silmeria.

The four of them remain there as to watch Terra carefully, Hrist stood with his eyes piercing with discord while Silmeria  jabbed his older persona in the ribs in good fun. Hrist shot the youngest one a glare with making a fist in front of him while the youngest just sticker out his tongue playfully, they two cursed at each other. But it was Lenneth to make the first  real usefully move. As their magical aspect he summoned a flied of dark orbs all around Terra, and as quickly would appear they would set off and explode in a floating mine flied trying to home in a terra to be close enough for their blasts to rip him to shreds. Even moving Lenneth would cast this spell more and more to follow terra and form new spheres as he moved along the air currents. All these magic’s far stronger then Len’s previous versions of his power.  

Reason: As with its former king the end of the world would best be under the command of one who has vast power, understanding and command over the darkness and its dark denizens, the heartless.  Lenneth also by himself is a powerfully enough ruler to handle the reigns of this world and its chaos. Lenneth has also had detailed experiences leading a world and even an entire kingdom of worlds. Also this very same world if for a brief time.

Credibility: I’ve been site since its first incarnation with little to no questions marks against me in the rule department or discipliner manners, so my record is clean. I also have a good grasp on the rules, mannerisms and good ties with the rules and most of the users here. Often at times I’ve guided newer members with some advice and answer to their questions. Just by name alone people will want to rpg in this world and make it more active, with the plans I have in store as well the result will only be overwhelming positive.

Alliance: If to anyone I would truly align myself with it would be the heartless themselves. As well as any alliances that I’ve made but on a personally level rather then any big organizations.  

Population and Entrance: Anyone that would be willing to join the side of darkness can freely join this world, so long as they are strong enough to hold back their hearts from becoming a slave to it. And if they don’t have intentions of killing the heartless.

Military Status: I would rally, organize and strengthen my army in duty to protect and guide the helpless heartless and lost souls of the darkness that have been slaughter for years.  

Alignment: It would be an aggressive/neutral world that breeds that natural hunters of light. We would look after ourselves above all else while also protecting those that would benefit ourselves and our right to feed, grow and evolve.

Ambitions: With this world in my command and its power behind me I plan to strengthen the forces of darkness, break the binding chains the light has placed on us and weed out the forces of the corrupted evils that consider themselves false avatars of the dark. Drive plot points that spark a reason for hero’s to be heros and for villains to seek to take power from me.  


I personally recommend Lenny 100% for the position as ruler of The End of The World. Not only is he active and powerful but his character also fits what a ruler of The End of The World should be like in every aspect. Who better to control the heartless then a heartless himself?


I reccomend Lenny for leadership of the end of the world because he has the most experience, and he would be the best person out of all of us to lead the heartless,considering he is one himself.


Lenneth's application for "End of the World"  4adc872d-7859-4686-911a-d2ebdb7e9ee8_zps6f3b92dd
The La Vaeas of Darkness

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Lenneth's application for "End of the World"  Empty Re: Lenneth's application for "End of the World"

Post by Beta Genesis on December 13th 2013, 10:15 pm

I recommend Lenneth for leadership of The End of the World. He has conducted himself as a capable leader to other worlds on more than one occasion. If there was ever a person I was most confident of to do the job properly. It is him by far.

- Axis Genesis,
Beta Genesis
Beta Genesis

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Lenneth's application for "End of the World"  Empty Re: Lenneth's application for "End of the World"

Post by Terradagger on December 16th 2013, 6:54 pm

Approved; however, with warning. This is based on the ambitions in your application, in hopes that your character and the world can continue to grow.

Lenneth's application for "End of the World"  TerradaggerSignature

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Lenneth's application for "End of the World"  Empty Re: Lenneth's application for "End of the World"

Post by Sponsored content

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